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  1. $17 is not too bad. How much extra for the landinggear? 😉
  2. Yes: Wolfpak Decals 72-129 has this particular airframe.
  3. There's even an ALQ-131 in there
  4. More versions coming 2020/2021: https://twitter.com/goshikiken/status/1313687645860495365/photo/1
  5. Although I am impressed by the plastic and fabrication process shown so far I am really underwhelmed by the markings they've chosen. For both boxings two aircraft of the same squadron were picked, with only the serialnumber being different! I know this leaves them a lot of room for future special editions with different decals, but still: besides 301, 302, 306 Hikotai (sqn) and the test unit the Phantom was also flown by 8, 303, 304 and 305 Hikotai. Thank god I have plenty of aftermarket decals awaiting them 🙂
  6. Oh no. Condoleances to his family. What a loss for the 72nd scale community.
  7. No problems from my side at least: I'll buy multiple Wolfpack kits.... I'm just curious what they mean by: "improved version to be released later"....
  8. So October seems like a realistic release month!
  9. From the Wolfpack-Design Facebook page: Seems they are trying to keep up with Dreammodel....
  10. http://www.modelarovo.cz/siai-sf-260-1-72-kp-kovozavody-prostejov/
  11. Impressive beast! I wish AMK would downscale it....
  12. Nice work! Saw the real example in the AFFTC museum at Edwards AFB last year. Looks quite different from the production F-22s...
  13. This is the Finemolds F-4 Phantom thread.....
  14. The South Korean jet is an early one, so without shark nose and extended LEX. But the managed to get the decals wrong though: its serial is 50-460 and not 05-460..... When it comes to ROKAF Tigers: F-5E = early version (standard nose, standard LEX) KF-5E = late version (shark nose, extended LEX)
  15. That's nice! You should finish more kits for us to see, Moritz 😄
  16. Greece only received the Block 52+, not the vanilla 52. The Greeks state the Xenia IV jets are Block 52+ with 'advanced electronics' (so essentially a Block 52++ ?) Everybody will be familiar with the colorful jet of the Zeus demoteam. That is a Peace Xenia III jet and does carry CFTs. Here is their spare jet, also Peace Xenia III: https://www.airplane-pictures.net/photo/882744/511-greece-hellenic-air-force-general-dynamics-f-16c-block-52-fighting-falcon/
  17. AFAIK all Greek Bk52 F-16s can carry CFT, not just the last batch.
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