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  1. Johnopfor

    Offutt Naval Base?

    I'm sure it's OK, being not too far from the gate off of Capehart Rd, which is still above water. Here is a satellite image of Offutt.... The airshow that was scheduled for later on this summer has been cancelled.
  2. Johnopfor

    Offutt Naval Base?

    This situation is a combination of things that came together at once. We already had an much above average snowfall, below normal temperatures that kept the ground frozen, ice formations along most of the rivers in Nebraska including the Elkhorn that already started back-ups (they actually considered using dynamite to break up the ice if the situation got worse), a couple of blizzards in central Nebraska, then followed by a rapid increase of temperatures and a lot of rainfall in Eastern Nebraska and Western Iowa within a two day period....on a ground that was already frozen and saturated......yeah, this flood has broken records all over the state. Even the floods of 2011 wasn't this bad. BTW, those underground facilities and the headquarters buildings are built on the higher ground on the west side of the base, they weren't in danger of flooding.
  3. Johnopfor

    Offutt Naval Base?

    According to base officials, the former SAC Headquarters, the new STRATCOM building and all of the underground bunkers and facilities haven't been affected.
  4. Johnopfor

    Offutt Naval Base?

    Well, not yet, but the flooding here in Eastern Nebraska and Western Iowa has caused a lot of damage..... https://www.omaha.com/news/military/air-force-gives-up-fight-to-stop-water-at-offutt/article_631f9b34-5271-50e8-b5eb-19f488daaf32.html?fbclid=IwAR0-2zkaxDgAXo8kX0E-FCWv1cn22UZcZJQOJvRIwRDaOy8lyXVBtuEVsec Some of the planes have been sent to Lincoln, NE to continue operations, most of the flooding has been confined to the SE part of the base, including the runways.
  5. Johnopfor

    Jugs in color

    Interesting seeing the mixed "razorback" and "bubbletop" formations.....
  6. Johnopfor

    How's this for a package arrival?

    It looks like your replacement parts may need replacement parts..... Yeah, my local USPS post office here has become infamous for loosing or misdelivering packages, including mine.
  7. Johnopfor

    MiG-21F-13 Modelsvit 72nd scale

    The model is based off of photographs from the book "Red Eagles" taken in 1979-1980 when the program had first started. There is also a MiG-17 in NMF an a couple of photos as well. About the MiG-21 here in Nebraska, the story was confirmed by a former Museum Director that it was a former "Constant Peg" aircraft, however, this didn't become full knowledge until after the program became declassified. The MiG was delivered to the SAC Museum back in 1990, when the Museum was still located at Offutt Air Force Base. It was delivered under a "don't ask, don't tell" policy, but it was delivered in it's "Constant Peg" camouflage. It was later stripped and repainted in North Vietnamese markings, but a few years ago, the markings were changed to Soviet Air Force. The MiG as delivered to the SAC Museum in Oct. 1994. A couple of more pictures, this link confirms that it is a former Indonesian Air Force aircraft... http://aircraft-in-focus.com/mikoyan-gurevich-mig-21/ The MiG as it appears today..... https://sacmuseum.org/what-to-see/aircraft/mig-21f-fishbed-c/ ….and a nice post on the SAC Museum from 2011..... http://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/index.php?/topic/128437-strategic-air-and-space-museum/
  8. Johnopfor

    SU-22UM3 Peruvian Air Force

  9. Johnopfor

    MiG-21F-13 Modelsvit 72nd scale

    You mean like this..... There is a MiG-21F-13 that is on display at the Strategic Air and Space Museum in Ashland, Nebraska that is a former "Constant Peg" aircraft.
  10. Johnopfor

    F-86F vs F-86H

  11. Johnopfor

    Indelicate question about Dave Klaus.

    I thought it would be a "Stolen Joy Prevention" Symposium, or maybe "How to Recover Said Joy Once Stolen"?
  12. Johnopfor

    K-8 KARAKORUM help

    Nope, you're correct. That was his final note before he shut down his website.
  13. Johnopfor

    Prop Question from a Jet Guy : Best 1/72 P-51D?

    Those are some old OOP Ventura decals.
  14. Johnopfor

    K-8 KARAKORUM help

    The El Presidente set is the only 1/72 K-8 aftermarket decal sheet that I am aware of at this point. The decals look good, but they do have some issues. They don't give any FS numbers or paint manufacturer numbers for the paint schemes, just generalized color descriptions, so you'll have to look elsewhere for exact color matches. Also, the sheet only has African and Asian air forces, no Latin American operators. Markings for Zimbabwe and Namibia are there, but no Venezuela or Bolivia. I would think that the best chance for getting aftermarket K-8 decals would be if Aztec or even Caracal pops out a sheet, and I hope they consider doing so in the future.
  15. Johnopfor

    Prop Question from a Jet Guy : Best 1/72 P-51D?

    I agree, the Tamiya is probably the best, but you can't really go wrong with the Airfix F-51 too.....