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  1. The vision in my eyes is slightly different. For model work, I went to a Costco type store and bought some very inexpensive reading glasses (same type frames - but with different magnifications). I combined the lenses for each eye into one set of frames - custom glasses for very little cost. Really helps with general modelling. If I want super / close up - I just put the Opti Visor on over them, and have a much easier time seeing the detail work. Even if you don't need reading glasses - try out a low power pair - you might be really surprised at the difference.
  2. Kitlinx had the Bradleys and a bunch of other armor at very good prices. They had the 1/32 Revell P-51's for $25. I got their 1/32 HK Mosquito for $100. I don't understand why Eduard and Aires bring so much product, but refuse to take credit cards - seems like a lot of people pass up on buying stuff from them (myself included), because of that. It's OK though, Zoukei-Mura took credit cards (and therefore $350 of my money...), and I got their last Marine 1/48 F-4J PS - Mr. Z-M asked me if I knew of any real Spitfire Mk.1 or II, or early Hurricanes on displa
  3. GEH737

    A-10 Question

    As an A-10 Instructor with the "Flying Tigers at England AFB, LA, my first logbook entry with AIM-9's was in March, 1990
  4. Really happy to hear that Jake. My Nevada RF-4C's will be much better off because of that :)
  5. I'd like to see Nellis AFB jets. Growing up in Las Vegas, they were always quite a site coming up initial with their wings swept back. As young kids, we were sure they were "spy jets" - because of the black bellies :) One of the kids on my Little League team had a dad Lt. Col George Peterson (?) who was flying them at Nellis - and got us a tour of one. Might as well have been looking at the Millennium Falcon... Always had a soft spot for them ever since.
  6. Truly nice... Marking this for reference!
  7. Kursad - super late response... Did you ever sell that C-5? I got both of those sheets - and they're both really nice (as always) :)
  8. Werner's Wings has a great decal sheet for this in 1/48th (in case you weren't aware of it). I've got that one and they're set in 1/32nd - really nice. http://wernerswings.com/Ritchie-friends.html
  9. Yes - and Future is really a floor wax... Point being - if you can use it sucessfully - then it works. I've used it thinned around 50% with "Mr. Leveling Thinner" - than a light mist coat of straight Mr. L.T., and it works very nicely.
  10. If you go to the website "Large Scale Planes" - Chuck did a beautiful 1/32 Tamiya F-15C and he describes his transition to X-22. It's a beautiful build - and worth your time.
  11. I've used Tamiya Primer out of the can on Shapeways parts without any issues.
  12. Not sure if this is operationally accurate. But here's some intake images of the FB-111 in the Dark Vark scheme at the Strategic Air Command Museum in Omaha
  13. I did this FB-111 a long time ago - and wanted to do something completely different...
  14. I enjoyed it - as have my friends and their kids. Not perfect of course - but like modelling - if I enjoy the process, then it's been time well spent. I've never had a perfect project, or seen a perfect movie. Something that still draws me in after 40 years is a rare thing. I could go on about things I didn't like - but with all things Star Wars, I'm happy that there's still so much to enjoy, and I try to focus on that. I'm still working on the DeAgostini Falcon and R2-D2, just picked up the Bandai PG Falcon, and am looking forward to the new Star Wars world at Disneyland and Disney World
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