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  1. Wiser's is for wiseacres

    Good one. That painting on the wall behind you looks like something my brother might have done. It's kind of in his style. Chris
  2. Airfix Short Stirling-Shelf of Doom Queen

    The engine centre casings should be a semi-gloss black. Chris
  3. Britmodeller website

    Well, there ya go. Chris
  4. Britmodeller website

    Both of these are good sites, but there are rules to weed out those who would post improper things. They've had to go this route because of spammers. Chris
  5. Britmodeller Access

    Yes, they've been having an issue with hackers and denial of access files. I was off from Wednesday evening to yesterday afternoon. Do you have Mike's email address? if so, you could send him your IP address so he can open it up for you. Chris
  6. Britmodeller Access

    Neither phone nor IPad would work, but it's all okay now. Another BM member on another forum saw my post and informed the BM admins to my plight. Chris
  7. Britmodeller Access

    I did try it on Chrome. Still won't work. It's like Britmodeller isn't even there anymore. Chris
  8. Britmodeller Access

    This is what I get: Oops! Internet Explorer could not connect to www.britmodeller.com Try reloading: www.­britmodeller.­com Chris
  9. Britmodeller Access

    Just tried that but it didn't help. Chris
  10. Don't get me going on Customs Canada or Canada Post. Chris
  11. Britmodeller Access

    Still no joy here. Chris
  12. Britmodeller Access

    I must be the only one! Well, that's what you get for living way up on The Backside Of Beyond! Chris
  13. Britmodeller Access

    Are there any Britmodeller visitors here? Do you have any issues getting there? I haven't been able to go there since yesterday afternoon. Is it just me, way up here in the wilds of Northern Alberta? Chris
  14. I've not yet ordered from Super-Hobby, so I can't comment on their service. Hannants is great. I've had stuff arrive at my door in northern Alberta, Canada, 10 days after placing the order. That's over twice as fast as Squadron, from Texas. Chris
  15. Photobucket Update.

    Photobucket can suck it! I downloaded all my PB images back onto my PC and have gone to Flickr. Chris