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  1. Hello, I have one, probably with a couple of aftermarket sets too. The only issue I see shipping costs gone up quite a lot recently, so it might depends on where are you located. Regards Marco
  2. Hello, The decals set has been found and it’s almost complete unfortunately 3/4 decals for the VF-147 scheme are missing. I haven’t used them, the decal set is part of a package deal I got some times ago. I don’t know if it’s enought for your project. Cheers. Marco
  3. Hello, I think I might have the set, not complete. I can confirm that tomorrow because I have to check into kit box. I keep you updated. Kind regards Marco
  4. Hello everybody, I have the following book for sale: AIRfile Publications - Air War over the Falklands May-June 1982 I discovered I have bought the book twice by mistake, the initial copies were famous for title misspell (Falkands) and it’s practically brand new. I include in the bundle also two decals sheet from Condor Decals in new condition, I think both are OOP: Condor Decals 48005 Falklands War/Guerra De Malvinas Pt.1 (A-4C IV Brigada, Super Etendard, Mirage III EA/DA, Sea Harrier FRS1) Condor Decals 48007 Falklands War/Guerra De Malvin
  5. Hello BoB, I might have some Black 45 degree decals, I send you some picture once at home (in about 4 hrs...) Regards Marco
  6. Hi all, I' m helping a friend selling something, so the following items are available: KITS ADV MODELS 1/1 1-001 F-104 STARFIGHTER CONTROL STICK GRIP €50 MIB (Reviews can be found on line...) REVELL 1/32 3944 P-51D-5NA MUSTANG (Early Version) New Tool MIB €20 AIRBRUSHES: HARDER & STEENBECK GRAFO T1 - Double action (Used, No Case) €100 SOLD 1x Airbrush Grafo T1 0,15mm Nozzle Se & 1ml Colour Cup (H&S 127003 ) 1x Replacement Nozzle 0,15mm (H&S 127912) 1x Replacement Needle 0,15mm (H&S 27920)
  7. Hello everybody, I need to find some 1/48 Hasegawa F-16 parts to help a friend finishing an old project. So here is the list: Spue A Part #2 Upper fuselage (no matter the version) Sprue B #6 -7 Vertical tail parts (A or B version) Sprue G Gun Vents (probably only in A or B version) Sprue T #11 Front Wheel bay for MCID Intake (Late GE kits) I can pay any associated cost and I have also a list of Hasegawa F-16 parts to trade for: 4x Single seat canopies 2x Twin Seats canopies Sprue A, H, J, K, N, P x1 each Sprue B x
  8. Hello everybody, a friend of mine, he isn't a modeler, had tried to build the Revell Typhoon but finally gave up! He has now asked my help to build it in "in-flight" config, unfortunately for me not the best option considering the general fitting of the kit. Additionally I' ve also discovered some parts are missing and I already contacted Revell for an help but it seems they don' t have any spare parts for OOP kits, like this one currently... So my last chance is to ask here if anyone has a Revell Eurofighter Typhoon laying around scrapped, I believe these pa
  9. John, thanks for the info. I have sent a message to Brian but I have not received any answer yet. Probably would be the same considering I bought the decals from Lucky Models too.. Regards. Marco
  10. Hello Brian, I have bought those decals from another source, in this case how is it possible to have the add-on insterts? Thanks Marco
  11. Hi all, I'm clearing most of my 1/32 stuff. All items are "like new" and they are not assembled nor painted. Shipping from Germany by DHL at cost, usually not very expensive:  European destinations: Package up to 2 kg max. L + W + H = 90 cm, (no side longer than 60 cm) €10 Package up to 5 kg max. 120 x 60 x 60 cm (tracked) €16 USA/Canada : Package up to 2 kg max. L + W + H = 90 cm, (no side longer than 60 cm) €16 Package up to 5 kg max. 120 x 60 x 60 cm (tracked) €38 I can accept PayPal. Thanks for looking
