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  1. ADI, Anti-detonation injection. Essentially alcohol injection for the engine to minimize detonation (pre-ignition) at high power settings. RD
  2. The small hole is for the crank starter and the large hole is carb heat exhaust...port side Rich Dann
  3. Page 17 of the F4F Wildcat in Action has a drawing of the Fairchild F-56 camera installation common to the F4F-3P and F4F-7. This was done directly from an inboard profile drawing of the -7 Rich
  4. Glad they decided to do this. We did a T-34C in USCG colors for CoNA in 2011
  5. I got mine today. What a little gem! It is a small model. More info to follow
  6. Here is my Blender model, such as it is
  7. Thanks Crackerjazz. Its funny because your 1/10 model got me going...Even taught myself how to use blender by doing a LM Rich
  8. I figured it out...you can see it now
  9. Can't figure out what I am doing wrong. The photo is photobucket, but not sure how to make the link right, appreciate any help. I have two LMs.....LM-5 and I have started on the Descent stage of LM-12
  10. img/http://s72.photobucket.com/user/ltdann/media/IMG_4130.jpg/img
  11. ltdann

    P-3c Orion

    Pete, I wrote the Squadron/Signal book with Rick Burgess and I did a profile of a early VP-45 P-3. Have the old logo in Illustrator and everything. I do not like the later "Angry Pelican". I like the old one much better. Rich
  12. We have two P-3s in paint now, expecting two more Hornets....a T-6A, a third P-3 and a UH-1N
  13. I'd like to see Curtiss H-12/H-16 Curtiss JN-4H Thomas Morse Scout Rich
  14. All, CAPT Centennial here. More retro birds are coming. Total will be around 28
  15. http://www.arcforums.com/forums/air/index....p;#entry2084573
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