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  1. Intel: http://www.colorserver.net/history/history-zinc-chromate.htm Chris
  2. That photo is way too small! It's hard to tell just what aircraft it is or might be. It needs to be at least 4 times larger, at the minimum. Chris
  3. These collector rings are the same as used on Bristol radial engines, as used by the British. The design was borrowed from the British pre-WW2. Chris
  4. Not stringy, but it's a bit thinner than the old Testors tube cement that I had been using. It finally solidified a years or so ago, so I opened a Humbrol tube. I wanted something that dried slower than the Tamiya Extra Thin I've been using. I found the Humbrol a bit difficult the control right out of the tube. Chris
  5. I've bought a few Airfix 1/72 Starter kit and they come with a small tube of Humbrol cement. It works great. I have used it a few time, applied with a wooden toothpick or straight pin for tight spaces. Chris
  6. On my PC, it automatically translates into English. Chris
  7. Is this of any use? http://soyuyo.main.jp/p40b/p40b-1.html Chris
  8. Aw shucks! 'Twern't nothing. It was just sitting there on the shelf. It had been there for many years, untouched. Chris
  9. You want the whole kit? I've got one in the stash that I'm never going to build. PM me your address and it's yours. Chris
  10. I don't think there is anything that will cut a piece of wire straight across. You will still need to file it off square, if that is what you want. Chris
  11. If you have access to coffee filters or some other like material, you can strain the paint through that before using. I remember some years ago about a guy who used an old pair of his wife's pantyhose. He cut them up into small squares and strained his paint through that. A used teabag that has the old tea removed would probably work, too. Chris
  12. I've had one in my stash since soon after it came out. I think I have all the Revell 1/72 Luft46 kits. Chris
  13. Just last year I used some Mr Masking-Sol that I've for a few years now. This was my first try at it and I wasn't impressed. I used it around some vinyl masking patterns that didn't want to stick too well on some curvy bits. When I removed the masking, the Mask-sol lifted some of the paint underneath in some spots and/or removed the slight sheen of the paint in others. As I live in northeast Alberta and do not have access to a hobby store, other than mail order, I, too would like to know of other masking fluids. Chris
  14. I guess I misunderstood this topic's title. I thought it was about weathering propeller blades. My bad! Chris
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