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  1. Johnny

    F-14B Loadouts

    Thanks.. I have the one for OEF and am goign to go back through it... From what I can tell they did but I am going to research it... Thanks agian..
  2. Hello all... I am working on building BuNo 161435 of VF-103 CAG plane and was wondering where I could find a good list of weapons this plane would have carried during Operation Enduring Freedom. I have a source book, but cant find any info yet.. I'm also looking pics of her so I can paint her to match.. Thanks
  3. Johnny

    F-14 add ons

    Thanks... I love your decales and will be buying a set this week..
  4. I would pay what you would ask for them.. one question, will it come with two, one for each side?
  5. Johnny

    F-14 add ons

    Thanks... I found those and I am on the waiting list for the engine nozzels. The FOD covers I am going to get at the same time. I saw the pics from the othe r post and I am liking them... Just let me know what I have to do to order them.. DO you have suggestions on cockpit.. I fpund one from squadron websites for a cockpt set... Thanks agian...
  6. Johnny

    F-14 add ons

    Hello, I am building an F-14B TOmcat, model is from Revell and I am looking for add-ons. I am looking for a cockpit set, I think I have found one but want to make sure I get the right ones. I am also looking for covered jet exhust (want it parked) I am also looking for Jolly roger decals for the F-14B, all I have found are for 1/32 and for the F-18. the model I am building is the 1/48 scale. Thanks
  7. Johnny


    thanks... I was going to paint them, but I have seen alot of models were they leave the photoetch unpainted to show the detail. I do have one question and I hoep someone can help me. I am making the Tomcat where she is sitting with a full load on a flight deck and want to turn the front wheels to the side and was wondering if anyone had any odea on how to do that, Thanks agian
  8. Johnny


    I have a question.... I am building an F-14 tomcat with Photoetch partsn and alot of them are on the outside of the plane, like vents and etc.. my question is, should I paint over them when detaling my fighter or leave them in bare metal finish. (unpainted) what are some suggestions from those that have used photoetch before... Thanks for the help
  9. Johnny

    Need Help

    Good scale, I would say 1:72 would be fine, and as for time period, I guess either when it was first introduced, or maybe the last year it rolled off the production line. Pretty open about the time period....
  10. Johnny

    Need Help

    Hello all, I am getting ready to build a new model, an F-14 agian (always my fav) and need help chossing which maker to go along with. my prject in mind is to build the F-14 before she has been assigned to a squadron, say right after she has come off the line.. What I am looking for is who makes the best mold for the F-14 and where can I find some good details on what she would have looked like right after she came off the line. Any help would be great
  11. Johnny

    B-29 squadrons

    Greetings, I am looking for any info about B-29 squadrons from WW 2, I was looking for pics and stuff (color) with nose art and any thing else that would be helpfull. Thanks
  12. Caprica is a go... from what I hear.. it will show the creation of the Cylons and everything that took place before...
  13. There is no sound in space, so the people got that right... As for the series, I loved the ending, it set it up for everything to come next year... I can see why some think that this earth was were it all begin, I like that idea and could see where it could be true, as it all has happened before.. I am hoping to see more to come from them and hope that they dont mess it up like they did with BSG 1980... atleast they found earth, the OBSG never did in the old series till 1980.. I loved thats all I gotta say..
  14. Cant wait to see it done... I love that model, still working on mine, though I am making an Imperial color one, from the end of the Movie.
  15. thanks for the help, I have taken your suggestions and have a set of covers, from Time to Captain America and two detictvie books... they look nice and will post pics once I have taken them.. now to glue them to the model...
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