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  1. If not interested they are going to evil bay in four days! Thanks Walter
  2. Shipping at USPS cost. $20 contact me at waltmert(at)hotmail(dot)com
  3. I have two modelcraft F-82’s for sale. Not original boxing and the E has no box nor decal. Set of new resin props. You pay the shipping to you at cost and I want $25 for both kits. Please contact me at waltmert(at)hotmail(dot)com
  4. Fellows, after searching through my decal cabinet, I can not find my Qantas 138B decals. Any one has an extra one or one that is not going to get used? 707-138B Ill be glad to buy or trade. Regards, Walter
  5. They are good people and produce a good product. Have faith! So shitty that a person can not even trust their hobby now days!!! Walter
  6. Did not think about the engine rotation! Good point. Anyhow, the "prototype mustangs" can now be model! And I rather have a Mustang than a Messerschmidt! Walter
  7. Fair enough! Never mind! I still love my Mustangs you bitter old man!!! 😉
  8. Why do these guys don't get the attention they deserve? Eric Fujii on e-bay finally got a nose for the XP-51J and canopy for the G and F. I am going to use my Classic Airframes 1/48 scale P-51H as a starting point. Do you guys thing I can use a Griffon 5 blade prop for the G? How about the three blade prop for the F? Suggestions? Walter
  9. Like I said before you all have nothing to worry about Aztec. You will get your decals! It is taking longer now for the post office and during Christmas it was horrible. As a matter of fact, it took four months for me to get something from Russia and I don't have my order from Germany, that was last August! I strongly recommend "Macho Mustangs" from Aztec. OOPs, wrong forum! Walter
  10. My last order from Aztec decals took a tad longer than usual cause the holidays. I order a lot of decals directly from Aztec and I never had problems. walter
  11. Guys I have a complete set of Western Pacific Decals plus paint; 144-31 The Broadmoor 144-32 Thrifty Logo Jet 144-33 Security Service 144-34 Simpsons 144-35 Colorado Springs 144-36 Colorado Tech 144-37 Sam's Town 1 144-38 Sams's Town 2 144-39 Rodeo Cowboys 144-40 Stardust 144-41 Spirit of Durango 144-42 Crested Butte Plus paint PA-28 Broadmoor Peach PA-29 Broamoor Maroon PA-30 Thrifty Blue PA-31 Dark Blue PA-32 Lemon Yellow PA-33 Red P-34 Ochre PA-35 Purple
  12. No one ever thought about mounting a Buran on an AN-225? Not even 3-D Printing? Wow!!! Walter
  13. Are there any aftermarket mounts to attach a Buran kit to a Revell An-225? regards, walter
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