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  1. Beautiful work! Very neat modelling and one to be very proud of. Vinny
  2. Thanks for all the great feedback guys! Really appreciate it Hi Dave, I used Alclad Clear Red over a base of Alclad Pale Gold. I also used Alclad Transparent Black/Smoke for the shading. Thanks again! Vinny
  3. Model: Moebius Models Iron Man Mk. VI (0922) Scale: 1:8 Hey guys! Finished this earlier in the year but only now getting around to posting it. I enjoyed the build over all but the seams were a killer!! I'm happy with the result after all the pain though :D Thanks for looking! Vinny
  4. Thanks fellas! Much appreciated
  5. Thanks for all the great comments guys. I really appreciate it. Nothing special Bob, just the glass top of a computer desk. The model is quite big so I needed somewhere with a bit of space. Cheers! Vinny :thumbsup:/>
  6. Kit: Revell (04261) Decals: Rib-Hobby Scale: 1:144 Hey guys, This is my latest addition to the shelf. It's the Revell (Zvezda) B.787-8 Dreamliner done up in the China Southern special scheme. Great kit, that went together really well. Decals are by Rib-Hobby. It was my first time using this manufacturer and they're very thick but good to work with. Happy Modelling! Vinny :thumbsup:/>/>
  7. Kit & Decals: Hasegawa (LK102) + spares Scale: 1:144 Hi fellas, Here's a model I finished recently of one of the YS-11T anti-submarine training aircraft of the 205th Kokutai TSQ J.M.S.D.F. stationed at Shimousa. The aircraft was used to hone the submarine finding skills of J.M.S.D.F. personnel. Thanks for looking! Vinny :thumbsup:/>
  8. Kit: Revell A320 (04240) Scale: 1:144 Decals: TwoSix Laser (144-503) Good evening all! I'd like to present my latest offering. It's a build of the pride of the Aer Lingus fleet at the moment... their Retro A320. I used the Revell kit and replaced the undersized kit winglets with scratch-built ones from plasticard. The flaps and tracks were also modified to represent an A320. The decals are laser printed by TwoSix Decals (144-503). The kit went together well with absolutely no problems. As the real thing is kept in immaculate condition I kept weathering to a minimum. There is very subtle s
  9. Thanks guys for the great feedback Vinny
  10. Kit: Airfix VC-10 K2 Tanker Scale: 1:144 Extras: Braz resin engines and leading edge. Welsh Models metal landing gear. Decals: F-Silk + TwoSix + custom Build Thread here on Irish Scale Modeller Good evening all! I thought I'd share my latest finished model with you today. It's the Airfix VC-10 K2 Tanker kit modified with Braz resin engines and leading edge to reflect an RAF VC-10 C1K. I also used a metal landing gear by Welsh Models. The decals are a mix of F-SILK and TwoSix with some custom thrown in here and there. I initially started with the F-SILK but when I applied the cheatline it
  11. Kit: Revell 737-800 (#04268) Scale: 1:144 Decals: Draw Decals (plus kit details + custom) Extras: Braz resin winglets Hi guys, Here's my version of the very popular "Flying 101" aircraft of South African carrier Kulula. It's the Revell 737-800 kit with Braz resin winglets. I also modified and reshaped (using plastic tubing, bending, filling and rescribing) the engines to reflect the NG inlets. The decals are digital silk by Draw Decals and they were a dream to work with as always. The green paint is Humbrol Gloss 38 applied over a yellow base to brighten it up. Thanks for look
  12. Thanks for the kind words guys, I really appreciate it. Vinny
  13. Superb model Jelle! Excellent build, nice finish and great attention to detail. I really like what you did with the wingtip lights. Great job! Vinny
  14. Excellent build Mario and a very nice paint job. Well done! Vinny
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