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  1. Can you post the URL, all that I get is another shopping site when I put ezbuy.com
  2. Yeah, but the website is in Chinese, with no translations, and I doubt that they ship to the US
  3. Yeah, I saw a couple of them pop up on eBay over the past few months......for about $50.00......
  4. Apparently so. They disappeared like a fart in the wind. I left a question on their Facebook page asking if they plan a re-release, but no response.
  5. OHH....Please....in 1/72 scale.....
  6. A lot of the F-14 clips came from Top Gun...…...it makes sense, Paramount owns the copyright to both JAG and Top Gun.....
  7. You guys need to slow down......I'm running out of popcorn.....
  8. The Supreme Court, last year, rules that states can now collect internet sales tax, even if the business is not in that state. More than likely, these Ebay taxes are the new tax collection rules coming into effect.
  9. Nothing here in the Omaha area.....
  10. They aren't listed yet on their website, but he stated that he has plans on re-releasing all 150 Cobra sets that he has.
  11. If an enemy pilot interrupted the pilot while performing the "maneuver", would that be considered a "Cock Block"? Asking for a friend......
  12. The pilot was performing what as known as a "Dick Move" Maneuver….
  13. How about some Argie aircraft.....1/72....
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