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  1. Any chance we can get the PSD files as well? These are really superb by the way.
  2. Here is the Fritzing file for the PCB. Is is a free cross platform PCB program that can be used to make Gerber files for professional services or you can use Fritzing's own PCB manufacturing service. https://www.dropbox.com/s/z31v20sez3q9f23/Atmel%20Plane%20Nav%20Lights.fzz?dl=0
  3. Hi CAG, Sure, I can send you along some stuff. But whilst it is not overly complicated it does require some work. Your main issue will be how to program the chip if you don't have an Arduino already. But...the parts list is basically. 3x LEDs of your choosing. 3x 220Ohm resistors 1x ATTiny45 or ATTiny85 chip (they cost around 2 dollars). A battery....coin cell or something like I use in the video. 1 printed circuit board. I can post the plans and you can either have it manufactured or make it yourself. Alternatively, I could send you one for a modest price...the real killer is postage
  4. Hi Folks, Been a while since I posted here but thought I would share with you some recent adventures in electronics. I was once an avid model builder but haven't had the time of late (3 year olds...whatcha gonna do?)....but I did modify my kids Duplo Dusty Crophopper with some lights recently. Using a single Arduino Tiny45 chip and a custom made PCB (which I am happy to provide the plans for) I was able to make a compact circuit that could run off a watch battery (eg. CR 2032) and that provides nice running lights and nav lights effect. See following videos. Reach out on YouTube if you h
  5. Excellent. I'm glad all that work didn't go to waste and that the BB moulds lived on. Thanks for the reply and info.
  6. Hey guys, I have a few BB cockpit detail sets waiting to be built but I noticed a distinct lack of any new ones. Did they go out of business? Did anyone else pick of the baton and run with it or are these things now collectors items. What is the story?
  7. Thanks for the info mate :-)
  8. Hey there, About to build a 2 Bobs F-5 agressor. just a question. The weapons pylons have been totally removed on these birds?
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