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  1. This is obviously a biased response here... My old jet 82-665 was the very last A-10 built. It first flew at England AFB and was the demo jet for awhile. It flew in Desert Storm and later in life at Davis-Monthan and is currently flying at Nellis. The last of its kind, and I've got some decent reference photos of it just a few weeks prior to leaving for Desert Storm. It took me a great deal of effort to get the right markings for the jet way back when I built this - but even after all these years, it's still a pretty iconic look.
  2. Order in - thank you Jake - and "Happy New Year" to you as well :) George
  3. First - I can't prove any of this - but it's true. A while back, I was working with an individual current on the F-22. They had a relative current on the F-35. There was a meeting of the Congressional "Science and Technology Committee" where the F-35 individual was invited to participate. Through them - my co-worker was also invited to address the committee and offer insights about the F-22. The end result wasn't about performance, requirements or needs. It was about how the F-35 could help that individual member in their respective district. The questions posed to my co-worker were ludicrous, and showed a startling lack of knowledge about either science, technology or aviation. Almost anyone here on ARC could ask more relevant questions. One of the biggest detractors of the F-22 was Lockheed itself. They stood to make much more on the F-35 program - and that's where their energy went. It was a pretty surprising conversation - and hearing it first hand was quite an insight into what goes on behind the scenes.
  4. Got a box full of beautiful stickers today :) Great job as always Kursad! Thank you for putting out such a quality product! George
  5. I'm sure not all Phantoms are the same - but there are instances where having the formation lights raised slightly from the surface would be appropriate (in my opinion)
  6. I took a road trip up to Freetime with a couple of modelling buddies in October. Absolutely one of the best brick and mortar hobby stores I've ever been to. Huge selection of items. Great staff, and have mail ordered from them as well without any problems. I'll definitely be using them more in the future.
  7. Paul - do you add anything to the Future? I've never been truly happy with my spraying results. Thanks.
  8. Really nice looking - well done :)
  9. I like that idea a lot. I think the landing platform gives you opportunity to have lights in the ship shinning down, and lights in the base shinning up. Plus, you've got the ability to conceal power cables. The only issue (it seems) would be size. And we knew that when we started this project :)
  10. A little color correction
  11. The original file I have of that photo was 828Kb. It wouldn't take it, or resize it automatically. As the box below says - Max size 0.1Mb. I resized it in Photoshop to 96Kb - didn't mess with the dimensions. I dragged it from my desktop to the box below with the paper clip and it displayed as shown above. Hitch
  12. I'll have to give that a try.
  13. I'll probably have to pick up a few of those... :)
  14. I can assure my Aussie friends that this was no rounded beak dove... At 20 inches long, the blood, sinew and feathers formed as one aerodynamic shape with a single goal in mind. As the evil prey bent over in the garden, little did she know that Hell was about to be unleashed on her. With its razor sharp talons extended - it swooped down assuming the attack position. The only thing missing was the Stuka wailing siren... The attack was relentless, the sounds primitive... The talons clutching the long blonde hair, the pointed beak thrusting at her unusually thick skull. With his talons ensnared by her tendrils - she swatted at it mightily summoning her dark demons. The pecking, flapping, swatting and cursing went on for what seemed like minutes. The mighty air warrior triumphantly returned to the tree from whence it came - victorious, but not able to fully vanquish this foul creature. The foul creature never understood that my laughter was in reality my concern for her health and well being.... The bird and I understood each other from that day on. I looked at him - he looked at me - we respected each other. God Speed Mr. Magpie, you made one day in my Hell a whole lot funnier Fun Fact: (For me anyway) - that was not his only attack on her. It happened multiple times - he really didn't like her... That's why I guessed about sensing evil...