  12. Hi all, I have "inherited" from a friend 2 boxes full of sprues/parts. I am trying to find out if some kits are possible to obtain but it seems a bit challenging. In order to complete an Hasegawa F-16 I need one complete upper fuselage. This is always in Sprue A for singe seat and Sprue M in twin seats.. To complete a Tamiya F-16 instead, I need parts coming from Sprue C (especially pylons) and there are always 2 C-Spue in any F-16 kit. If someone has built the kit as an Aggressor or a T-Birds Falcon those parts are leftovers because not necessa
  13. Hello everybody, I have the following "package deal" for sale for €50: HASEGAWA PT1 SH-3H SEAKING BELCHER BITS BD-1 Canadian Navy Helicopters (Marking for CH-124 in 1974 and 1991 camouflage only) BELCHER BITS BB-1 Sea King Sponsons and Radome BELCHER BITS BB-2 Sea King Sonobuoy Launchers and CPI BELCHER BITS BB-3 Sikorsky CH-124 Sea King Gulf War Mods EDUARD EX041 SH-3/S-61 SEA KING Mask Everything is in new condition, and plastic bags are still sealed, only few minimal wear and tear signs due to storage on kit box Shipping cost for Europ
  14. Mark, are you stil looking for the decals? I might have a Figthertown sheet for the F-14 VF-102... let me know. regards. Marco
  15. Hi all, I have to build 2/3 Eurofighter' s, both in 1/48 and 1/32 and I'm also aware they are a bit tricky in some areas of the building. Anyway, I' m looking for some unused/unwanted aftermarkets especially: - 1/48 Seamless Intakes (Heritage Aviation and Olimp resin made a set) - 1/48 EJ-200 Detailed Exhaust (again Olimp resin) If you have somethingelse please let know anyway, I have a lots of aftermarkets/decals to trade but I'm willing to pay the fair price if necessary. Thanks a lot. Regards. Marco
  16. Well, I hope it will be the same for the parts I need and considering I am currently stationed in Germany it should thake less time... hopefully...
  17. Hello, thanks, I did it before but still waiting for an answer...
  18. Hello, I’ m trying to save a partially built Revell EFA but some pieces are unfortunately missing. They are all in the sprue with fuselage halves and are the followings: #14 & #17 Left and Right Canards #23 & #24 Main Wheel Wells Tubing #27 Air Intake Splitter Plate All are common parts, so available both in single seat and twin seats boxes. If someone has a trashed kit laying around, please let me know. I gladly pay any associated cost or trade with something else. Thanks. Marco
  19. Hello everybody, I have few 1/32 decal sheets for sale/trade. There is no possibility I am going to use them because I built mainly 1/48, all wrong purchases... SPEED HUNTER GRAPHICS 32003 Snub-nosed USAF Phantoms SUPERSCALE 32-36 MIRAGE IIIs (Australia, Lebanon, France) SUPERSCALE 32-77 F-16C USAFE (512 TFS/86th TFW, 10th TFS/50th TFW) SUPERSCALE 32-96 F-16C Falcons (401st Wing C.O. & 614th TFS C.O) XTRADECAL 003-32 RF-4C 68-567/AR 1986 1st TRS/10th TRW "Starize" All are in perfect conditions or "like new". Fell free to propose an
  20. Hi everybody, I moved some of my modelling stuff and I am finding things I completely deleted from my brain... I have 34 1/4 Oz. (7,4 ml) bottles of different FS colors (gray, green, tan, blue...) , 3 1/2 Oz. (14.7 ml) bottles of clears (flat, satin and gloss), along with proper thinner and cleaning solution from the Model Master Acrylic Enamel range. I have never used them, and the bottles were never opened, could anybody be interested? I can ship overseas and currently I am in Germany Thanks for looking. Regards. Marco
  21. Hi everybody, this is a very long shot... I' m looking for an upper-half fuselage part from any Hasegawa 1/48 F-16 single seat kit, no matter the version or block. Additionally I' m trying to find a complete Hasegawa 1/48 F-8 crusader fuselage , namely the two main parts (left and right halves) necessary to complete a conversion project. I gladly pay or trade for the parts, in case there are some laying around... Kind regards. Marco
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