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  1. Hi, A prediction on the possible release date? I must be in the first 100... Bye. Marco
  2. Hello, I would like to find the Zacto correction set, I think is quite necessary to fix the Trumpeter Corsair. I gladly pay for the conversion bui if someone could be interested in something from the following list, can be an option: ACADEMY 1/32 12105 F-16I SUFA TRUMPETER 1/32 2214 A-10 THUNDERBOLT II AIRES 2004 ACES II Ejection Seat - Type B EDUARD 32-061 A-10 Interior Set CUTTING EDGE 32-021 A-10 Thunderbolt II Pt.2 AIRES 1/32 2009 F-4E/F/G/J Exhaust Nozzles AVIONIX 1/32 32045 F-100D Super Sabre Cockpit EDUARD 32181 F-100D Exterior EDUARD 32184 F-100D Weapon Bay EDUARD 32185
  3. Hi all, I know the Cutting Edge conversion is almost impossible to find, however I hope someone really used that to build a prototype/pre-production Phantom. As many know, the initial batch of 7 F4H-1's had perforated wing spoilers and these were provided as photoetched parts in the aforementioned conversion. My question is, anyone built one of the plane from #8 on ? There were 16 different markings available, so if there is someone that used the conversion to build one of the other planes provided and still has the small etched fret as spare, I gladly pay a reasonable price. Please let
  4. I will be more than happy to have the complete set without a vacuform canopy. Chris, what do you think to sell the correction set with the resin canopy master instead of vacuform part. So it's up to us to make copies, it makes "mistakes possible" too, if we cut the vacuform in the wrong way we could try to mold a second, and so on... I buy one in that version... Bye. Marco
  5. Seems that I must stay in line for a complete set too. Anyone want to sell/trade the A-7 correction set.... Regards. Marco
  6. Nooooooooo!!!!! I need one badly, i am waithing from more then one year....
  7. Hi Jozef, check you PM's and update you email setting... Regards. Marco
  8. Jozef, I know and I have replied too, by e-mail and by PM. Anyway, for me it is ok, do you have decals too? Regards. Marco
  9. Hello, there is a set for the Su-24 engines, search for Komplekt Zip 48005 Su-24 rear fuselage and burner cans correction kit. Hope this helps. Regards. Marco
  10. Ho jozef, I am interested in the followings, can you let me know the prices? KMC Pylons Navy style Pylons AF style Control surfaces (x2) Thanks a lot. Marco
  11. Hello, A list will help... Especially for a sale... Bye. Marco
  12. Hi all, I have a resin sets without instructions: PARAGON DESIGN 48100 A-26 Invader Flaps I would like to find someone so kind to send me a scan of those papers, in order to complete those set... :thumbsup:/>/> Thanks a lot in advance. Marco :salute:/>/>
  13. Hi all, very simple, I am looking for the Cutting Edge CEC48494 McDonnell F4H-1 Phantom Conversion from years, I tried to buy a couple on Ebay but was unsucessful, lost for few cents!!! So, if anybody would like to sell the your, we can discuss about the price, I am aware it can be high... Currently I can receive the item at an APO address and I will pay with PayPal that make everything smooth and safe. Thanks a lot. Marco
  14. Hello, I have one FIGHTERTOWN DECALS 48-036 VF-102 Diamondbacks (F-14B OEF)if you are still interested. Bye. Marco
  15. Hi all, in order to complete my "decals collection" I would like to find the followings: AFTERBURNER DECALS 48-069 Victory Cats VF-84 F-14A Tomcat 1981-1994 AFTERBURNER DECALS 48-079 SR-71/YF-12 Blackbirds Part 2 I will gladly trade for: AFTERBURNER DECALS 48-077 Superbug Pt.3 CAGS & SPECIAL SCHEMES (F/A-18E/F, EA-18G) AFTERBURNER DECALS 48-078 SR-71 Blackbirds Part 1 FIGHTERTOWN DECALS 48-013 Desert Storm Nose Art (F-14A) FIGHTERTOWN DECALS 48-036 VF-102 Diamondbacks (F-14B OEF) Thanks for looking. Rgards. Marco :salute:/>
  16. No Pakistan AF F-7's in either decals... Might be a Pt.3 in line??? Bye. Marco
  17. Hello, I have this "old" decal sheet but somehow I have lost the instruction sheet, anyone can be so kind to send me a scan of that pages? Thanks in advance. Marco
  18. Hello, I have bought mine a couple of weeks ago from flightdecs.ca, give it a try. Hope this helps. Marco
  19. Hi all, As stated in the the title, I am looking for 4, but 2 are good anyway, Kormoran missiles that are included in the old Revell Panavia Tornado 1/32 "Marineflieger" kit 4761, this one: Those are not for me, but for a my friend that switched to 1/32 scale. He was unable to find that missiles in aftermarket sets or different kits. If you have the old 1/32 Tornado and would like to part for those pieces, please let me know, I gladly pay any reasonable price. Thanks a lot for the attention. Regards. Marco
  20. I have received the Furball decals this morning so now I need 2 sets of that conversion!!! C'mon Darren and let it show!!! :rofl:/> CIAO! Marco
  21. Glad I have been helpful. Bye. Marco
  22. Hi Craig, to my knowledge the training mission of the A involved only Light Attack, the same should be for the MLU. This update involved only radio and navigation equipment with the installation of a ‘GPS’, externally there are some additional " slime lights", check this: MLU Walk around The CD can have also some AIR to AIR tasks, against the so called "slow movers", that is why they carry also the ACMI pods. For an A, usual configuration for training is 2 gun pods and 2 practice bomb dispensers even though there is a 3 "hard points" options: Hope this helps. Marco
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