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  1. Here’s a question. Are you considering a Part 2 to your 1/48 RF-4C? Hopefully the Desert Storm or late 80s/90s Grey Hill Scheme?
  2. Boomstick, if you are planning on doing Olds jet in flight on Jan 2, 1967 for Bolo using the Tamiya 1/32 kit you are going to have to do some conversion. OOB you can’t do his jet. You will have to rework the radome as his jet on that day did not have the under radome pod. Most of the C models that flew that day had a “dorkless” radome. Also you need to make sure that the tanks and such are right. Fuel tank on far left wing, 2 AIM-9Bs on inner pylons, centerline fuel tank and the ECM pod on outer right wing pylon. That was en route to the fight. As soon as MiGs were seen then the fuel ta
  3. Kursad, if you haven’t already, you should check out Richard E Diller’s Book “Firefly - A Skyraiders Story” https://www.amazon.com/Firefly-Skyraiders-Story-Americas-Secret/dp/1457519690/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=Firefly+diller&qid=1595392891&sr=8-1 Some great pics of his personal mount “Kawliga” and the nose art. Also a great read. David
  4. I’m still desperately looking for the Furball A-7D Man Eater Slufs sheet #48016. This sheet has become as rare as Bigfoot. I will gladly pay good money for it. Will also trade (decals and or kits for it. That’s how bad I need it). Hope somebody can help a brother out. Dave
  5. I’m getting ready to start a couple of projects and I’m searching for 2 sets of decals that are OOP. What I’m looking for are the Furball Man Eater Slufs 48-016 and Caracal F-104C in Vietnam CD48102. I will gladly pay, trade, barter you name it for these sheets. Hope someone can help.
  6. Kursad, really excited to see this sheet. Sure hope you are keeping the Arkansas ANG markings. My Dad flew the Voodoo for over 10 years with the 189th/154th. And that included the G model with missions over Korea in 68 and then upgraded to the C. Dave
  7. Gentlemen, Pardon me if this has been discussed before but I'm hopeful that you guys can help me out. I'm in the process of researching Operation Bolo for a possible future project, and what I'm finding is that there is a dearth of good details. Unfortunately it appears that there wasn't a lot of photos taken on the day of the operation. I guess my OCD nature and my Modelers AMS syndrome is kicking in. For example, almost every profile or picture that shows the F-4s involved show them with standard noses with the IR probe but as Keith Ferris painting shows, it's apparent that several had the
  8. Doesn't the guy or guys who run KH post on here? I was so excited for this kit, probably more than any other kit in a long time but , WOW! So far this thing really looks bad. I can't believe the quality of the plastic that is being released. I wonder how this kit would work being combined with either the Koster vac kit or the C&H resin sets. Of course for the money I guess you're still better off with using the Monogram kit. So far the only thing I can see going for this kit is recessed panel lines. If Kitty Hawk is listening and paying attention - Get your act together!!! Retool thi
  9. Really neat thread. Here's a picture I just found of some A's that were delivered to the AR ANG in 1965 prior to conversion to G models.
  10. Just wondering which kit is the best and what all needs to be added to make it a winner? Dave
  11. Looking for this boxtop. Doesn't necessarily need to have the kit but really want the boxtop in good condition. Thanks for any help, Dave
  12. Just wondering if there are any aftermarket 600 gal. tanks for the F-16? I know that the F-2 has them but I don't want to buy the kit just for the tanks. I have a couple of late model F-16 kits(Sufa, Polish Block 52, etc) that could use them. Dave
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