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  1. Hi guys I know it's looking for hens teeth but I am after a 1/32 Zacto A-7 canopy Thanks
  2. Does anybody have some detail of the two seater aft canopy detail? I need to detail the trumpeter part but I cannot find any good photos Thanks
  3. Hi guys I am looking for any good high resolution images of the back part of the f-18d/f canopy so I can add detail on my f-18f Thanks
  4. I replied to your post on large scale forums 😏
  5. hi guys I am after parts P9 and P10 from Trumpeter 1/32 E/A-18G Growler as they are duplicated in the kit does anybody of you have any spare? thanks
  6. hi guys where can I get a set of Steel Beach 1/32 F-18F/G ACS Update Set thanks?
  7. Hi guys I am after some good photos to use as reference to build my trumpeter 1/32 F-18F of: the cockpit, side walls, instrument panel cover and inside of canopy Thank you in advance
  8. So as not to start a new topic are there any f-16 f-18 helmets in 1/32?
  9. Hi guys Does anybody know what kind of font it us used on the F-15C for the pilot and crew names as per photo? I want to create a specific one in 1/32
  10. silly me I got the Trumpeter F-18F kit
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