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  1. Mine arrived in the UK last week. It's a fantastic book and a great reference. Love it!
  2. One possibility is that they aren't the same aircraft. There were at least two Harriers with sharkmouths in Op. Telic, and I'm sure there have been others elsewhere. The other possibility is that the Italeri box art / decals are inaccurate, which wouldn't be the first time...
  3. A couple in there to interest me. They're re-popping their 1/48 Typhoon with decals to do the 'Bronze Tiger' scheme, and they're doing a "batch 3" 1/72 Typhoon. It's listed as a new tool, so it will be interesting to see if it's completely new or their existing 1/72 kit with some extra bits to represent the new lumps and bumps on the latest version of the aircraft. Oh, and a 1/144 Boeing 747 with decals for Iron Maiden's Ed Force One? I'll be snapping that up!
  4. Xtracolour is the only company that makes it as far as I'm aware. You might have to mix them...
  5. They are light grey on the real aircraft. Definitely not white.
  6. The first Revell Typhoon was the 1/72 twin-seater, which was scaled up into a 1/48 single-seater. Both kits have a twin-seat fuselage with the avionics bay behind the cockpit and under the airbrake. On a single-seater the avionics bay is where the second seat would be on the twin-seater and in front of the airbrake (if that makes sense). In 1/48 it's the Revell kit all the way. Italeri's kit (and the earlier Revell boxing of it) is closer to the original Development Aircraft than it is to a production jet.
  7. The fit is better too, the decals are great, the pilot figure has the new HMSS helmet and it's the only kit to have a full set of underwing pylons. The downside of the Hasegawa kit is the price (it's very expensive for a 1/72 jet), the poor HUD, the unforgiveably rubbish ejection seat and the engine nozzles, which are moulded only in the 'closed' position. This makes it impossible to build an accurate model out of the box of the aircraft on the ground with the engines shut down. Olimp do replacement nozzles in resin, but they don't fit, however the 'closed' nozzles from the Revell kit do fit
  8. Bobski

    F-35C 1/48

    No idea about weapons loaders, but the pictures I've seen of US Navy F-35Cs seem to show red edges to all the undercarriage / weapons bay doors...
  9. I believe they do it quite a lot when transiting between shows...
  10. Bobski

    Eduard PE

    I got that set in the Eduard boxing of the Academy F-4 and the colours were OK. The fit, on the other hand, was less than impressive. Some parts of the rear cockpit offered LESS detail than the kit parts, and because it's not exactly the same size as the kit parts it caused some fit issued when it came time to fit the cockpit to the fuselage. On my next one I think I'll skip it...
  11. Do they actually fit in the aircraft? Because their Eurofighter exhausts certainly don't!
  12. Scott is right. The pods on Typhoon are ballasted to make them more representative of an AIM-9 or an ASRAAM. On Hawk and Tornado (along with Jaguar and Harrier when in service) this is not the case.
  13. They were aircraft originally ordered for Germany that were diverted on the production line, as opposed to "used" aircraft that had already seen German service.
  14. The laser under the nose was for target marking and not laser-designation. Tornados in the Gulf that were dropping UK 1000lb Paveway IIs would have needed a Buccaneer to designate for them using Pave Spike, unless they were fortunate enough to have one of the very few available TIALD pods to allow them to self-designate. Outboard pylons would have been Sky Shadow and BOZ, yes.
  15. The Mk.16F and Mk.16K are not even close. The kit's seat is accurate, albeit fiddly. I don't know of anyone who does the seat as a standalone item.
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