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  1. Looking for decal will trade or buy regards Walter Houston, TX
  2. Chris, Do remember these kits are very basic and crude. But... sometimes if you want to add floats to your DC-3 you got to start somewhere. Also, with a lot of work they can be made into something very nice. Look here! https://uamf.org.uk/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=16397 Walter
  3. Fellow modelers, I know is bad timing but I was on a quest to find me a set of XC-47 Floats. I looked everywhere, no joy! A fellow modeler gave me and old e-mail address to the family that now makes Execuform kits. Well, guess what? I got me a pair of DC-3 Floats. I am in no way associated with the Herril family but I wanted to share the news with you all. I got permission from them to show you all their contact info and the list and price of the vacuform kits they continue to produce. I am always trying to help out model enthusiast especially when help is needed. So I placed a large order!!! Regards, Walter Houston, TX P.S. And to think I was willing to pay $200 for a set of floats, now I got $200 worth of cool rare kits. Vacuform Historical Aircraft Kits and Conversions Armstron Whitworth Ensign 1938 airliner $52 Avro Cananda C102 Jetliner $39 Barkley-Grow T8P-1 $28 Blohom-Voss BV238 $73 Boeing XPBB-1 ‘Sea Ranger” $52 Bristol Brabazon $86 Budd RB-1 Conestoga $41 Canandair Argus CL-28 $56 Capelis XC-12 $32 Columbia XJL-1 (amphibian) $23 (1/48 @ $33) Convair XC-99 conversion $47 Convair YB-60 $58 Curtiss SNC-1 $23 DeHavilland/Australia DHA-3 Drover (Flying Doctor Srv) $32 Douglas DC-4 (1/48 only) $67 Douglas DC-5 $34 Douglas O-46 $24 Douglas XC-47C (float and glider conversion) $29 Fairchild Super 71 (Canada, floats) $29 Fokker F-32 $43 General Aviation AF-15 $30 General Aviation GA-43 $26 Grumman Mallard G-73 and G-73 Turbo $35 Hall XPTBH-2 $35 Hall PH-3 $39 Northrop Alpha series $28 Northrop YRB-49A conversion $32 Pander S.4 (3 engine mail plane) $29 Saunders Roe Princess $78 Seversky BT-8 $23 Sikorsky VS-44A $55 Stinson 108 $23 Stinson SR-10/AT-19 $23 Timm N2T-1 $23 Waco UC-72 $23 1/72 scale; white and clear moldings, basic 3-view plans, no cast parts. Large multi-engine aircraft and conversions in 0.06 high impact styrene. Contact Mike Herril at mandmherrill@verizon.net or 818-945-5807. (02-20)
  4. Dave See if you can find a copy of "AirCraft The Jet as Art" book by Jeffrey Milstein. Great pictures of airliner bellies. Walter
  5. Are these things like "unobtainable"??? So hard to think a set of floats would be the holly grail!!! $200 my offer went up!! Walter
  6. Title says it all. (1/72) Willing to pay $175 for a set. Thanks Walter
  7. Dutch, back to your original post, did you find anyone who makes 367-80 decals? I will love a set for the horrible Aurora kit. I might use one of Kurt's KC-135's to do the -80. Cross section is almost good enough
  8. I am looking for the decal only! Willing to buy or trade. Walter
  9. Daco Decals went to e-bay! Please have a look Thanks
  10. Fellows, I listed the DACO decals on e-bay. Please have a look; kits4sale is my sellers ID. I hope you see something you like! And please be nice, you be dealing with my wife. Somehow she managed to keep all the profit from the sales. Imagine That! Walter
  11. Yes sir $130 is what it has been going for. Price dropped now to $65 average. i don’t control evil-bay prices.
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