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  1. Hi Steve, if you may be interested, I have 2 sheets for the Fury: SUPERSCALE 48-116 NAVY FJ-3M Fury VF-125, VF-173 SUPERSCALE 48-129 USMC FJ-2/3 Fury VMF-235, VMF-312 Please let me know. All the best. Marco
  2. Hi Aaron, thanks anyway, seems I have solved. Thanks a lot, very appreciated. Regards. Marco
  3. Hi all, a couple of years ago I bought form Lucky Models the decal sheet and weapon parts from the Academy F-16, they sold them individually. Now I need a copy of the instruction sheet and, as I said, I need just the camouflage pages and the weapon building sequences, anybody have a copy and could send me a scan??? Thanks a lot in advance. Best regards. Marco :)
  4. Hi all, as the title says, I'm looking for the tailplanes of the Hasegawa F-4J box, the sprue should be "Part O". I gladly pay any shipping cost, or I can trade with other parts from Hasegawa F-14 and many ordnances from various sources. Thanks for looking. Best regards. Marco
  5. Hi Dave, probably you are right, but I do not remember clearly the "piece". Anyway, the one I saw these week end here in a local shop is absolutely a correct MB IQ-7 kit, it's this one: http://www.allinscale.com/dettaglio_articolo.asp?id=10332 All the best. Marco :o
  6. Hi, the MB GQ-7 was produced by TAC Scale Dynamics then by CAM, it was the German version. In a local hobby shop here in Rome, Italy, I saw the IQ-7 version made by a small manufacturer, but I don't remeber the name. Do you need some??? All the best. Marco
  7. Hi Skuky, how many of them do you need??? :o I work in Rivolto, home base of the Frecce Tricolori, and a couple of hobby shops in the neighbourhoods still carry the kit, the "ALPHA" version with this decal option. It costs something about €30, may be less, just contact me if you need any kind of help. Best regards. Marco
  8. Hi Mark, I have a link that can help you: http://aaahobby.com/ They still have some Superscale 1/114 sheets, I got mine a couple of weeks ago. Hope this helps. Regards. Marco
  9. I'm already in pursuit on that item... :) Bu I think the price will be a higer and higer at the end... :) Thanks a lot! Marco :)
  10. Thanks, I already have them, but they are just the inboard pylons. KMC did all the pylons in both version. Thanks a lot! Regards. Marco :)
  11. Hi guys, when KMC released those sets I was to young to be interested, mainly I was not skilled enough to use resin part, to place orders on the net but also because I still hadn't enough money to spend in modelling stuff... Anyway, I'm interested to know what those sets provided and if they are really necessary on the Hasegawa Phantom kits. Thanks for looking. Regards. Marco
  12. Hi Matt, try EBay, search for Mirage III 1/48, I saw a resin ATAR engine home made produced, IIRC from a german Guy. Seems good to me, may be helpful for you. All the best. Marco
  13. Hi all guys, some time ago I bought this SR-71 decals from a guy here on ARC, unfortunately he forgot to send me a copy of the painting guide. Not a great problem, the plane is just black, but there are some decal to place... A scan will be perfect, I hope someone can help me... Thanks in advance. Regards. Marco
  14. Hi all guys, I have another decal without instructions and I'm looking for a scan. It might be possible Microscale/Superscale did the sheet in the 72 version too. Any help will be very appreciated... Thanks for looking. All the best. Marco
  15. Hi all, I need the instruction sheet for the decals in the subject line. A scan will be perfect. Thanks a lot for any help. Best regards. Marco :wacko:
  16. Hi all, I'm lucky enough to have a friend that left airplanes for armour modelling, so today he donated me few things he won't use anymore. Unfortunately some of them are without instruction sheets, get lost them during the years, so here is the list of the copies I need: EDUARD 48-048 F/A-18 Hornet XTRADECAL 005-48 USAFE F-4G & F-16C SUPERSCALE 48-147 F-4D & F-4E SUPERSCALE 48-196 F-4E & F-4C SUPERSCALE 48-246 F-18 Hornet Low Viz Stencils SUPERSCALE 48-253 F-4C/D ANG SUPERSCALE 48-386 F-16A Falcons Scans will be perfect, I need just black & white files for the print
  17. Hi, I now their decals are very nice, unfortunately I won't be at home until half of September, so I can't place any picture of the Mirage IV scribing set now, but I think this can help: http://www.shopcreator.com/mall/productpag.../SCR48001/83379 I wasn't able to buy any Ouragan set, they are in France, but no chanche to get in touch either by mail or by fax. I remember they have a shop called Model25, never received any reply, so I gave up. All the best. Marco
  18. I have their Mirage IV decals and scribing set, buit I remember they planned something else for the same plane (resin bits) but I think everything it's over... Regards. Marco
  19. You can use the Monogram or Hobbycraft 1/48 A-4 fuel tanks, they look closer to the 400 gal size to me. Regards. Marco
  20. Hi all, I tryied to search on the net for a new site, as the old one is unaccessible, anybody know if this small company is still running??? I remember some interesting thing (decals & detail part) for the Mirage IV and F-100. Any help will be very appreciated. Regards. Marco
  21. Hi all guys, it's possible to convert the Revell/Pro Modeler A-26B into an A-26K Counter Invader??? I read somewhere that is better to start from the Original Monogram A-26C, with glass nose, that's true??? Thanks for looking. Regards. Marco :)
  22. Thanks, I'll try to find something on line. Regards. Marco
  23. Hi all guys, some years ago I bought the Reheat punch & die set, unfortunately, during my house improvment works, I lost one of the punch, the bigger, 3 mm in diameter, so I have an incomplete set now... Anyone has an idea on the way I can replace that, I think is almost impossible to find another one as direct replacement, Reheat is no longer on bussiness... Any help is very apreciated. Thanks for looking. Regards. Marco
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