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  1. My thoughts and prayers to both of you and get well soon Sharla
  2. Best wishes to your wife and you
  3. Su 27 Ukrainian Air Force 1:32

    Hello Dieter I just love Flankers, and I echo everyone here, Great work, best one I have ever seen :thumbsup: :jaw-dropping: Ken
  4. Hey Chuck Great job!!!! man, I'm drooling...... :jaw-dropping: Btw, I too have sciatica and you are right, it hurts like he!!, mine is on the left side and it hurts all the way down my feet. the darn pain has kept me from modelling for awhile now. Keep up this great build :thumbsup: Ken
  5. Difference between Navy Lymx and Army Lynx

    Gino, check with Tony ( Lynx 7 ) at Brittmodeller. He is a Lynx pilot and he is very helpful Navy version and Army version HTH Ken
  6. tamiya compound on canopies

    Here's what I bought and has worked out great Evilbay HTH Ken
  7. Best Su-27 / Flanker family reference book?

    You are a gentleman and a scholar Holmes, my hats off to ya.... :thumbsup: A friend in need is a friend indeed Ken
  8. Happy Birthday !

    Haha, work as usual and u know, same ol s#^+, different day
  9. Happy Birthday !

    Thanks Holmes, it was just another day in paradise...lol
  10. Happy Birthday !

    Thank you much Gregg, hope you had a great day too
  11. Space 1999 Eagle mystery kit

    Your welcome Ben, it is a nice kit, in fact the most accurate kit in 1/72 scale Dave, it has been updated since then... Ben, if you are interested, check out this 1/48 Eagle from Replicas Unlimited and the Laboratory Eagle. Btw, these do go on sale from time to time and the kits have been updated too, and if you are into the grand daddy of them all , there's the 1/24th scale 44" also available to some extent Ken
  12. Space 1999 Eagle mystery kit

    Hi Ben, I purchased this similar kit many years back and it just a recast of the original AMT kit, slightly refined and actually it's a P.O.S...... If you are looking for more precise replica of an Eagle. the Warp kit is the best out there and available here HTH Ken
  13. Honda NS500 Fast Freddie

    Nice looking build Els , I did something similar, when I was a teenager, but used Eddie Lawson and Yamaha, and your dio reminded me of my build. You should post your build in the bike section on EScale dot com, lots of biker fans there Ken
  14. Joketime

  15. Great job Marcel :thumbsup: