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  1. phantombullet

    Decal Sheet

    In dire need of Superscale decal sheet 32-86 1/32nd scale VF-21/124. Doing this kit for a friend and he's had the kit and decals for over 20 years, well the decals split on me! Any help would be great!!
  2. phantombullet

    doing some work with the HH-65

    I work on the 65's at USCG Base Elizabeth city!
  3. phantombullet


    I was looking at this kit tonight and I noticed that it has the Formation Lights on the sides of it, which would make the kit an S mod instead of a J mod. But, looking at the wings they are normal, no leading edge slats. I was wondering if anybody else has come across this also? And what did you do about it?
  4. phantombullet

    Looking for

    I'm looking for a M52A1 5ton truck model kit 1/35th scale. Does anybody make this kit? Thxs for looking!
  5. phantombullet


    Can I take an image and copy & paste it to inkscape is what I meant.
  6. phantombullet


    Riderfan can I copy and paste something into inkscape?
  7. phantombullet


    Downloading Inkscape!
  8. phantombullet


    So, where can you get Vector?
  9. phantombullet


    Thxs guys!
  10. phantombullet


    I'm wanting to make my own decals, is there a program out there that I can get to do this with? I have Windows 10 and for some reason, I haven't figured out to make the pics smaller in order to make them the size I need!
  11. phantombullet

    Wheel Bay

    Does anybody know where I can get a wheelbay for a 1/24th Scale Airfix P-51D?
  12. phantombullet

    Stripping Paint

    The Brake Fluid worked well, just got to figure out how to get the fluid residue off!
  13. phantombullet

    Stripping Paint

    The brake fluid is working fine! thxs for all your inputs!!
  14. phantombullet

    Stripping Paint

    The fluid won't mess up the part?
  15. phantombullet

    Stripping Paint

    I need to strip some paint off a super structure on the Bismarck, how would you do that! Any info would be great!!