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  1. Food colouring in some white glue. Acrylic paint and glue would probably work, too. Chris
  2. Hell no! If I built one per month, it would take me 62 years to clear the stash. As I'm now 65, it ain't happenin'! Chris
  3. I've got this re-pop, plus another bagged Eastern European re-do. Chris
  4. You would probably have to check with US authorities. They control a lot of the access to North America. Chris
  5. What about this? It's actually 1/72 scale. Chris
  6. Some Seafox information, if you're interested: Chris
  7. Some real aircraft that I have been close to. See the panel lines? Chris
  8. You could use a photo hosting site. I use Flickr, with Village.Photo as a backup. Chris
  9. I can't even open the site. Chris
  10. Working okay, up here on The Backside Of Beyond. Chris
  11. I tried that but it didn't work for me. The forum seems to be working properly now. Chris
  12. I've noticed today that when I get to the bottom of the page in Unread Content, there's no Load More Activity, just a small grey bar. Chris
  13. I was lucky that when PB went stupid, I had just started their minimum paid account, so I could avoid all the ads that were on the site. I still had the ability to download all my images there, back onto my computer, which I did. Soon after, they removed that option. I then went over to Flickr, which works quite nicely. As I had way over PB's new limit, I can't use any of the images that are still stored there. Photobucket can suck it! Chris
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