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  1. I don't think he was trying to downplay the deaths. Deaths are horrible and no matter the cause or anything, the families and those effected by death are dealing with tragedy. But if you compare the actual numbers of deaths from this (curently around 22,180) to something like the average flu death rate per year (between 291,000 & 646,000) it could appear to be mild. That's not to downplay the numbers and yes, this is still REALLY early to make a full fledged comparison. BUT it seems to be shaping up to be at least milder than some think. numbers based on these sources. ht
  2. Oh well, and that's likely the place most....umm...beneficial I guess is the word.
  3. I'll just say that all of the Hobby Lobby employees I know LOVE their job. Whether this changes that is yet to be seen but some people don't feel companies are obligated to give people jobs. BUT in keeping on track with the positive. Many local restaurants here have been opening up their kitchens even if they are shut down in order to cook free meals for the first-responders. Also some places are offering truckers free supplies at various stop stations around the area. Pretty cool how people can work together. Seen it many times after hurricanes and this is not changing that attitu
  4. Wait what? Am I reading you correct in saying they can go topless anywhere in Austin? I guess I need to start going to some UT games. 😀 Seriously though, I'm kind of surprised but not...Austin is the San Francisco of Texas. Fun place to visit and see the sights....wouldn't want to live there.
  5. Here is a list of some good deeds. I'm sure there are many many more. https://www.businessinsider.com/coronavirus-companies-donations-helping-people#apple-ceo-tim-cook-announced-that-apple-will-be-donating-millions-of-masks-to-health-workers-in-the-us-and-europe-9
  6. So glad there are some large companies that have the resources and know-how to step in, step up, and help out when needed. I'm sure there are many stories like this going on behind the lines with all sizes of companies and individuals. I think this would be a good place to share such stories. Either large operations or even the just as important neighbor down the road that's stepping up and helping out however they can. Let's see the positive side to our human race. I think it's more than worth pointing out. https://www.cnn.com/2020/03/24/business/ford-3m-ge-ventilators-coronaviru
  7. Well, maybe you could start up a company that does whatever they do and hire those people. That's an option. Just sayin'
  8. Yup, I understand that. Most schools are closed. What I meant was in that article listing suggestions we should be doing, they questioned the idea of closing schools and said that might be a bad idea. I was pointing out that it kind of goes against the first part of their suggestions about everyone staying home. That's all. Just seemed like 2 conflicting ideas.
  9. I see that last pic and the first thing I think....not enough phantoms!😀 Seriously though, beautiful build on the Enterprise!
  10. That is BEAUTIFUL. Awesome. Always thought those were some great looking cars, even though I'm a mustang lover first and foremost. I saw one just like yours except they had a paint guy go in and paint a ghosted flame "chicken" on the hood. Very subtle and really cool.
  11. Exactly! Only thing I kind of think some manufacturing WILL return to the US. As I said, automation is one area that is going to help foster that. True, a company isn't going to close a factory in China or some other lower wage area with say 1000 workers, for example, to open one in the states with 1000 workers making more money. That would not make sense on the economic level. BUT a company would open a new automated manufacturing plant that say has 1/10 the amount of workers operating machinery. That is one of the things that will boost the economy not only because of the jobs at
  12. I agree with large portion of that but some of it is even at odds with itself. For instance, saying we should halt all gatherings and motion (ok, fine we'll go with that premise) but then later saying that schools should NOT be shut down?!....ummm ok how does that work? Supposed to expose all the kids that ride buses to outbreak and bring that to the classroom to spread to the teachers and also back to their homes? Can't have it both ways. Young kids use social media to do their own tracing....not sure exactly what they are intending here. People who are infected go on social media
  13. Not to mention automation making it MUCH easier to bring tasks that typically would be handled by a large group of people at a low labor cost. Bringing some of that back to local factories is going to be pretty normal. it's happening faster than some realize. True some things will always need human interaction. But many jobs that are currently part of the Chinese industrial economy are going to go away.
  14. No, that's when a Mayan goddess comes out and screams "Who didn't change the calendar?!?!?! Is it too much to ask...."
  15. I think part of the issue isn't so much that there's totally a me first attitude going on as-in the worst of people. It's just that usually in times like these we GATHER in order to help each other and work through it together. When you're told not to gather in groups that takes away a basic human instinct and leads to what appears as selfish behavior. Not saying there isn't some of that going on as well, but I think mostly it's been pretty calm under the circumstances. I've seen worse cases of selfishness at black Friday sales. This has been just weird. Just my 2 cents.
  16. Why does it have to be that only? Could it also be that people are considering a possibility of having to support themselves for a while, be it either the means of supplying their own food sources all the way to protecting themselves from others who are ready to take advantage of a chaotic situation? To just immediately say "ready to go to war" is taking it way into the extreme. Some people just want to know they can do what it takes to get by. Simply that.
  17. Terry, I am so sorry for your loss. Don't know if you're a religious man but my prayers go out to you and yours in this time of pain. I can not begin to know what you're feeling but can only offer my best to you. Bill
  18. Looks nice. I think I might have prefered they add an interior even if it's fictional as far as size. Hopefully at least the hatch is optional to open.
  19. Biggest risk at this time is the panic.
  20. Congrats. I remember I got top of my class when I took drivers education. But I think it's because he was grading on the curve. badum dum splish....(Sorry, I'm a Dad now so I have to have the Dad jokes on standby)
  21. Looking great as always Pete. Can't wait to see it done. I do have a question about the airlock. I don't think I have access to the original files anyway, so I likely can't fix anything on it at this point, BUT if I were to ever redo the 3D model I'd like it to be better. The original intent was that the 4 pegs would sit in brackets that line up the edges of the payload bay (which at the time I'd try to plan a way of creating those brackets and rails) Do you think it would still be too narrow if the brackets were in place like on the real shuttle? I may never get around to redoing
  22. That is true in some places. We use to have a wonderful mail lady that was awesome. Always waved at the kids and engaged with the neighborhood. That was years ago. Now the normal routine is everyone checking the neighborhood FB page to see who got who's mail. I'd say that out of the maybe 30 homes on our street, a good 5-10 every day have to exchange mail. And they aren't marked wrong, just the mail person mixing up numbers. Don't know if it's laziness, carelessness or eye sight or what. We've complained MANY times as a neighborhood and nothing seems to change. And it's a pretty common issue a
  23. Replace ZF with an "A" and I think you'll get it. Sad that that statement might be aggressive to some. Oh well.
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