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    Calgary, Alberta
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    Almost anything Canadian, WWII props, civilian aircraft. Also dabbled in R/C occassionally.<br><br>Rock climbing, camping, mountain biking x-country skiing and a rare hour at the stick in a 1:1 fill my time when I'm not sniffing glue...
  1. Wild Bill

    Estate Sale Liquidation

    I totally agree, it is free advertising. But I don't see how it's any different from me posting "check out this new online hobby store" or "check out Trumpeter's new offering" threads? The owner didn't even ask me to post it, I offered after seeing that he'd posted it on HS. One time posts are quite reasonable IMHO, but people running ad campaigns on here is unfair to Steve and the advertisers, and I've reported folks doing that in the past. But many people have used ARC to launch competing websites, announce new products (decals, resin, etc), announce store sales, etc. and Steve has been okay with it. He seems to be okay with it in this case - he moved the thread to the buy & sell forum when he could have just deleted it, and I know him well enough that he'd have no problem telling me to smarten up if I was breaking the rules. B
  2. Wild Bill

    Estate Sale Liquidation

    You've got way too much time on your hands. He "helped" them by buying bulk at a price they were comfortable with and spared them weeks/months of cataloging and packaging while dealing with their grief and tying up the deceased's other affairs. They actually approached him, no strongarm tactics or sales pitches involved. As for helping modelers, the only "help" he suggests is that the website helps people find what they want. There are no strongarm tactics in his post, no fabrications, none on the site itself, and he makes no promises of greater glory to buyers. He does however have a page on the site that clearly defines the model descriptions etc - the nerve! One minute you demand to know details like what he paid for the stash, the next minute he's a manipulator for telling the whole story. In the words of Shakespeare, "The lady dost protest too much, methinks." In other words, you've used about four times as much press space and much stronger language than the seller has - to accuse him of being manipulative! We'd all be better off if we just get back to building kits. Just because people can vent their opinions doesn't mean they should or that there's any value in it. I hope your day goes better than it appears to have been. B
  3. Wild Bill

    Estate Sale Liquidation

    Not sure exactly what your point is Spooky? So you'd buy over a thousand kits (as you said taking the risk on yourself), sort and catalogue them, rent a van to haul them from their storage to your storage, build a website, then package and ship all 1,000+ of them out of the goodness of your heart? Good on ya, you're a better man than most. You're also better than every hobby store out there, last I checked they're only in business if they make a profit too. I'm not sure why you felt the need to put so much effort into taking a shot at the guy. Has his effort harmed you in some way? We're all big kids here - people can look and make their own decisions about his prices and choose their vendor accordingly. B
  4. Wild Bill

    Estate Sale Liquidation

    Just a reminder folks: I'm just the messenger, this isn't my site. If you have any questions feel free to submit them with your order or e-mail him via the contact on his About Us page. About us page Cheers, B
  5. Wild Bill

    Estate Sale Liquidation

    Glad you guys are enjoying the site. He does very good work! Many? He did a lot of research both at online stores and eBay to set his pricing. With 1200 kits - some almost 50 years old - a few are going to be over-priced, and some will be under-priced. He's pretty open to feedback, and if there's something you want he is open to offers on a purchase of multiple kits. B
  6. Hello All: A past ARC'er here in Calgary asked me to post this on his behalf. The stash is an amazing collection of kits dating as far back as the 1950's. I recently was able to help out a local family and I purchased a large 1200+ kit collection from their family member's estate. The fellow modeller had been collecting aircraft kits since the 50s, and had quite a few interesting and some very rare kits in the pile. Needless to say, I don't need 1200 more kits in my stash! To help folks look at what's up for grabs, I cobbled together a web site (I did this kind of stuff in a past life.) with all the kit details and box pics. You can search through all the kits on the site so far... about 900. The rest should be there by the end of the week. The web site seemed the best option, as I suspect it will take some time to whittle this pile down. The main site is at http://www.classicmodelaircraftkits.com Anyway... the prices are there for each kit in both C$ and US$, but I'm open to offers... especially if you are looking at more than just one. Some of you guys have already combed through the pile, so I thought it was time to give everyone a chance. Now for the conditions: I accept PayPal, and international money order only - PayPal is quicker. First come, first served. I'm located in Western Canada, and the buyer pays for actual shipping - no handling fees added. I like to combine orders, so if there's a few of you in one location we can work something out. All sales are final - no refunds. I've tried to provide as many details about each kit as possible, but feel free to email me with any specific questions. My email is on the Web site. Getting this collection ready to sell has prevented me from sitting down at the workbench, so hopefully, now that this part is done, I'll be able to get back to building my own stash. Thanks for looking!!!
  7. Wild Bill

    Pierre's Felixstowe F.2A - FINISHED after 17 months!

