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  1. No! Large stashes are not normal. Now, excuse me, I have to put this new kit I just bought into my small hobby room. Chris
  2. Most if not all RAF aircraft were painted in smooth camo paint from 1940 onward. Chris
  3. No worries! As long as you're back on, all is good. Chris
  4. If you need it, I have his email address. Chris
  5. I emailed Mike the owner/administrator and he checked it out. For some reason, my IP ended up on a block list. He fixed it right up. Chris
  6. All is good now! Just some issue with my IP address. Straightened out now. Chris
  7. Could be. My wife's MAC laptop and both our IPads won't work either. I've emailed one of the administrators so he's checking it out. Just waiting ....... Chris
  8. Well crap on a cracker! I've tried both Explorer and Chrome on my Win7 PC and my IPad without access. What the heck is the issue? Chris
  9. Yesterday afternoon, while browsing through BM, it dropped out and I still can't get it back. Anyone else having any issue with it? Chris
  10. As far as I'm aware, it just clears the unread flag on new posts. I have accidently clicked that a time or two instead of the " Time Period ( Since my last visit ) " and lost the new stuff. I then proceeded to use up my store of Anglo-Saxon profanity. Chris
  11. Some reading: https://boxartden.com/reference/gallery/index.php/Modeling-References/Aircraft-Profiles/Britain/WW2/Fairey-Barracuda-Mk-I---V https://www.scribd.com/document/173010201/Warpaint-Series-No-35-Fairey-Barracuda Chris
  12. They could and did carry bombs under the fuselage. They were fitted with US 1600 lb. armour-piercing bombs when they attacked the Tirpitz in Norway. Chris
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