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  1. Hi guys, the PITZMODELS shop is modernised and in shortens is reopened. Here is a small preview for you. All images are prototypes. Have a little patience. regards Sven 1/32 F-14D Tomcat Nozzles – for Trumpeter 1/32 A-6 Intruder Engine Set – for Trumpeter 1/32 Flare Dispenser Set
  2. the 32D102 – Tie Down Chains Set Cheers Sven
  3. Hi folks, here are the 1/32 news from PITZMODELS. Available in the next time are: 32D005 – Fligh Deck Diorama Set – neutral (park position) 48,5 x 57 cm and
  4. HI, the Construction manual is ready (in german and english). 48 DIN A4 pages complet in color with 8 pages reference material from the original carrier. hey, it is chrismas time... it is a very good gift for your self. Cheers Sven
  5. 23D101 Tie Down Set Tie Down Set for induvidual flight deck contructions. Unit: 154 pieces Cheers Sven
  6. Absolute NO, a deck with this dimension in resin is unaffordable and in the production process to insecure in the quality (distortion) and to weighty. Even so if you scratch the deck, you have more cost as the PITZMODELS Deck (in this quality), with absolutly guaranty. Hi folks, here is a really great deck for a very good price, and you are not to be contented, WHY??? Cheers Sven
  7. Here is a 1/32 F-18A Hornet – Revell on Deck. Cheers Sven
  8. the covers and lamps for the shuttle in the night
  9. Hi folks, here is a little sample of dimension (a 1/72 T-45 Goshawk on a 1/32 flight deck) Good luck and have very nice shopping time at PITZMODELS. I hope, my „how to build“ is a good reference for you! Cheers Sven
  10. Hi folks, the next contruction step tie downs and catapult track is very very easy catapult track and the second layer
  11. and the stopper for the angle of rotation... the frame for the deflector area Cheers Sven
  12. the justage ring for the joints
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