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  1. Lately I ordered the CAM-decals data stencils for my 1/32 USN F-4J Phantom II. Very nice decals, very crisp printing! The instructionsheet shows a warningtext that would be placed at the same location where also the left-wing roundel is located. Is this correct? Are texts printed on top of the roundel?
  2. Just to understand it right: you add 2 droplets of dishwashing soap to Micro-Set? Everybody who replied: thanks a lot!
  3. Yesterday I removed the damaged decals, I will buy new ones and start over again. I think I will put another coat of future on the kit before I put the next decals on. I did put a layer of gloss paint on it, but it's not very shiny. Just more a satin-gloss appearance. For the rest of the Tamiya decals I won't use Micro Sol. Only the extra CAM-decals might get some Sol.
  4. I used it hoping to get the painted on look instead of decallook... I didn't know about the clear coat to get the painted look. I always use a clear coat on the decals anyway... Well, I will have to search for new US roundels. The only other kinda damaged decal is acceptabel, I think...
  5. Seems like I have to try to get the decal off and have to buy aftermarket decals :( And for this plane I'm going to use my good old method with just warm water.... Feel disappointed...
  6. I used Micro Sol on the decals of my Tamiya 1/32 F-4j. It is the first time I use it. I used in two ways: fist on decals already on the model and second with new applied decals where I first used Micro Set. The first decals are now wrinkled and have got air underneath, where they were first smooth on the kit. Even after 6 coats of Micro Sol, still wrinkles and no smooth result. I didn't touch the decals when wet and let the coats dry for hours and also overnight. The newly applied decals went a bit better, but also not very good. By far not the promissed painted on look. The decals now look li
  7. Holy smoke! That is a wonderful pit! Great work!
  8. What a GREAT pit! Wonderfull work Chuck, if I only had half of your skills....
  9. Great build of a very nice plane! Just wondering (no pun intented at all): did they ever fly with this amout of bombs?
  10. WOW! Great project. Truly amazing detailing!
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