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  1. Thanks I was looking more for the cockpit area
  2. Hi guys I am about to start a Tamiya F-117 in 1/48 What aftermarket do you suggest? Any issues with them?
  3. It looks like it goes all the way as per the F-14 This is great
  4. I am surprised that tamiya offer canopy detail but missed the mirrors Easy added tho so i would buy it
  5. Hi guys Do you know the correct colors to use on an IRIAF F-14 with the blue grey camo? I am colorblind so cannot really tell from photos Thanks
  6. hi guys i am wondering which one to choose? Silhouette Portrait cutter or Cricut
  7. Are the cockpits a drop fit or do they require a lot of sanding?
  8. Hi guys I am about to build three iranian f-14 in 1/72 One with the old desert camo One with the splinter camo and One with the new grey one Can ask you if you know the correct colors for each one in tamiya gunze MRP or real colors? Also do you have photo of a heavily weathered iranian plane? Thank you
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