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  1. Just a word to say I'am with you, mate.
  2. Hello, I am looking for F14B/D parts in 1/32 to update my old revell F14A model. I live in Italy. Thank you.
  3. Hello, I am trying to build an old revell 1/32 kit, but I would like to update as a B version. I need two pilots, external tanks, missile racks and engines. I would like to have the GE engines closed to make the bird in flight. Thank you
  4. Can you please tell what colors you used? Thanks
  5. Can the tamiya retarder be used with gunze colors?
  6. Thank you Frank! I will let you know. Stefano
  7. Please, make a 1/48 conversion too!!
  8. Hi mates, I'm trying to model the plane who took me to lisboa this summer. It was a beautiful A320 airfrance-klm so i bought the revell kit (the Lufthansa A320 1/144) and now i can't found the decals and colour scheme. Can someone help me?
  9. And what about the 1/48 crew? I miss them..
  10. Beautiful stuff here! But what about some backgroung for in-flight display? Thinking of runaway (like the mike grant's f-104), high-altitude ground, low-level (very blurry) and so-on. Come on you guys, you are so good!
  11. Sorry for my ignorance, but what's the reference for taking the 45 degrees? Is it tha angle formed by the tailing edge or it's taken in front of the wing?
  12. Thank you mates! I'll go for the 45° that looks better for me.
  13. it seems 45° from that monsters!
  14. So it seems that they can be fully open, closed or 45°. Whatever i choose it's good! . It's all this true even for the italian IDS version?
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