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  1. Some goodies from Prague! All new kits... 1/72 Pavla Tiger Moth 1/72 Pavla Gloster G.40 1/72 Pavla wings for the Hasegawa Brewster Buffalo 1/72 Octopus IMAM Ro 44 Italian seaplane fighter 1/72 Valom Boeing XF8B-1 1/72 FE Resin Tachikawa "THELMA" (Japanese Lockheed Hudson) 1/144 Czech Mini Master Resin DC-2 1/144 Czech Mini Master Resin Avro Shackleton MR.1/T.4 :o
  2. Hah! I'll bet that in Canada, you'd have just dipped him in honey and staked him out for the bears to find! Shame there's no bears here in the UK! <_<
  3. OK, Morgan is in his mid-20's. He was a snotty 15-16 year old when I was Secretary of IPMS Brampton about 10 years or so ago. He was on his way to a life of crime then... As for the HS thread, I agree it's really surreal, but DC Pete Morley really does exist! I've spoken to him at the local Police Station and he is really peed off that Morgan just takes the pi$$ whenever he's interviewed. Unfortunately, due to "human rights", Morgan can't be put in the stocks or on the rack here in Merrie Englande, so unless he becomes someone's "*****" inside jail, he'll never learn... Personally, I'd
  4. This is the text of an email received today from Detective Constable Morley, who has been investigating Morgan for a number of years. Thought this was worth passing on. Chris ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dear All, If you do not already know me can I introduce myself. I am a Detective in Cambridgeshire Constabulary in the UK who has been investigating a conman called Richard Owen MORGAN for the last few years. The story so far is that during the year 2003 we had MORGAN in the Crown Court twice. O
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