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  1. No probs here. I was just on Hyperscale a few minutes ago. Chris
  2. dogsbody

    Great name for a town

    Another unusual Canadian placename. From Newfoundland: Chris
  3. dogsbody

    Westland Lysander Question

    From MMP Westland Lysander by James Kightly. Chris
  4. Try finding wee bits that have dropped onto a grey painted concrete basement floor that is badly chipped, scratched and flaking with my old eyes. Always a challenge. Chris
  5. dogsbody

    Need Instructions, AMT, 1/48, 8895, P-70 Instructions

    According to Scalemates, the Italeri kit is a re-pop of the AMT kit. Instruction here: https://www.super-hobby.com/products/Douglas-P-70-A-S.html Chris
  6. dogsbody

    Airfix Walrus Engine

    Have you checked Seawings? I can't remember exactly what Bryan may have there, but there is some catapult info there. http://www.seawings.co.uk/ Chris
  7. dogsbody

    Airfix Walrus Engine

    Oh yeah! I was going to post this earlier. It's probably one of the best pictures I've seen of a Walrus's Peggy engine. It's from the IWM. Chris
  8. dogsbody

    Airfix Walrus Engine

    Well, you got me there. That does make sense. Carry on. Chris
  9. dogsbody

    Airfix Walrus Engine

    As a general rule, I don't follow kit instructions when painting engines, especially Bristol engines. Most kits makers get it wrong. Chris
  10. dogsbody

    Airfix Walrus Engine

    So do I, but how many others who do not have good photos of a Bristol Pegasus engine might paint this to look like an American-built engine. I see that mistake quite often on modelling forums. It wouldn't have taken much effort for Vector/Neomega to have included a painting guide. Chris
  11. dogsbody

    Airfix Walrus Engine

    Does it come with proper painting instructions? Chris
  12. dogsbody

    Fairey Battle MkI, II and V external differences

    The only visible difference that I'm aware of is the exhaust pipes. The early ones were fitted with the kidney or slotted type while later ones had triple ejector style exhaust. Chris
  13. dogsbody

    Gaging interest: Crowdfunded model kits

    Ah, American word usage. I'm Canadian. Chris
  14. dogsbody

    Gaging interest: Crowdfunded model kits

    I'm guessing you meant gauging instead of gaging, is in something about to make you vomit. Chris
  15. dogsbody

    How does a firebomber tank work?

    The doors on a Canadair CL-215T: Chris