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    Model building of course and mostly aircraft. My favorite aircraft have always been the F-4 Phantom though I have flown backseat in Navy and Marine TA-4's which was a blast.
  1. Sorry...been foot dragging on taking pics. But here she is. Still need to do a little clean up and position the canopy in the open position since it doesn't properly fit in the close position. Which seems to be an issue with some of the Trumpeter jets
  2. I'm calling this one finish, it was a few days ago but I just now got around to taking some pics of her. I need to do a little clean up and a add a tweet here or there like opening the canopy since it doesn't want to close properly. Canopies seems to be an issue with the Trumpeter jet fighter kits. I used 4,000 grit sandpaper for the top of the bordering ladder and it's steps. The resin, 400 Gal Centerline tank is from Fisher Model and is finely casted with the exception of a mold seam line running fore-aft on the bottom of the tank. But it is an improvement over the tanks in the kit w
  3. I haven't disappeared, been slugging it out with this kit when I can. The Trumpeter A-4M has some nice touches to it but does lack in some things too. The engine area is nice and can be detailed out with wires and tubing but I planned to glued the tail section to the Fwd fuselage anyways to save time and headaches. And found I had to anyways since I could not get a proper tight fit when attaching the two ends together without using glue. I need to add an updated pic of the cockpit since it is done. Will post that next time. Has I said about this kit lacking certain features, it does no
  4. I have the Zotz sheet for the VMA-331 'Last of the Red Hot Scooters" bird which includes excellent markings for one of the VMAT-102 Skyhawks too. I'm going with the 331 scheme. I will probably close up the engine and leave some of the access panels open. I have the A-4E in the stash and will likely display the engine with that one. One After Market note...the Master Details Marine/Navy pilot figure does not fit the Trumpeter seat. Seat too narrow and the pilot would sit well above the headrest. It threw out one ideal of how I wanted to display the bird. The figure looks great and I will get
  5. That is a massive undertaking but is looking good. Will you be modifying the GTC, Flt deck and cargo A/C intakes?
  6. Just a quick update....The cockpit is a bit disappointing considering the kit cost. The instrument panel and side panels has barely any raised details and is geared towards using the kit decals so I'm busy trying to add knobs, switches, even a throttle etc, etc. just to give everything a slightly more realistic look to it. I would get a AM cockpit set but I'm planning on using a pilot figure which will help set things off.
  7. Started work on the cockpit. The parts have some heavy sprue attach points which will need a lot of clean up. And it looks like each part per step is scattered through out the parts trees. Just checking the cockpit/fuselage fit, no issues so far. Like the O2 and G-suit fittings on the L/H console. I drilled out holes in the seat and will add some tubing and scratch build the cartridge actuators for the left/right sides. Surprised that Trumpeter didn't add it to the seat since it is noticeable on the real thing. Will do some filling and sanding on the seat bucket than hit it with some pain
  8. Note to self....buy lots of putty for the TA-4 in the stash. I will be following your build and fixes to any issues on that kit. I passed on building it for the GB not wanting to bother trying to mix and match decals to make it a VC-12 bird. Something I will attempt down the road.
  9. Having built a couple of the Hasegawa 1/32 A-4 years ago, I'm so far impressed with the features in this kit. Wondering if Trumpeter will come out with a TA-4J?
  10. I was hoping to find the VMA-211 decal sheet for the A-4E version but everyone was out of them so I'm going with the ZOTZ sheet "Last of the Red Hot Scooters" which seems appropriate.
  11. Looks like you have 6 or more squadrons of Scooters there.
  12. Will go with the Trumpeter A-4M having just found and ordered a set of decals from Sprue Bros. Going to skip the AM sets on this one, find that they only slow me down. Scott
  13. Trying to decide what Scooter kits to pull from the stash 48th or 32nd? I should go with the Hasegawa A-4M but I'm leaning towards the Trumpeter A-4E or A-4M. Will check out the online shops for Marine Decals availability then make my final decision and get started tomorrow.
  14. Nice build there, I like those markings. I'm wrapping up on the Hobby Boss A-7A and just need to apply the ordnance. To any would be A-7 builders, go with the Hasegawa kit as it is the better model. Scott
  15. Truly an awesome build. I would have voted best of show just for the work you did on the main landing gear. Having been around Marine Intruders, that looks real! Only hope I can do justice to the one I have.
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