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  1. Okay . . . . on to plan "B" as it appears the VF-102 Fightertown decal sheet is long gone. Thought I had a source but no luck. Brian - thanks for the response and info. While I fully subscribe to the theory of "have fun" and do what makes you happy, I do want a really accurate Diamondback Tomcat that matches (as closely as possible) the OEF time period. So thanks again for the great info. Any chance that sheet is coming back again anytime soon?? Jim
  2. Thanks for all the feedback and great reference material. Proving once again that this site and the community are truly awesome! Thankfully I had only laid down a light base coat - which turned out to be the wrong color - so I basically started over with the correct reference materials and paint colors. I'll post a pic soon but the results are far better and seem to match reference photos. I'm also ordering the Fightertown VF-102 sheet as the CAM decals red is more like a really dark hot pink . . . (as was pointed out by Sigtau above). Andrew - I'm following your step
  3. Three tone . . . ???? I don't see that in any of the pics, but I trust the decal manufacturers did their homework.
  4. I'm using the older CAM sheet that features VF-102 and VF-143 from OEF. https://www.scalemates.com/kits/cam-48098-48098-decals-f-14b-tomcat-oef-vf-102-vf-143--931139
  5. Thanks for the reply. Excellent points all around. Jim
  6. Ok - need some help. Working on the paint scheme on a 1/48 Has. VF-102 OEF bird. All the pictures I've found of this squadron (from about 1998 to 2002) seem to be a much lighter color than Light Ghost Grey. Is it just the lighting of the pics? My eyes? Heavy fading while on cruise?? http://www.seaforces.org/usnair/VF/Fighter-Squadron-102.htm I'd love to hear thoughts / input. The scheme is very simple - and the decals call for overall Light Ghost Grey - but I'm having trouble matching the paint to the pics I'm finding. Thoughts? Thanks in adva
  7. Great work! Very inspiring. Makes me want to break out my "A" model. Thanks for taking time to post pics! Jim
  8. Great looking Crusader and love the squadron! That seat looks awesome. Thanks for sharing your work. You should post some pics of your VF-111 builds all together. As for the "experts" trying to call out the supposed inaccuracies, I say do whatever the hell makes you happy. Why don't you really piss them off and load it up with some AIM-9x's and GBU-12's (with incorrect fins of course)!! Make up the Bu no. and put your name on the canopy rail. That'd be awesome! Forgive my rant, but give me a break. Why do some people feel the need to comment on / correct every little d
  9. Thanks Zach - appreciate the support and I'm happy to send some pics when it's finished. Jim
  10. Looking for some information on the F-15E Strike Eagle from Sey. Johnson AFB - 335th FS ("Chiefs") that served as the airborne command and control director during the Battle of COP Keating (Afghanistan). Callsign was Dude 01 and the pilots were Michael Polidor ("Ox") and Aaron Dove ("Finch"). I'm building "Dude 01" for someone involved in that battle. Looking for tail number, specific load out, etc. I just finished reading "Red Platoon" - which i HIGHLY recommend. It is a fast and fantastic read - written by MOH recipient Clinton Romesha. It gives some good details, but not geek level model de
  11. I'm building a Royal Australian Navy S-70B Seahawk (1/48) on commission and was wondering if anyone makes aftermarket accessories that would (fairly) accurately represent the forward FLIR attachment. I'm not finding anything in my searches . . . I know this is a derivative of the SH-60F but I've not found any kit or aftermarket company that allows you to build the forward mounted radar / FLIR. Any help or comments would be appreciated. Jim
  12. For example - here is a 379th P-47D with the distinctive yellow cowl band, and red tip vertical stab. http://www.clavework-graphics.co.uk/aircraft/republic_p47d/P47D_USA_379FS_1.jpg From research it appears that the 377th had the distinctive red cowl band, and the red tip vertical stab as well. Eagle Strike did some decals years ago with a 377th bird and it showed the a red tip vert. stab. Here's a nice model that was completed using those decals. http://imodeler.com/2014/09/p-47d-thunderbolt-by-tamiya-in-148-scale/ However, I can't seem to find
  13. Thanks again for all the info and help! One more question (but there may be more) - did all the 362nd FG P-47's have the red tip and black stripe on the vertical stabilizer?? I've found photos of 379th FS Thunderbolts that did have the red tip VS, but none of the 378th. Just trying to confirm that small detail so I can make this build as accurate as possible. I'll post some pics tonight or tomorrow . . . it's coming along great. Just finished painting with shades of Alclad aluminum (standard, white, and dark). Front cowl is painted with the cobalt blue band, and the OD anti-glare panel is also
  14. Thanks to everyone for the info, research, and comments! Much appreciated. Having a copy of the MACR, I've got the serial number and some other details from the mission he was killed on. I've also been in touch with some individuals who've done quite a bit of research on the 362nd - and even helped correct the "official" record that one author was using when it came to my Great Uncle. The author had written (based on prior first hand interviews) that my Great Uncle ("Grant") survived the crash, evaded capture for almost a year, then returned to the squadron. None of which was true.
  15. Thanks for the reply and info. One question. Is the middle stripe / anti-glare segment running down the fuselage olive drab or flat black?? There is a colorized YouTube video of the 362nd FG and has a few shots of blue nose bubble top Thunderbolts. The profile pic you posted has a olive drab stripe / anti-glare panel down the middle, but the very grainy YouTube video seems to show a black anti-glare panel. Any thoughts??
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