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  1. I been out of the hobby for a while and what happens is I immediately go back to building tomcats and I look at the revell 1/48 kit and Revell would be onto a winner ONLY IF THEY WOULD DO some engraved panel lines!!!!!!!!! Redid the weaponry and That is all. If painted well the cockpit is almost as good as esin except for the seats
  2. Looks like they bailed out some kind of shaft or guide for the ejection seats looks like theyre sticking out above where the canopies would be. The first pic looks wicked thoug, eh. So does the J-10s,and the bears... whoaaaah.
  3. Ehhh, save your eyes and move to 1/48. Even better, move to 1/32. :)
  4. Yes, i am an aircraft engineer and an aviation artist.
  5. Im liking the idea, especially the mirror one. But it begs the question, HOW DO YOU NEATLY CUT THE CANOPY!!!
  6. Trumpeter have made an F-14 Eagle!
  7. - IT comes down to YOUR preference. IF you want ALOT of work and have alot of money for resin plus Photo etch buy Tamiya. scribe your lines, i have been MENTAL enough to do this twice, and have two more of these stupid things to build, LOL. Admittedly they can look really good if you spend time with them. - If you want something EASY but looks SWEEET, use a revel F-14, not quite so accurate in shape as tamiya, but has a good cockpit out of bix, recessed panel lines, and has 15 parts and looks great. But good luck finding one. I am building one now and will buy a third if i had the chance. R
  8. better off scribing the revell tomcat body, and putting hasegawa wings and undercarriage on it somehow. Revell 1/48 tomcats have the awesomest tomcat shape. academy one would need a whole new fuselage, theres also something very shortish about the fuselage behind the wings, though i havnt worked out yet, these just isnt something quite right. theres a geometry issue somwhere but cant quite put my finger on it. Im not saying the kit looks bad tho. that reminds me, whats the re release of the revell 1/48 tomcat like i havnt ever seen one yet.
  9. LOL dude, you really hit the nail on the head there. Made my day :-)
  10. I added the eduard cockpit set. Not complete yet. i still have to make circuit breaker panels with all the little circuit breakers. I really am looking foreward to that, NOT! but it should look sweet in the end. i decided to run with the cam exhuasts and cam instument coamings for this one. Slowly but surely, its getting there Benjo
  11. well, as i said before, one of the reasons for starting the project is that shes definately my type :-)
  12. i think i will get the f-15 as well. they are expensive kits. and the decals are very delicate you have to be careful with them. I got it from hobby collective, they have all kinds of weird stuff. I will be doing more owrk to it tonight, pics as soon as i can. benjo
  13. benjo

    1/32 JU-88

    hey thanks guys, good to know the conversion to a fighter is out there, i think this is going to overtake some kits on the waiting list to be built.
  14. LOL, thats because asians are tight, they will skimp on anything, even when it doesnt really matter lol. I know, and im allowed to say it because i am half of one :-) I really am excited about this kit, i cant wait to build it when i finally get my hands on one.
  15. benjo

    1/32 JU-88

    I need to ask any JU-88 expert if i can make the JU-88 A4 out of the A1 kit. The main reason being i want to use a winter camo or squiggly cam on my plane something a bit more appealing than the dark green Or, what about a fighter conversion... Just want to ask before i start, thanks for any help.
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