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  1. More photos in my gallery LINK
  2. Rafhart is only one My old galery LINK
  3. Az model He-70 in 1:48 scale Moro photos LINK
  4. Hello, finite model, the construction took me a lot of time and effort, I had moments of doubt, but I managed to, more photos you can find a model on my website in the gallery link below. Thank you all for your comments and support in building. As usual model exposes to ebay.com. Link GALERY
  5. Thank you, built for reconnaissance without the bomb, the German painting.
  6. Continue Proceedings, filling, correcting the divide, fixing of windows, matching canopy. The model is difficult to build and takes a long time to fix. I do not recommend it for beginners. I decided to spice up the model by adding an electric motor, propeller is twisted, the upper engine cover is removed, I had to pick it up because it was too low.
  7. Continue work on the model, supplemented by a dozen cockpit photoetched parts and steel. It is not easy to have a lot to try and fill and sand.
  8. The model is very difficult to build, the interior is too big and requires a lot of grinding, acquired a few items.
  9. Rafhart

    Heinkel 70

    Welcome, please help me, I built He-70 in 1:48 scale i look photos interior He-70 version "E" and "F" .
  10. Thank you. Shuttlecock according to the "AZ model" consists of two elements, I think of the seven. Also lists the plastic pipe to metal.
  11. Hi, I started to build a model He-70 aircraft in 1:48 scale, AZ's model. The first chamber pasted chassis. The model is difficult to build because it requires a lot of filling and sanding. INBOX link
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