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  1. Haven't built a thing last year, I didn't even have time to visit the forum. Wife and me bought a house, and I actualy got permission to make a room for me and my collection.(after I finished the rest offcourse...) Result: Happy camper Now all I need is some time to get my 1st project going, and a tv. Thanks for looking
  2. Thanks for the comments guys. It's the italeri kit with wingfold from paragon.
  3. Hi all, I started this build more then 8 months ago, but got in a bit of a rut, so it didn't get finished. Last week I sat myself down and this is the result: Not as good as I imagined it... but then again, they never are... Thanks for looking!
  4. Are you willing to browse trough the entire "display case" of 1 year? You'll be done by next year
  5. Thanks for the response . The reason why I'm thinking of moving is , as stated above, the massive, massive taxes, ugly scenery, the statement of the governement that they will not be able to pay for our pensons in a few years, so they are thinking of raising the taxes even more, the ridiculous houseprices, and the weather.
  6. I've grown sick of life here in Belgium, and I'm toying with the tought of moving to canada. At first glance, it looks like paradise: beautifull nature, strong economy, safe... So how is life really like in canada? With my skills, diploma and experience(electrical engineering, 13years in automotive), I would probably have to go to Ontario, since most of the automotive industry is based there. I would prefere British Columbia though, any chance of me finding a job there?
  7. 1/48 prowler 1/32 super hornet 1/32 Harrier Thanks for looking!
  8. It's been a while since I built something, but I got these finished in the first half of the year: 1/48 Super hornet 1/32 SU-27UB 1/32 Skyhawk 1/32 Sufa 1/48 hawkeye
  9. I got tired of the crappy result with the so called european version of future, so I ordered a few bottles from the US. My conclusion: don't believe a thing you read in the previous link on modelbrouwers or other sites. Parket plus, sols plus or whatever is not the same product. It doesn't even have the same colour, viscosity, smell... and most important, not the same result. Not even close. Edit: it did cost me an arm and both legs to get it here, 56€ for 3 bottles.
  10. I have my best builds on display, and some of them never get old... others are temporary till I replace them with new ones that are perfect in my eyes.
  11. 3 transactions here, all 3 in the UK. Visa only flagged the last 2, but missed the first. Good thing these cards are insured.
  12. This is still my favourite: 1/32 Phantom with a lot of extra's
  13. Impressive stuff! I've redone my canopy about 20 times, and just can't get it right. The more I try the worse it gets...
  14. Last 3 avionix pits I bought sucked, so never again.
  15. the cockpit painted: I'm a bit dissapointed with this cockpit. In some places the details are very soft and a lot of the buttons have dissapeared I've allready put it in and started the sub assemblies.
  16. I was surprised at how easy it went in, it was ready within the hour.
  17. Just started mine! All I have for now is the aires pit sanded and cut to fit the fuselage: Next is priming and painting.
  18. They are only slightly more expensive here in europe.
  19. The colors of the film are totaly wrong for a canopy.
  20. I think he meant you should try to contact trumpeter directly.
  21. It is scratch built. I made a large LHD diorama a while back, but couldn't keep it because it was just too big. I then cut it up and now I have 3 little diorama's.
  22. VMFA(AW)-225, death dealer:link one of the reasons I switched to 1/48
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