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  1. My guess is that it's a Sperry turret, with the guns pointed across the port wing. Ed
  2. I think it's a great build. As you said, an ejection seat of cockpit set would have added a lot; the ink representation of the slots an opening on the weapons pylons are well done. You might add a dash of dark wash to the front wheels and all wheel bays. All in all, a better build of this kit than many others have done! ED
  3. I think it is the legendary "North American Green", which seems to be a little more blue than Bronze Green, and lighter than Dark Green. N.A. seems to go off on their own way with this color! Ed
  4. For those who might be interested, the Build Thread is HERE I am posting up the pictures of the finished model, with a little embellishment to the kit: Thanks for looking in! Ed
  5. Invisible thread plays nice with CA -- very similar to Histnscale's 1/2 lb mono, except available where sewing supplies are sold! Ed
  6. Just found out that this is a re-tool, not a re-pop... Ed
  7. Dunno Andrew, a bit hard to say.... Seriously, took this one a couple of years ago at the Tennessee Air Museum near Seveirville, TN. I was actually scheduled to be up the sometime later this month, but may not be able to go. If I do, I'll find out for you, or, you may just try to contact them directly and ask. They were very helpful and informative when I was there on other business... Ed
  8. Posted just now Just a heads up for those who may be interested. PJ Productions has released their Thunderstreak, this time with Euro markings, but who cares?!! I had one on back-order at Hannant's in GB, and they sent me one of the first ones. If you'd like one, get your back-order in now. They're expensive, but if you're a 1/72 guy, this is considered the best F-84F of this size... I have started a work in progress thread over on Britmodeler.com, which will also be kind of a kit review. Ed
  9. Green cockpits and corrugated floor an Tenn Air Guard P-47D.... ED
  10. I'll jump in with two different 1/72 scale kits of the F-85 Goblin, the MPM kit and the 12 Squared kit. Ed
  11. Thanks Rob, I may have to go that route. Meantime, I've ordered some 1/32 scale 500 pounder, and I'll see whether they can be massaged... Ed
  12. Stefan, Any chance you could measure the overall length and diameter of one of those. Might give me an idea of what I'd need... Ed
  13. Nice work, Stephan! Were those bombs 1//72 scale? I'm looking for smaller poundage bombs from the larger scales, something that is near to the sizes given above, to represent a 2000 lb bomb. Ed
  14. Hello, I've been looking for WWII (although stocks were used until the 1960's) AMN66 2000 lb bombs in 1/72 scale. As far as I can find, no one makes any, nor do I know of a kit where any have been provided. I was wandering whether anyone out there might know of a near-sized smaller type bomb in 1/48 or 1/32 scale? As near as I can find, the bomb I'm looking for would have an L.O.A. of real 90.4", which in 1/72 works out to 1-7/16" or 34.5mm. The length of the bomb body only is 70.00" in real life, or 1-1/8" or 21.5mm. The diameter of the bomb body is 23.3 inches in real life or just a hair over 5/16" or 8.5mm or thereabouts. What I am trying to do is substitute on of the larger scales' smaller bombs for the 1/72 2000 pounder. It looks like this (not to scale): Appreciate any ideas or leads, as I need two of these... Ed
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