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  1. You would probably have to check with US authorities. They control a lot of the access to North America. Chris
  2. What about this? It's actually 1/72 scale. Chris
  3. Some Seafox information, if you're interested: Chris
  4. Some real aircraft that I have been close to. See the panel lines? Chris
  5. You could use a photo hosting site. I use Flickr, with Village.Photo as a backup. Chris
  6. I can't even open the site. Chris
  7. Working okay, up here on The Backside Of Beyond. Chris
  8. I tried that but it didn't work for me. The forum seems to be working properly now. Chris
  9. I've noticed today that when I get to the bottom of the page in Unread Content, there's no Load More Activity, just a small grey bar. Chris
  10. I was lucky that when PB went stupid, I had just started their minimum paid account, so I could avoid all the ads that were on the site. I still had the ability to download all my images there, back onto my computer, which I did. Soon after, they removed that option. I then went over to Flickr, which works quite nicely. As I had way over PB's new limit, I can't use any of the images that are still stored there. Photobucket can suck it! Chris
  11. No! Large stashes are not normal. Now, excuse me, I have to put this new kit I just bought into my small hobby room. Chris
  12. Most if not all RAF aircraft were painted in smooth camo paint from 1940 onward. Chris
  13. No worries! As long as you're back on, all is good. Chris
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