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  1. Hi guys I am looking for 1/32 VA-15 valions high visibility decals for my A-7E Thanks
  2. Hi guys Do you know if any company still produces resin wheel for trumpeter 1/21 A-7E?
  3. Hi guys Still looking for the canopy parts from zacto got the kit Thanks
  4. Hi guys I am looking for a spare tamiya 1/32 F-16 small intake from the Thunderbirds kit if anybody has I am willing to pay for it Thanks
  5. Apologies guys US airforce and navy o am after
  6. Hi guys Being color blind it is not easy to paint pilot figures Can you help me with paint codes from tamiya or gunze for the 1. Uniform 2. G suit 3. Oxygen mask And anyother detail you might think of? Cheers
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