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  1. Hi guys I am after a few tamiya 1/48 f-14 pilots if you have any spares Willing to pay guys Thank you
  2. Hi guys I wanted to ask what is a mast have in aftermarket for the following kit Hobbyboss SU-27B Tamiya f-117 F-100
  3. What are the correct colours for the plane in gunze or tamiya?
  4. How is the old promodeler kit from the 80s?
  5. Hi guys Which one is the best f-117 kit in the market? Tamiya? Academy?
  6. Hi guys This is my attempt for F-16 have glass V I used gunze H301 and mr hobby stainless 50/50 What do you think?
  7. Hi guys I am after a clear front canopy of GWH 1/48 SU-35 cause I cracked mine 😥😞😥 Willing to pay guys... Need one desperately please Thank you
  8. Hi guys I was wondering how can I get a spare canopy for my 1/48 su-35 as I manage to break mine 😥😞 Thanks
  9. Please check the code and if it is SP91 can you send me a photo to confirm and I would like to buy it Thank you
  10. It's because I used to write articles and we always used we rather than I Just me why?
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