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  1. And that piece of trash has the nerve to call himself sinfull-57 on eBay? well he is in Colorado Springs, thats a start! he wll be found!!
  2. Well, I waited two weeks to see if I needed to retract my comments. I got scammed for $120 I got no kits or no refund. For sure the dude has balls, I give him that. After been called a scammer/thief he did not back down and continued to scam other fellow modelers. I guess at the end it is our fault for trusting people so much. If any one ever comes across this “persons” physical address please pass it on to me, I will love to drop by and pay him a visit. Walter
  3. waltmert

    Revell 1/144 AN-225

    That’s the Amazon store I used. kit was shipped really fast! well, lately I been losing my sense of time!!! yesterday can be anywhere from one day to one year! 🙂 walter
  4. waltmert

    For Sale: Model Kits 1:48 Hasegawa

    Glad to see that you do have the time to try to sell more kits! Please send me my $120.00 refund ASAP. You should have time to do that!!! Yes I am nasty! I hate scammers!!!!
  5. Well, I am short $120 and the "person" did not contact me at all. So if he is reading this messages, he knows well what he is up to and basically I go scammed. Nothing more that I will like than to find this fellow and teach him some manners. Walter
  6. waltmert

    Revell 1/144 AN-225

    Well that was fast! My 225 arrived in 12 days from Germany. For sure I will get another one from Amazon. Is there a 1/144 Buran? I am considering building mine as a shuttle carrier! BTW, this thing is massive! walter
  7. Mr fasteagle 12. No, I have never seen the guy scamming before. And like you said, I should noted that this was his first post. If I am in the wrong, I apologize for false accusations. I contacted the guy requesting some models. He responded right away to my post accepting my offer. Second warning should have been that he requested “ send to friend” payment. Well, I have been a modeler since I could reach my brothers kits and destroy them and I always know modelers for being honest and super people. I hate low life critters that take advantage of us honest modelers!!!! The money got withdrawn right away and PAyPAL notified me that the transaction could be a scam. I tried to contact him several more time with no response. I told him to please answer my post or I would cancel the payment. He did not. So I called to cancel payment and I was notified that once that money got withdrawn I was out of luck. So far no kits no post. So if I am in the wrong, again, my apologies, but I figure by now he would have defended himself in this forum. So, I guess I got scammed!!!!
  8. Buyers be aware! this is a scam! do send any money to this guy! walter p.s. A real shame that low life people try to scam you out of models
  9. waltmert

    Amodel 1:72nd Bombardier CL600 & Yak 42D

    Very nice looking models Pete. The Jetstar looks really good considering it is a Mach 2 kit. Have you built the Mach 2 Falcon 20? walter
  10. waltmert

    Revell 1/144 AN-225

    Yes we do. That must be it. Who operates the AN-225? Does Volga Dnepr operates it? They just open a huge cargo center in Houston IAH. I am hoping I get a chance to do a walk around of that monster like I did the AN-125 yes ago https://www.airlinercafe.com/page.php?id=135 Walter
  11. Wanting to buy the title mentioned book regards Walter
  12. waltmert

    1/48 Hobbycraft T-33 decals needed...

    I have the decal! PM sent Scott walter
  13. waltmert

    Revell 1/144 AN-225

    I really had to have one of those beasts! Mine is coming to Houston from Amazon Germany. $135.00 two week delivery, plus taxes? I guess import tax? walter
  14. Zvezda, Daco and some Minicraft kits are really good injection airliner kits. Welsh has some really great classic vacunarme kits. If accuracy and hi level of detail is what you are looking for then Authentic Airliners are simply the best airliner kits ever. But they are resin, and a lot of folks are scared of the resin. Walter
  15. I started my 1/48 Tamiya F-6D Mustang Conversion, then I realized the set I have is 1/72. Well, I got a problem, I need a 1/48 set. By the way, first modeler that reads this and " needs" a 1/72 quickboost set, its yours, "You" pay postage to your home though! (PAYPAL) Walter