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  1. I like it! I think it's a great concept and executed well. I do however have a hard time believing he caught that many, Stormtroopers are notorious for not being able to track people or droids. Great job! Bill
  2. Very nice! I only see the first image but it's incredible. How was this printed? Resin printer? Keep up the awesome work! Bill
  3. You can see it well at about the 1:34 mark in this video.
  4. Thanks, it's right at 6" diameter. This is the small device that you see Luke learning the ways of the force and light saber practice aboard the Falcon. It floats around and shoots low powered laser blast that you have to block. It's referenced again in the newer episodes, I believe first in the Force Awakens when Finn finds it sitting on the game board and there are other versions shown throughout the series. Here is a mostly completed pic of it. There are 2 more of the chrome rims I have to file down to fit in the holes but otherwise completed.
  5. Dude! so excited to see this thing finished. BEAUTIFUL work as always Pete. A master class in scratch-building and finish. I would love to see this thing in person and just soak up all the details. Amazing. Bill
  6. Wow, this is going to be a great build! you're already off to a great start. Can't wait to see more. And welcome to the forums! I agree with Pete, this is one of the best real space forums around.
  7. Thought this was an appropriate project to pull out today on Star Wars day. I 3D printed and assembled this Jedi training remote a little while back and noticed one of the sphere halves had a small layer separation. I didn't think much of it since it was so small and just filled it in with putty and moved on. Well over time that little crack opened more and became pretty obvious so this past weekend I went about fixing it. Stripped the parts around the crack off and filled it with superglue inside and out. Re-sanded it and painted. I just have to put the 18 wheeler rims back in and she's back
  8. Please understand I am honestly curious about this. In the cases of other coronavirus strands, was there as much of a desire to perform antibody tests on asymptomatic people? In other words, is it possible that there were more people with some of the previous strands, and they simply were never factored in because the death rate and or spread rate didn't appear as high? I'm just trying to understand all the data available if there is to be a comparison.
  9. WOW! super job on that. Incredible scratch building! Would love to see a build thread on that thing.
  10. Oh man! I just watched that even without sound on and it got me pumped. Looking forward to it. It would be a pretty cool build to do one of those hornets with all the cameras mounted in the back seat. hmmm.....
  11. WOW! These things look great. Very curious to see your review. Maybe it's been mentioned but I'm curious the application method. I wonder if it's still water slide? I would assume so. Very cool technology.
  12. +1000! Get's me so much more since my father passed away. Great song. Ray Charles singing Georgia. (heck Ray Charles singing period) and duh! of course singing "America"! THAT is chill worthy singing And one that only local people would understand. The college from the town I grew up in, McNeese State University marching band plays (or at least used to) "You'll Never Walk Alone" at the end of every football game. Back in the mid to late 80's they had a monster brass section that could blow your socks off. The slow subtle build of that song up into the end where the trum
  13. 😁 You sir have a great evening as well. Thanks for not changing anything. I guess you cant please everyone. But rest assured there was nothing veiled about it. Take it or leave it, it is a sincere apology.
  14. Hey guys. Just wanted to make a small public apology here. I've gotten a little caught up in the heat of the times and probably came on a bit harsh against some comments here. And while some of the attitudes and comments of the "other side" (whatever the heck that means) does baffle or disappoint me , I should stop and realize that there is a fear going around. A VERY justifiable fear for one's safety and life and that of their loved ones. I totally understand that, and I should show more respect and understanding of that fear because yes, I do share that fear as well. And for you guys on the
  15. Actually the "optics" on this are VERY dependent on attitude of the viewer. There are those that will say how horrible an idea it is because it's A. military (not gonna change their minds about anything military, it's all bad) B. It may be wasteful because they are truly worried about the economy (at least a valid concern that's discussion worthy) C. Something being done under the current set of leaders (NEVER going to change their minds no matter what it is) And then there are those that will support it because A. Military (they support many things because of that) B. Pride (they
  16. Is X-22 a true acrylic? I'm not super familiar with Tamiya paint line but it seems their acrylics are different in that they aren't truly water based like Vallejo paints. I would definitely test first like you said. this is coming out Sooooo good I hope you get the paint issues solved. Keep it up. Bill
  17. Hi Bill and welcome to the forums. Man, I've been struggling to maintain a program to use at home or my free time to keep creating these parts. Between that and the increased work load I have at work I haven't been able to get much done in the world of 3D parts. I am trying to figure out the best way to keep going on these parts because I have a few builds as well that I'd really like to get going on and simply haven't had the means or chance to work on the parts. I'm hoping that once this virus crises settles I can work out some way. I know that's not a great answer but it's pretty much what
  18. "This thread says he's not dead" "who are you kidding, you'll be dead in no time"
  19. My opinion is if there are tasks that you can do in bulk then it definitely will save you time. I.e.... painting all of the cockpit parts in one sitting. Gluing together the same sub-assemblies all at one time. Think of it kind of like a mini-assembly line. Some tasks lend themselves to doing it rapidly in assembly line fashion while others are more take your time and do it one by one. But if you're doing the same model in multiples then doing them at the same time should save you time.
  20. https://www.cnn.com/2020/04/23/health/us-coronavirus-thursday/index.html Sounds vaguely familiar...
  21. "How can we not say the word if you don't tell us what it is? "He said it again!" "Now I've gone and said it!"
  22. Yes! This is an awesome idea. but of course there are those that are already complaining about it being a waste of tax payer money yada yada yada.... I'm a little ways from Houston but hopefully get to see them at least flying over en route or something.
  23. I assume they posted those images on their page to suggest the A/B is coming out soon. Perhaps. Of course as one can see from this thread...soon is an extremely fluid concept.
  24. BEAUTIFUL build! I know I'm resurrecting an old thread but I have a question Joel if you happen to notice this (or anyone for that matter) I've been working off and on on this kit and I noticed you said that the engine cover they have to hide the missing engine is fictitious. All of the images I can find of the P4's with the clear glass rear end actually do have an engine cover similar to what's in the kit. I've even found some pics on a 330 fan page from the 67 Lemans and they show the car to have a cover. Am I looking at the wrong car? Does anyone have images with this car withou
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