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  1. Gorgeous build Leander , gratuliere :D
  2. To hide the glue marks (for which I got busted too at a contest on my F-4S) how about painting black the edges before applying the glue? In this way the residues would not shine through...
  3. Thank you all for the kind comments :) Here comes a short live sequence to round up the projetc!
  4. Yeah, thanks, I noticed it too on the picture. I already twisted it upright.
  5. Resin kit by RVHP, scale 1/72, plus a few mods :) You can read the build here: on ARC More models on my blog L'Atelier de Madman Best regards, - Pierre
  6. A couple of photos of the finished aircraft, without any further comments. The pictures speak for themselves :) Thank you for having been with me for such a long time :)
  7. Thanks Neo and Daan :D The most scary soldering of the entire build: connecting the AC hose to the elctrical wires coming out of the aircraft. I had to word very close to the kit and take absolute care of where the hot iron goes! The wires go from the aircraft to the generator, enter from the bottom and exit again through the wheels. All parts of the display are glued and small plugs ensure a stable position. Then comes the soldering of the wires to the battery plugs. The insulation is ensured by thermo sleeves. Consumption test: 143mA at 8.27V. The LiPo battery will last for ev
  8. Thank you gents Some small progress today. The coming exhibition is next week and time ticks away all too fast... The air conditionning unit is now connected via 2 wires that run behing de wheels. The other end is not yet connected. I still must weather the pipe. Only the + goes through the hose, the - is connected to the outside spring. This allowed me to insert a thick copper T-Wire into the spring, bend it to the required S-shape. Its rigidity holds the spring in position.
  9. Assembling the air conditioning unit. Here you can see how the electrical wires enter the unit at the back (I removed the temporary hose) and exit the unit at the wheels. From there they go through the "ground" into the dio box.
  10. A full weekend, working non stop 14h/day to build the display stand. Applying the veneer. Here we are, after the tenth layer of gloss varnish. I like it very much :D
  11. So, I went for the clear linoleum, which shows quite well the plane! I created it by spraying a white color on the back of a clear plexi panel. It look just fine:D Then I made a box with ordinary plywood. I cover it with a dark veneer. A brass frame, soldered, angled and polished separates the wood from the white ground and gives a classy touch to the display.
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