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  1. Finally had a chance to get to the paint shop with this. Used Tamiya Flat Aluminum and Titanium Silver and some Grey.
  2. Tamiya 1:48 Thunderbolt OoB Well it only took 3 days to finish the decals on the Tamiya cowling. They actually went down very well considering how complex the curve it's covering is. Took multiple coats of Micro Sol to get them to really suck it down. Had a minor disaster in the finishing. I sprayed Tamiya acrylic flat base over them thinking that it was a flat finish...apparently by BASE they mean an additive to turn paint flat. So I sprayed some future over it hoping to fix...no dice. I stripped it off with window cleaner... and had to use coffee filters to scrub it down..but it didn't affect the decal. I resprayed it with a good old rattle can of Model Master Flat Lacquer. (MM Flat lacquer is the only stuff I've ever been successful with...) anyway on to the pics.
  3. Thanks, and yes they are the kit decals... I punched the decals out with Waldron punches, and then once setting them down, used a little Future to simulate the dials.
  4. Thanks, The harness is made using medical tape... the kind you would use for bandaging a wound. (It's all I had on hand)
  5. Unimodeler

    Tow Bars

    This might be of interest... Aircraft Tow Bars Two general classes of tow bars are used in naval aviation—those adaptable to only one type of aircraft and those adaptable to more than one type. The universal aircraft tow bar, Model ALBAR (Adjustable Length Towbar) (fig. 10-13) is the type of tow bar most commonly used by the Navy today. It is available in four different models and lengths. It is used to tow and position aircraft weighing up to 90,000 pounds. The ALBAR is designed for towing aircraft that have nose or tailwheel axle holes, or fuselage or landing gear towing rings and it can be configured to accomodate different aircraft b. Adjustable length towbar (ALBAR) (p. 2-26)- Presently there are four lengths. The Model 15 ALBAR is and will remain the standard towbar for movement of most land-based and CV-based aircraft weighting up to 90,000 pounds. Model 8 ALBAR (9 feet long) Model 15 ALBAR (15 feet long) Model 20 ALBAR (20 feet long) Model 24 ALBAR (25 feet long)
  6. They came in the kit #1066. Labeled uh-34J but showing the D box art...
  7. I bought an Italeri UH-34 kit labeled as a J. The artwork and built up kit showed the bent leg landing gear, and so too do the instructions. Unfortunately the sprue only has the V-leg gear. Does anyone have a set of spare bent legs that they'd be willing to part with? ( I know that it was released with both at one point). I really want to build an HUS-1G and the V-legs aren't going to cut it. Thanks.
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