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  1. Hi all I al looking for any spare 1/48 F-5F agressor decals if anybody has any left Thanks
  2. Hi guys I am planning to build an IRAF F-14A with the classic cammo of sand green and black? Are there any reasy available color codes in MR Paint or Gunze? As I am colorblind it will help if rhe colors are ready or if anybody can suggest any ratio mixes Thanks
  3. Hair vice ? Yes he will be the f-15 pilot
  4. I wouldn't like to mess up a surgery in such a great figure in order to move the arm to hold the stick
  5. Can I use this pilot? I know it's navy but the gear looks pretty similar?
  6. Thank you It looks really not well produced or detailed ?
  7. Hi guys I am planning to make an F-15C grim reapers in flight and I am looking for pilots in 1/48 What are my options? I loved reedoak navy pilot but I don't think they do air force pilots I have a few tamiya f-16 pilots can I use them on the f-15? What are my options? Thanks
  8. Hi guys I am after some 1/72 Saudi Arabia eurofighter decals Is anybody having any for sale? Thanks
  9. Thank you Unfortunately it doesn't provide info where to buy from
  10. Hi guys I was wondering if anybody knows the colors for the Saudi Arabia Eurofighter scheme Also where can I get 1/72 decals for it? Thanks
  11. GWH 1/48 Mig-29SMT done Hope you like it Colors are different mixed No aftermaket straight out of the box
  12. Hi guys Where can I find 1/32 decals for F-16A Netz? Cannot find any IsraDecals
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