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  1. dogsbody

    Lancaster Bomber Diorama - Motorised

    To be honest, I didn't check on the start-up sequence of a Lanc. I just remembered that I have a Pilot's Notes booklet. As for the wiring set up, I only vaguely understood what you said. Other than very basic wiring knowledge, that may as well been printed in another language. It's looking good, though. Chris
  2. dogsbody

    Lancaster Bomber Diorama - Motorised

    You should check on the usual engine starting sequence on Lancasters and your engines are rotating the wrong direction. Otherwise, a bold and ambitious plan that's looking good. Chris
  3. dogsbody

    Britmodeller Access

    Though I haven't been there for a couple hours, it was still working for me, way up here, on the Backside Of Beyond. Chris
  4. Nice! I like the way you've painted the upper turret base. All the pics of the first release show the lower area unpainted/left clear. Do the new instructions call for this or was it just you doing it right? Chris
  5. No yellow tips on the prop blades? Chris
  6. If flying night-time missions then the suppressors would be fitted. The suppressors were removed from aircraft that were flying daytime missions at the end of the war. Chris
  7. dogsbody

    Tax man has arrived at SB

    Word! Chris
  8. dogsbody

    Your tools and techniques on seams

    I use this modified sewing needle in a pin vise to apply superglue or Mr. Surfacer, especially if only a small drop/dab is required. Chris
  9. dogsbody

    New Modeling website

    I tried to register, but I don't know what " Komt u uit Nederland / Belgie ?: " means. It didn't translate to English. Chris
  10. dogsbody

    Your tools and techniques on seams

    Well, I haven't finished anything in a few decades. Shift work and family can dampen your mojo quite a bit. Since retirement, I have only started Airfix;s new 1/72 Hawker Hurricane. Now this kit fits together quite nicely and the seams were small with few gaps. About all I've used so far is Mr. Surfacer 1000, a bit of Superglue, some 600 grit sandpaper and a Tamiya Fine Sanding stick. Chris
  11. dogsbody

    1/72 C-54 / RCAF North Star

    I'll be watching this one. Always like Canadian content. This forum needs a " like " button. Chris
  12. dogsbody

    Flickr now limiting free accounts to 1000 images.

    I bit the bullet and have gone Flickr Pro. It works out to about a dollar a week, for the first year. Even though I'm now retired, I can afford that. My pension and retirement funds were set up fairly well. Chris
  13. dogsbody

    RCAF F-101 Colours

    From the Alberta Aviation Museum in Edmonton. Chris