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  1. Guy, I will be placing an order shortly sir!! I forgot about Akan!!
  2. Hi all, Long time, no post!! Good to be back in the saddle building models again!! I have a simple question......what is a good match for the exterior grey on a Ukranian Mig-25? I can't seem to find one I am happy with. Thoughts? Cheers Mike
  3. We were indeed working on a couple variants but at this point, it will not be until next year as we are currently on a bit of an extended break.
  4. Final stock sale ends tonight. Anything remaining will slowly trickle to ebay as I get the time. Thanks for the support everyone!! Mike
  5. Hey everyone, I will be tackling the gaggle of emails and PMs I have gotten in the past few days later this evening. If you have not heard back from me yet, rest assured, you will. Cheers Mike
  6. Steve, I don't have any emails from you. I even checked my SPAM file. PM me here if you will. Cheers Mike
  7. OK everyone, Here is our list of what is left in stock. All quantities are final. There will be no additional items produced. If it is not on the list, it is not available. No exceptions. Some of our more popular items are simply gone. If you were looking to grab them, sorry. We will accept payments by paypal only and items are on a first come, first served basis. For you 1/32 guys, we got nothing left. Sorry about that. For the time being, all partial sets are being stored until we decide when and if we will be coming back. If you are interested in anything please email me at Miker@twom
  8. Time to make some room and get rid of a bunch of things I will never get around to. Please feel free to email me at Miker@twomikesresin.com if you see anything you are interested in. Prices do not include shipping. Cheers Mike Reeves 1/48 Kits Eduard Mig-21MF Subscribers Edition $75.00 Eduard Hellcat Mk.I/II Combo (2 complete kits) With Aeromaster RN Hellcat Decals $60.00 Eduard FW190A-8/R-2 Profipack $40.00 Trumpeter Mig-3 Early $17.00 Hasegawa Typhoon MK.1B Bubbletop w/ Cooper details cockpit, Eduard PE/Masks/, Ultracast 4 blade propeller, Radiator, Seats and Aeromaster 48-059 a
  9. Anyone have any suggestions? I dont want the knock off stuff, I am after the real deal. I cant seem to find it anywhere. Thanks!! Mike
  10. Glad you liked everything, Rodney! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours!!
  11. Grand prize(s) shipping on Saturday! Been a busy guy wirth the new job and work schedule. Not as flexible as my old gig was. Cheers Mike
  12. WINNER in my eyes!! LOL I DO NOT make the decision though so PLEASE do not take it as an official winner. That is Waco's decision!! Mike
  13. Rodney Do me a favor and PM me your addy. The Mig and extra fun stuff will be in next Saturdays mail!! Merry Christmas and Happy Festivus to all of you. Thanks for the laughs and for the fun. Waco is a freaking genius!! He truly is!! Later!! Mike
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