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  1. Amazing What colors did you use?
  2. Thank you I am looking for the grey camo not the grey/green one
  3. I prefer MRP gunze or tamiya I thought it was only one grey scheme
  4. Hi guys As I am colorblind and a bit confused can you help me with the correct colors for the grey splinter scheme of the Mig-29SMT? Thanks
  5. How can I order one? How muchnis shipping to UK?
  6. Cheers John I ve seen it but I didn't know what inhad to change on the tamiya kit
  7. Any help of what I need to look for?
  8. That will.be great to keep the kit as is and just add the full black tail
  9. thanks guys what do i need to change to the Tamiya F-4B so as to depict with the full black tal? cheers
  10. Hi guys Did the f-4b had the full black tail fin with the jolly Roger scull? Where can I get decals in 1/48? The ones I've seen say they are for the J version not the B. The B comes with the partial painted black fin Thanks
  11. Thanks I was looking more for the cockpit area
  12. Hi guys I am about to start a Tamiya F-117 in 1/48 What aftermarket do you suggest? Any issues with them?
  13. It looks like it goes all the way as per the F-14 This is great
  14. I am surprised that tamiya offer canopy detail but missed the mirrors Easy added tho so i would buy it
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