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  1. Great work!! Nice diorama and great pics as well! Congratulations! Cheers Serelle
  2. Vallejo metallics are really nice in my opinion. Easy to airbrush and nice for brush painting as well. Don't expect a Alclad like finish, but they look nice as well, especially on small parts/details. Cheers Mario
  3. Mike, a manual drill will work just fine. Quickboost resin is soft and easy to drill manually. I think it could be safer than using an electric tool. Cheers Serelle
  4. Surface details are really great! Thanks for sharing Alex. Serelle
  5. I haven't seen any yet! Just a few pictures of sprues on a Chinese (I guess) website. Looks nice! Cheers Serelle
  6. Tim, I've been using Tamiya XF-4 Yellow-Green and I believe it's a good match. Cheers Serelle
  7. Thank for confirming Jennings. Serelle
  8. Thanks for the tip! It's a F-86F-1 serial 51-2910. Should be Black when built. Cheers Serelle
  9. Hi folks! I'm going to start building the F-86F Sabre "Beautious Butch II" flown by Capt. Joseph McConnell during the Korean War. According to my research, Sabre cockpit color changed from Black to Grey "in 1953" but I can't confirm which cockpit color this aircraft had. Can anyone help me? TIA Serelle
  10. Thank LD! There's an interesting H-19 from Armada Argentina in the same sheet! ;) Cheers Serelle
  11. Hello all! Does anybody know if there are decals available for any Latin American Bell (or Agusta-Bell) 212 in 1/72 scale? As long as I know Venezuela, Colombia, Panama and Peru naval forces use this helicopter. Thanks. Serelle
  12. Vallejo has a Concrete color in their line. Bought it some days ago but didn't give it a try yet. Serelle
  13. Nice work Marvin! I'm working on one as well, but gonna finish it in regular Brazilian grey/green camo. Keep posting. Serelle
  14. Great work mate! What a fantastic weathering job you did!! Wondeful Cat!! Serellle
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