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  1. Well, it depends on where you are located. I think the average cost for a shipping of that kind could be 7/8 Euro. All the best. Marco
  2. Hi all, I would like to find the Malcolm Hood canopy that is provided in Revell kit, for sure it is in the kit #4740 P-51B Mustang III, but I don' know if it was an option available in the previous releases too. I will gladly pay any shipping cost or trade with something similar. Thanks in advance. Regards. Marco
  3. I have one ESCI Mirage IIIE (the same as Italeri), if you are interested just let me know. Regards. Marco
  4. Thanks, I saw those pictures during my previous search with google, but I hope to find something a little better. Thanks again for the help. Bye. Marco
  5. Hi all guys, this morning I was inspecting my Trumpeter P-51B kit (Kit #02283 Mustang III) and I have discovered that the painting & markings guide it is not provided... This is a separate sheet than the building instruction, printed in colors on glossy paper. For me a scan will be enough but if anyone has that page stored somewhere, I gladly pay any shipping cost to receive that. Thanks in advance. Regards. Marco
  6. Hello Gabe, I have offered you a Monogram F-18... ;) Contact me if you are interested. Bye. Marco
  7. Hi Telly, could you please let me know if do you have the complete fin??? I now it is part of the fuselage halves but I need that just to complete my RF-8 conversion. Please let me know. I have a lot of parts/decals to trade. Thanks in advance. Regards. Marco
  8. I have only the Revell edition, that has a gread decals sheet, if can be the same.... For your informaion, the SEA camo edition had ANG marking and very dark green plastic parts. Hope this helps. Regards Marco
  9. Hi all guys, I am trying to find this decal sheet because I need some markings for my RF-8A conversion, and this seems the only ever produced. I now the decal sheet is no more in production, but I would like to try anyway. A complete set will be perfect but my real interest it is only for the RF-8A markings, so if anyone is plannig to do one of the others provided, I gladly pay/trade for VFP-62 part. Even some information about a possible alternative, or some shop that has that in stock, will be fine. Thanks in advance for the attention. Best regards. Marco
  10. Hi all, today I have received the RVHP RF-8A conversion and with great surpise I have discovered that the set provides a complete fuselage but without the fin!!! This must be taken from the Hasegawa offering but my donor kit has no fuselage, it was a partial built frame, so I need to find only the tail to start my work. I suppose the best option is to find a trashed Hasegawa F-8Crusader, but I think I can work also on the Monogram vertical tail. So, my question is, if anyone has this part, will he be so kind to let me know? I have a lot of parts/decals/accessories to trade or I can pay a
  11. Hi Gabe, I have a Monogram F/A-18, the one you need, but I started to rescribe some parts, except that it is complete. About the F-8 Decals, I have a complete set from the Hasegawa PT25 F-8E Crusader kit, if you want they can be yours. All the best. Marco
  12. I have tought the same, but I think this is not a good moment to deal with Japan Companies, at least till they solve the initial emergency problems. Thanks. Marco
  13. Hi again guys, a my friend gave me a partial built Hasegawa RF-4E but I don't know why (either him... ) three important pieces are missing, Q3, Q6 & Q7. Those are 3 essential parts for the Recce Phantom, they are both fairings for rear Sparrow Bays and the nose zone around the forward wheel bay, a particular feature of the RF-4's... I am sure those pieces are the same for any Hasegawa RF-4 kit, so no matter which version they came from. I can buy/swap for for them, I have a good selection of 1/48 spare parts (Italeri Tornado, Hasegawa F-16, A-4, A-7, F-8, also from resin detail sets,
  14. Hi Dave, I am in the same situation... I am still very interested. Best regards. Marco
  15. Hi all, I have a very old Monogram P-61 in my stash, still with the orginal Shep Paine guide inside, but infortunately, during the years and a couple of moving, I have lost one small clear part, to be precise the item #79R, it is a small clear windows panel one the rear right half of the fuselage. If anyone has one spare, even painted, it will be perfect. I gladly pay any shipping cost and I can swap with many spare pieces from various 1/48 kits (A-4, F-4, F-16, F-8, Tornado, etc) just say your needs, Thanks for looking. Regards. Marco
  16. Hi all, here it is a small list of few items I have for sale: AIRFIX 5111 RED ARROWS HAWK Mk.1 € 10,00 ESCI 4046 AD-4W Guppy “FLEET EYE†€ 15,00 REVELL 4526 F-84F THUNDERSTREAK € 10,00 MONOGRAM 5436 OA-4M SKYHAWK € 10,00 AIRES 4037 RD-45/ROLLS ROYCE "NENE"/P&W J-42 (Mig-15, Sea Hawk, Attacker, F9F, etc) € 5,00 AIRWAVES AC48084 Sea Harrier FRS1/Harrier GR3 € 5,00 EDUARD 48-048 F/A-18 HORNET DETAIL SET € 5,00 KMC 48-5069 A-1H/J CONTROL SURFACES € 10,00 HASEGAWA X48-11 FOLLOW ME WILLIS JEEP MB € 10,00 TRUE DETAILS 48483 P-47D-5
  17. Hi all. I have a complete Hasegawa F-8E boxing except the 2 fuselage halves, parts #A1 & #A17. If someone has a junked kit or the leftovers from a RF-8 Conversion it will be great. I can trade for something you want, and gladly pay any shipping cost. I have also 3/4 almost complete Hasegawa 1/48 F-16A/C kits available for parts, everything but fuselages parts (intakes, engines, landing gears, weapons, etc) and another almost compltete Hasegawa 1/48 F-8E (Engine, cockpit, wings, landing gear, weapons. etc). Thanks for looking. Regards. Marco
  18. Hi all, it's been a long time since my last post, well I am here again for some help. I would like to find an A-26K conversion, I know it was produced by PARAGON and Cutting Edge, unfortunately both are out of production now but I was too young when they where released ... Here is my request, if anybody has one of the followings, I would like to buy/trade for something else: CUTTING EDGE 48039 A-26A (B-26K) Nimrod conversion PARAGON DESIGN 48101 A-26A/B-26K Counter Invader I know there is also an OZMod option, but I think it is not enough complete. Also some other detail or decals can
  19. Hello, I'm only a good customer of H&S/HANSA airbrushes, I don't have anything related with them. The first I bought was the Evolution 2 in 1 (0.2 & 0.4 neddle), with Quick Fix, it works for everything and it's very easy to clean, after 6 years of use I have not demaged anything yet... :) Then, when the Infinity was released, I was mainly fascinated by the design, so i had to buy another one, this time the 2 in 1 combination provide 0.15 and the 0.4 neddles. I suppose the 0.15 neddle is the finest available (Iwata stops at 0.18) but I personally think is superfluos for modelling
  20. Simply don't exist on the real plane, and this is a major shortcoming for me. The solution could be a complete sanding session and some rescribing, quite boring on a brand new kit... Ciao! Marco
  21. I have them! I can send you a scan of the sheet and instructonif you need more info. Regards. Marco
  22. Looking thru my decals collection I can say for sure that I have the followings available, if needed: AEROMASTER 72-011 US 45° ID numbers & letters Black (good for bigger scale too) AEROMASTER 72-012 US 45° ID numbers & letters White (good for bigger scale too) I have a binder full of generic decals such as letter, numbers, insignias, etc, in many colours and dimension, they are mainly Superscale but unfortunately they don't produce such variety nowdays... Regards. Marco
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