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  1. zipplex


    Rex If I can just had my 2c worth or 2p worth as I'm in the UK maybe some of those colour's you are looking at may have had a "scale color effect" added or rather taken away from them. I know some paint manufacturers ranges have had the scale color treatment but I can't remember which ones off hand. Si
  2. zipplex

    Current USAF F-15C Units

    You need the The Book 2011, the almanac of the US Airman magazine, it should have everything you need. Si
  3. zipplex

    Current USAF F-15C Units

  4. zipplex

    Measuring Paint Colors Using Adobe Photo Shop

    Guys The problem with using Adobe to measure paint colors is unless your PC monitor is properly calibrated the results can be well off the mark. Most monitors and graphics cards tend to be set with a 9300°K color temperature for their white point out of the box, which tends to give everything a bluish tint so some form of calibration needs to be done either through software or hardware to lower this down. Adobe Gamma which comes bundled with Photoshop is better than nothing BUT is very basic. Si
  5. zipplex

    307th Bomb wing crest (B-47E about 1962

    You could always try contacting the 307th Assc. to see if any of their members have any large res images. 307BW Assoc Simon
  6. zipplex


    Hi Jackman If you want dropped slats on the esci/italei F-100D/F you could always use these http://obscureco.com/product_pages/OBS72013/OBS72013.html or if you want to convert the D into a C http://obscureco.com/product_pages/OBS72012/OBS72012.html Simon
  7. zipplex

    1/72 MQ-9 Reaper

    Thats brilliant news, many thanks Raymond! Simon
  8. zipplex

    72nd MQ-9........

    Dare I say it, but there's always this www.unicraft.biz/on/altair/altair.htm But I'll think I'll wait for Platz to come up with it cheers Simon
  9. Its a very nice piece of moulding. Brought mine direct from Csaba. Very good service and quick too. Simon
  10. zipplex

    I wish there was a bomb set...

    Theres a few of those Verlinden sets on evil bay at the moment in both 1/48 and 1/72 Verlinden 1:48 US 500 Lbs Bombs, #2517 Simon
  11. zipplex

    Jake's new title,The Modern Phantom Guide...

    Hi Jake The postman's just delivered mine and to echo everybody else WOW, its just become the best reference book in my library. Fantastic job Simon
  12. zipplex

    Lockheed TR-1B

    Hi All If you want some excellent footage of a TR-1B on the ground and from the cockpit, the BBC has just shown a documentary about the 40th anniversary of the moon landings, in which James May gets to fly in a TR-1B out of Beale AFB http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b00lfdbv
  13. zipplex

    1/72 F-4E resin cockpit - does such exist??

    Hi Jennings Looks like someones heard your plea, its for the F-4E/F and aimed at Revell kit and theres no release date I can see http://www.sbsmodel.com/ Simon
  14. zipplex

    i'm a dad!!!

    Congratulations Jon, best wishes to Mrs. Cobrahistorian and the little one Simon
  15. zipplex

    Modern Hobbies

    ;) Simon