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  1. Hey Guys: Just a heads up, GB starts in a week. Get ready to start building. Once I get the necessary permissions needed, I set up the build forum in the GB section. Any questions or concerns, please let me know. Thanks, Maveryck
  2. I'm sure it's the part. Though I didn't think of warpage. I dry fitted all the large parts prior to gluing. It fit then, and after gluing the bottom of the wing down -- the alignment issues arose. At first, I thought it was the intakes, popped'em off tried again, no go. And the way the model was molded, you can't put the wings together first and then install them. I put it aside after a entire night of frustration The gap created along the wing root and fuselage, when the top half is on -- is about 2mm, maybe 3mm in width. I'll give it shot after I get the F-4J built, starting to have issues with that one too...don't know what the hell I'm doing wrong, but it seems after the dry fit shows correct aligment and I go to glue -- boom--alignment issues or a freaking lip I hope this doesn't happen on the F-100 I'm looking forward to building. Maveryck
  3. I'm assuming the drawing refers to the S-58 to which you want to build. If that's the case, it is acceptable. Maveryck
  4. I'm planning on building the XFY-1 Pogo, a Harrier and maybe a Seaking, all depends on time. Maveryck
  5. Hey Guys, anyone have any ideas on how I fix this -- I'm getting a lip on the wing tip tank, looks like it's pouting...I think the top wing half was molded too short. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to fix this? Or am I SOL. Maveryck
  6. Hey Guys: I recently received Czech Model's FJ-1 Fury. The cockpit, wheels, and nosegear are all resin. The canopy is vac formed. Never having worked with resin I need to know 1) Will CA work to attach the parts to the plastic or do I need to use an epoxy and 2) how difficult is it to remove the parts from the mold bases, will a small hand saw do the trick? Thanks Maveryck
  7. Fiddler, Let me do some additonal research on this and I'll get back to you. Maveryck
  8. Don't forget a conversion kit for the HH-60J Maveryck
  9. Hey Guys: Having some alignment issues with the wings. The right top half will not align properly and is causing a HUGE gap along the leading edge right near the intake, as well as preventing the boundary fence from aligning. Additionally, I'm also getting a lip on the wing tip tank, looks like it pouting...I think the top wing half was molded too short. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to fix this? Or am I SOL. Maveryck
  10. Okay guys the conversion kits, PE and resin pits, etc are IN. I will edit the guidelines to reflect the change. Thanks, Maveryck
  11. Didn't do too much over the week to it. Test fitted the wings. Hope to get it completed over the weekend. Here's a couple pics Maveryck
  12. David: I do realize that this will limit what many may wish to enter into the GB and may in fact prevent some from participating at all. This rule even eliminated the kit that I planned on entering - converting an Italeri SH-60B to a HH-60J. I did haggle with myself over this, and the goal is to have a build where modlers relied on their skill set to complete the model, and not entirely on aftermarket products. Over the years, I've seen many well built models that did not use PE and/or conversions kits, and were completed by either kit-bashing and/or scratch building. My thinking/reasoning stems from this and I believe having a build that represents a modeler's ability will produce some very detailed and well built models. However, I will discuss this with Medevac71 and LittleBird117 offline. Maveryck
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