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  1. Hi guys What color is the F-16 Barak scorpion squadron cockpit? Black or grey?
  2. Thank you my friend What about decals?
  3. I ve seen them Never used them. Have you?
  4. Hi Apologies for repeating post but something is getting wrong with the page What is the best conversion set for tamiya f-16 to make a Barak? Decal set?
  5. Hi all Where can I get a plastic travelling pod for my F-16 in 1/48 I don't resin. Is there a model kit I can borrow from? Thanks
  6. Hi guys I am building a norwegian f-5a and I was wondering what grey colour shall I use
  7. Hi all I am looking for spare decals from Eduard NATO Falcons for my next build If anybody has any spare left for the below plane to buy Thanks
  8. Hi guys Has anybody used aires 1/48 cockpit set for kinetic harrier gr3? If so any advise? How did it fit?
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