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  1. I'm a huge fan of all your work. When I visit "Critique Corner" and see your name, I know I'm in for a treat. Great stuff as always. Love your models and photography. Thanks for sharing!
  2. oh my lord... Who decided on the purple camo with a white tail? Very interesting and unique subject. Any links of the plane's history and usage? Nice work! Hope to see more.
  3. Why exactly is it your favorite kit in the world? I haven't built one and am curious. Great job! Really like the markings on this one.
  4. Well that picture is defintely inspiring. You did a great job! Love the camo. Thanks for sharing.
  5. Funny that the word "sharp" has been used a few times to describe your work here, because it's the first word that came to mind when I saw it. Incredible job for 1/72! Would've never guessed that. Spectacular job man. Thanks for sharing.
  6. Oh man those look wicked. Very nice work. Makes me want to start one of those... Thanks for sharing.
  7. Your fading is incredible. Definitely copying and pasting these pics. Thanks for sharing.
  8. Brilliant work yet again! Everything looks just perfect. Love the WIP pics on your website too. You set the bar high my man...
  9. Magnificent! You make it look too easy. Very inspirational. Thanks for sharing.
  10. Nice! Pretty cool markings. I really like the scratch FOD cover. Thanks for sharing.
  11. 3 down....9 to go? Very nice job! I really like the faded paint paint work. For your next one, I say go in the order of your sig...KISS
  12. WOW! Excellent work! The photography is also superb. Quite inspiring. Thanks for sharing.
  13. You nailed the camo. Nice work! Thanks for sharing.
  14. Here is the method I used on my F-4J: I used MM burnt metal on the cans, then drybrushed some silver on them... ...followed by a oil wash of heavilly thinned lamp black... I used Alclad polished aluminum over a primer coat of Tamiya gloss black(decanted from the spray can) and then sprayed a mixture of Tamiya smoke and Tamiya brown over the "lines" to give a sooty look. I also drybrushed some more silver over the burner cans after the wash. Here was the final result: Hope this helps!
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