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  1. On May the 28th 2014 modeller and model store owner Rick Chin, after a 2 year fight with cancer, passed away in his home in Calgary Alberta . His nom de guerre as "Uncle Rick" was, I feel, bestowed upon him as much for any other reason was his never failing enthusiasm for all things to do with model (and aviation!) and his willingness to share this and to encourage other modellers, particularly the kids, to "(just) build it!". Rick, even as a child was an avid and prolific model builder as well as an aviation enthusiast this led to him also becoming a keen aircraft photographer. Ricks family
  2. Open panels on armed aircraft NEVER happens - well that is it never happens in the world of the self proclaimed "experts". RAF Tonkas at CFB Cold Lake. Note long sleeves and hat it was cold so no need to keep components cool. However if it was warm enough its possible there's a greater need to keep panels open as getting good cooling airflow to electronics can be an issue on some combat aircraft i.e. the F-35 has an on board ACMI contained internally that's cooled with liquid nitrogen. I checked the EXIF data on these pictures and in spite of the FOD covers being in place these
  3. Some more image links here- http://aeroexperience.blogspot.ca/2013/08/boeing-ultra-hornet-takes-off-on-maiden.html http://www.flightglobal.com/blogs/the-dewline/2013/08/boeing-fa-18f-super-hornet-flies-with-cfts-and-weapons-pod/ http://www.flightglobal.com/blogs/the-dewline/2013/05/fa-18f-cft-weapons-pod-mockup/ http://malaysiaflyingherald.wordpress.com/page/10/ I haven't a clue as to what a max load up weight is on the hornet but CFT's could free up two more hard points for certain mission types.
  4. a custom sheet from CanMilAir maybe? OMG please NOT from CamMil poor and inconsistent colours quality and registration "quality" isn't never in their vocabulary. You'd get a better result if you hand paint them with a four inch paint brush! If anyone should do it it should be David from Canuckmodels http://www.canuckmodels.com/ or Dave from Leading Edge http://www.lemdecal.com/ Those guys understand what QUALITY means. If ether of them do A310 decals then please do the low viz markings first guys - I need two sets!
  5. Hi David, THANK YOU, you ROCK! I have 5 Revel 1/144 scale CF-18 Hornets to decal so I have just ordered 3 sets of these. I'll post some pics once the decals get here. All the tail numbers for every CF-18 as individual decals - WOW! That sure makes my poor eyes happy... Tom
  6. The background Alpha is a Discovery Air Defenses (yep for real the acronym is D.A.D.! - Whiskey Tango Foxtrot!) aircraft formally know as the "Top Aces". DAD uses German Alphas so it look like both variants of the Alpha will be included in the one box. It will be nice to see the "Top Aces" as an option.
  7. Nice shots thank you for posting Alf. I was hoping to go out to photograph the roll out,the PAO had sent even me consent, but unfortunately "due to circumstances beyond my control" I wasn't able to go. With any luck I'll get next years demo bird at 4 Wing.
  8. Dave your Hornet decals rock! Now can we please have them for the CF-188 Hornet in 1/144 scale? I am well aware that it would be difficult to justify doing these with all of the numbers that are on your existing sheets however a very nice set of Canadian Hornets could be done by printing a single sheet with numbers for 5 different Hornets. I suggest 5 as if you used the numbers for aircraft 188901/923 for the twin and 188745/767/789 for the single seat Hornets. Anyone could use these straight off the shelf and be happy with them and for those of us who needed a specific aircr
  9. Your right Guns (aka "CHIP")is off of the Hornet and is now an instructor on the Hawk with 419 This is a crop of a photo taken by the lead- My Model again this time "in flight"-
  10. The Academy kit is a quick easy build and in 1/72 scale its not a lot of work to build it as a CF-18A. This is my rendering, depicting "Guns" in the CF-18 when she became the first female pilot flying as wing on a "Bear" intercept-
  11. You’re right re the tail on CF-18 and I should have mentioned that the oleo could be flipped on the Haegawa kit. My wife is right: if I’m using a compuker to post info I shouldn’t be getting ready for work and trying to learn a new image processing program at the same time “multitasking†just aint my thing... I see your point re the use of the word “Legacy†the US use of the term is accurate however within the dominion of Canada then it’s equally as appropriate from a strictly Canadian perspective, as Canada does not have F-18E/F/G that supersede an older model. Like
  12. The Academy 1/72 kit needs very little work to turn it into a RCAF Hornet the oleo's are different as is the antenna placement and the addition of a searchlight as well as removing the braces from behind the starboard side of the vertical stabs is about that's needed.
  13. In 2011 most of the upgrades to the Hornet fleet had been completed and the then CAF (now RCAF) were (and still are) using two distinctly different Hornets. The original, referred to as “Legacy” Hornets are externally very much like the US Hornets the differences being in the antennas oleo's and the installation of the identification searchlight ahead of and below the LEX. If you’re doing a Legacy bird then the Hasegawa F-18A is your best choice as it contains all you need including the searchlight, although if the kit is marketed as a US aircraft the instructions omit the informat
  14. 1/72 Academy 1/48 Hasegawa 1/32 Academy- or wait for Kinetic to release their boxing of the Academy 1/32 scale kit with RCAF decals.
  15. Um, yes. (c:#* Re The brace alongside the slim light - I get that. I mentioned them ONLY to help those who may not be familiar with the Hornet who may read the thread and where curious to know what those "other" brackets on the tail were. I have a good deal of respect for Alf's opinion/input his information is willingly given and I have found it to be in general accurate. However I have gone through hundreds of CF-18 Hornet images that I have shot and I cant find one with the more than a single vertically mounted tail brace on each tail and in all cases they are mounted on the po
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