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  1. waltmert


    Thanks guys, I am going to give it a try. I'll post the results. I did not think I needed a vacuform machine either, but my friend bought it, he did not like it and I got it for $40 and a six pack! Well actually, 3 pack, I drank the other ones
  2. waltmert


    That sounds like a plan. I am going to start on that and see how it come out. Thanks a lot!
  3. waltmert


    Well, I have one set of clear windshields that I need to copy. (See below) I read instructions on the vacuform machine and they are pretty straight forward. Set the master down, use a clear sheet of plastic, warm it up and lower it into the master. I am afraid the hot clear plastic will damage the master. Do I need to reverse engineer and make a wood master?
  4. waltmert


    Any of you guys have experience vacuforming? I need hints and tips plus I have some questions to ask. I just got a Micromark Vacuforming machine at a great deal. I would like to make some clear canopies/windshield copies but I want to make sure I don't ruin the masters. Thanks in advance! Walter
  5. waltmert

    Revell 1/144 AN-225

    Pas-decals.com Great service, good prices. Shipping is expensive from Russia to the US, but that is post office issue, not PAS. When I was in Russia I got my PAS models hand delivered to my hotel. We had a great conversation about future PAS model releases even though I don’t speak a word of Russian! 🙂 Great guy!!!
  6. I used to let stuff like that bother me. i finally got tired of spending hours and hours correcting minor stupid flaws on my models. Then I realize I am running out of time to build the models I have so I slap them together now faster than ever. After all, they make me happy and I almost never show them to other people. Heck, I have lots of models on display at the “1940 Houston Air Terminal Museum” that I myself thought they were not all that good, but once behind the glass display, they look awesome. Enjoy the hobby!!!
  7. Guys go to his web site and subscribe to his blog where he updates his progress. i have always gotten my kits, yes, not lightning speed but I get them. I know he is a one man show I got an e-mail from him telling me that indeed he is running behind schedule but still moving ahead.
  8. waltmert

    1/48 Hobbycraft T-33

    Thanks, Yes, modeling is the only thing I do in life that takes "ALL" worries away. There is no way that a few scribe lines are going to ruin that for me. So, thanks you all, enough typing, time to glue stuff!!!! Walter P.S. I do appreciate the experts opinion, I do not want to spent precious time building a T-33 when it really is an F-94!!!
  9. waltmert

    1/48 Hobbycraft T-33

    Exactly, all mine are going to be hanging from the ceiling. But I must know, what all is wrong? Shape wise? I can care less if the instrument panel is incorrect or the ejection seat is wrong, I am not going to fly the darn thing!!! I have even read an article about mix matching the Hobbycraft T-33 with a Monogram F-80 and how terrible the intakes are. Funny, the Hobbycraft and the GWH kits match intakes. Not criticizing here, just inquiring? Walter
  10. waltmert

    1/48 Hobbycraft T-33

    I am sorry to revive this very old subject. I researched the forum files and I think the subject was first discussed in 2013. WOW!! time flies. Any ways, I just purchased the GWH 1/48 T-33's. OMG those kits are amazing!!! I am an airliner fan so I build military subjects very randomly. I do get tired of white some times!! :) The fact is my dad flew all kinds of cool stuff for the Guatemalan Air force. I grew up watching P-51's and T-33's. Ha! No wonder why they are two of my all time favorite airplanes......like ever!!!! The question that I got for you all is.... what is so terribly wrong with the Hobbycraft T-33. The files that I read they all state that the kit is horrible???? a copy of the Hawk kit, and some of the experts hate it. Funny, some of those super model experts got kick out of this forum! But..... I could not find any files showing or pin pointing exactly what where how the kit is bad. The thing is I got 10 Hobbycraft T-33's that I inherit from a fellow modeler best friend (with 25 P-51, 14 C-47, etc, etc) and I compared them to the GWH kit and.......yeah ok, the intakes are a tad off, the speed breaks are not open which I can care less, the canopy is for sure not as crisp and I see a little proportions/scale discrepancy but over all? Please enlighten me, point out what all is wrong with the kits? Both Hawk and Hobbycraft 1/48 T-33's? Thanks in advance! Walter
  11. 🙂 Yes “Fuerza Aérea Guatemalteca” project. I like two purchase two. Granpa flew them way back then! Thanks in advance Walter
  12. And that piece of trash has the nerve to call himself sinfull-57 on eBay? well he is in Colorado Springs, thats a start! he wll be found!!
  13. Well, I waited two weeks to see if I needed to retract my comments. I got scammed for $120 I got no kits or no refund. For sure the dude has balls, I give him that. After been called a scammer/thief he did not back down and continued to scam other fellow modelers. I guess at the end it is our fault for trusting people so much. If any one ever comes across this “persons” physical address please pass it on to me, I will love to drop by and pay him a visit. Walter
  14. waltmert

    Revell 1/144 AN-225

    That’s the Amazon store I used. kit was shipped really fast! well, lately I been losing my sense of time!!! yesterday can be anywhere from one day to one year! 🙂 walter
  15. waltmert

    For Sale: Model Kits 1:48 Hasegawa

    Glad to see that you do have the time to try to sell more kits! Please send me my $120.00 refund ASAP. You should have time to do that!!! Yes I am nasty! I hate scammers!!!!