    Fantastic work Pierre - looks great. I think I'll go put my two Felixstowe kits for sale in the trading forum! B
  8. Wild Bill

    Other photography besides aviation

    Well, not really on both counts. First off, in twenty years of weddings, I've never had a bad bride at the wedding. I've had demanding brides before the wedding, and I've had cheap brides after the wedding. But without exception, every bride has been focused on making it a perfect day - they've been dreaming about it all their lives. As for gear - if someone passes themself off as a "pro" photographer, they better show up with a complete set of gear - and "complete" means "redundant." Minimum dual bodies (I carry a D3, D300 and F100), multiple lenses, and at least two flashes. This is a single day in the couple's life and gear can not be an excuse to provide less than the best product. Budget is a different matter - if a couple figures spending more on the cake than the photographer is a good idea, they'll likely get what they pay for! I couldn't agree more. It teaches you to think on your feet, work in any condition, and be humble (it is, after all, a service). Wedding photography is photojournalism, portraiture, action, macro, natural/artificial lighting all wrapped up in a single, day-long shoot. Before jumping into a wedding, excel at all those (piece of cake!). Then carry a complete set of redundant gear. With skills and gear taken care of, you can handle almost any situation the couple, the weather, or your gear throw at you. I got out of it for two reasons: first, digital took the "photography" out of "wedding photography." With film I dropped several rolls at the pro print shop, waited a couple days, got the images back, put them in a proof album, and waited for the orders. Now with digital, the good pro shops are disappearing, printing prices for pro work are increasing, and I'm stuck spending hours (days for a big wedding) editing pictures. I got into this to get away from the computer, not spend hours in front of it. The second scourge of wedding photography is people's declining income, combined with declining expectations. Nowadays people just don't have the disposable income to throw at a photographer (although they still seem to have money for open bars, $1,000 cakes and 300-person receptions). Compounding that problem is the plethora of people with a spanky new dSLR who call themselves pro and charge $300 to $500 for a shoot. Explaining to people why I don't shoot a wedding for $500 got really tiring! Wedding photography really does support the adage: ya gets what ya pays for. These days I entertain myself by shooting stuff I love, such as aviation, weather, landscapes and other fun stuff... B
  9. Wild Bill


    And you might want to size it so people with dialup don't have to wait half an hour for the image to load... B
  10. Wild Bill

    What's the finest file I can get?

    Drill a tiny hole with a jewler's drill, then us a fine toothed scroll saw blade to cut out the rest of the hole. I learned this little trick from trying to cut hinge slots on RC aircraft control surfaces... B
  11. Wild Bill

    '07 builds

    Nice builds all Mike, well done! I love the cobalt blue on the Hurricane, gorgeous tone - that could not have come out of a single bottle.... B
  12. Wild Bill

    2007 Aviation Nation Airshow-Nellis AFB

    Great job Randy! I guess the upload que on A.net is going to be full for a while... ;) B
  13. Wild Bill

    Boeing 787 Dreamliner

    And from CNN: http://www.cnn.com/2007/TRAVEL/07/06/bt.dr...iner/index.html Pretty cool that aircraft engineering and innovation is alive and well. Rather than take sides and slag one company or the other, I just think it's cool that new offerings are coming from both sides of the pond and I might get to fly in one someday. B
  14. Wild Bill

    CF-101 Voodoo's

    The Canadian Aviation Hall of Fame in Westkiwin has one. It's painted in the Lynx colourbird scheme but caution: I've been told that this particular plane was not part of the squadron and that the paintjob is a half-hearted copy of the original and not accurate. I do not know if either criticism is true, just passing on what I heard. B
  15. Wild Bill

    Destroy OUR Tomcats instead of theirs?!

    Agreed - all too often the sentiment is "well someone else is doing it" when it should be "we'll do what we can, even if it isn't a complete solution to the problem..." As much as I hate to see an airplane demolished, not every one of them will find a home. Keeping a plane in viewable condition (never mind flyable) isn't cheap and home-town museums often can't afford the one or two they have on pylons already. Which is more sad - seeing a plane demolished or seeing a 30 year old warbird rotting away in a town square, covered with poop, canopy crazing from heat, and rust smears around rivets and seams? B