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  1. Please check the code and if it is SP91 can you send me a photo to confirm and I would like to buy it Thank you
  2. It's because I used to write articles and we always used we rather than I Just me why?
  3. Thank you my friend So it is the SP91 kit correct?
  4. thanks wwesley3 is the SP91? what is the shipping from USA to UK?
  5. Hi guys i am after a SH-H seaking in 1/48 scale and in particular any of them two: Revell No.04466 https://www.scalemates.com/products/img/2/2/2/114222-87-instructions.pdf or Hasegawa SP91 https://www.scalemates.com/kits/hasegawa-51591-sh-3h-seaking-desert-storm--203397 If anybody has them and is not going to build please contact me!! thank you
  6. hi guys Part 2 of the Step by Step Hasegawa 1/48 SH-3H Seaking in Part 2 we paint the cockpit and the cabin and finish the main assembly of the model
  7. agelos2005

    Tamiya 1/48 F-14A

    What is the rubber sheet you used for the belts?
  8. Hi guys Small progress on the Seaking by finishing the cockpit 20190315_231517 by periklis_sale, on Flickr 20190315_231513 by periklis_sale, on Flickr 20190315_231452 by periklis_sale, on Flickr 20190315_225051 by periklis_sale, on Flickr 20190315_225017 by periklis_sale, on Flickr 20190315_224950 by periklis_sale, on Flickr
  9. agelos2005

    Tamiya 1/32 F-4E HAF SRA

    thanks guys better photos as promised 20190315_184926 by periklis_sale, on Flickr 20190315_183343 by periklis_sale, on Flickr 20190315_183341 by periklis_sale, on Flickr 20190315_183331 by periklis_sale, on Flickr 20190315_183323 by periklis_sale, on Flickr 20190315_183318 by periklis_sale, on Flickr 20190315_183314 by periklis_sale, on Flickr 20190315_183300 by periklis_sale, on Flickr 20190315_183256 by periklis_sale, on Flickr 20190315_183252 by periklis_sale, on Flickr 20190315_183250 by periklis_sale, on Flickr 20190315_183239 by periklis_sale, on Flickr 20190315_183150 by periklis_sale, on Flickr 20190315_183135 by periklis_sale, on Flickr
  10. hi my friend just to explain as i was typing my post using my mobile. Still dont know how to upload photos in the forum i am posting videos as i find it easier to write one post paste the link and that's it no hassle easy. personally i prefer to watch videos as i found them more informative. is there a function to click and drag and drop photos of any size? I think there is size limit. the comment for like and subscribe is my standard text under my video description in YT which i again copy and paste. i dont force anybody to Like or Subscribe.
  11. Not deliberately my friend, it just depends on the peoples attitude and how their post reads
  12. hi my friend the distances are based on measuring from the photos i got and convert to 1/48 scale taking into account the distance between windows, doors etc. It has a degree of artistic licence as there will not be much to see through the door. Now i believe the transverse frames have some thickness as they are primary support steel and not just flat. The horizontal stiffener sis just evergreen strips. for the floor i used Eduard's photo etched part photos (from their web site) and added a few hatches and taps. i will have a look at the floor now that you pointed it out cheers
  13. agelos2005

    Tamiya 1/32 F-4E HAF SRA

    Collin hi i used Wingman resin set