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  1. Hey Red Dog, long time since we had contact. (Viperpits) I know I'm too far in the project and it bothers me to shelf it, I just have to find the courage and start sanding and repainting. I'm definitely not a pro so that is why I'm not looking forward to fixing this. I fear I might mess it up even more. You are 100% correct on the sensors, don't know how I did not notice that before... I will remove those for sure. I did print the base with my 3d printer. I'm happy with it and with the metal rod I can roll the model 360 and change positions. She could even be inverted 🙃 I stil
  2. Thanks Thadeus, I was personally also happy with the paint job. That's why i hate to touch it by sanding that area. But than again, you are right that it will always catch my eye if I don't change it. I already demotivated me for finishing the model so it will not become any better. I don't think I will be able to remove the plate and sand it from the bottom... Most probably I will sand that area and redo the painting where needed.
  3. Thanks, I think this might be the better option to. Although I'm not looking forward to it...
  4. I think I'm going to take a break from finishing this model. I lost the 'love' for it due to a panel that is did not finish correctly before painting. It was one of those issues I thought would be covered up after painting. I was deffinitly wrong and after painting it stood out even more. I do not know what to do next? Continue and hoping the weathering and decals might cover it up? (I doubt it...) Or do I sand the surface in that area and repaint the model were needed? It is really bugging me and not making me wanne finish it.... but I was liking all the other stuff I alrea
  5. Looking good! I'm following your project!
  6. OMG that is amazing! Congrats. I've been looking for that kit but can't find it anywhere anymore. At least the 2000-5 version.
  7. I did some more work on the model, I'm still debating on the final loadout. Either 2 MK82s on station 7 and 3 or a total of 4 MK82s on the 7-6 and 4-3. I will not use the wingtanks but just a center line tank. AIM-9s on the wingtips. The centre line fuel tank is a left over from a Tamiya kit. And the MK82s come from the Trumpeter A-10. Un-weathered so far and not yet sealed with a clear coat: Main paining had begun and I tried this 'marble' weathering technique for the first time. After seeing some videos on Youtube. I used Vallejo
  8. I 3D printed a cylinder that fits into the engine exhaust. I left a 6mm hole where my metal rod fits in perfectly. I can position the F-16 like this and I do not neet to glue the rod. It fits tight enough to hold everything in place so far. A little bit of tape around the rod would even improve the tightness when the model is finished. Now I need to bend the rod into the right angles for the display base. 🙃
  9. Hello everyone, I'm definitely not the most active member here but ever since I've started scale modeling I know that this is the place to be. I have spent so many hour here looking and researching in the past. Lately I caught the scale modeling virus again and It is so addictive. So I picked up a project I started , more than a year ago and hope to finish it soon. I have lost a little bit of 'love' for my model due to the mistakes I made when I started last year and I hope I can live with some of them or hide some of them too. I'm for sure not a pro builder!! I tend to be
  10. Thanks for the reactions, I knew about the speed brakes but did not consider it as a too big of a model killer 🙂 A quick fix solved the issue about the speed brakes. (I added a picture above.) The refueling port can't be closed anymore and this would result in an early RTB I guess... and a maintanance debriefing. I was wondering if people liked the weathering and 'dirty' parts. Is it still too clean? Too much? Not realistic? Thanks Dirk
  11. Hi, Corona has given my scale model hobby a spark again. So I decided to finally finish my 1:32 F-16C that has been laying around (half completed) for some years now. I consider this to be my first fully finished model. Definitely my first airbrushed and weathered aircraft. The main kit is the Tamiya F-16CJ Block50. I used parts of the Academy F-16CG Block 40 (mainly the plastic landing gear) Reinforcement plates are scratch build and so is the open refueling port. The decals are from Daco Products. Paints that I used are a mix of Rev
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