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  1. oh good memories of him, put together like 8 of them πŸ˜„
  2. Hi Oliver I hope everyone is well, our hobby will give us a lot of peace, for this I treasure it, best greetings fo all
  3. Hi Oliver magnificent plan you have, I provide you with a photograph that I found at the time, already 10 years ago when I put together my model
  4. without words, enjoying your work. Excellent Oliver
  5. excellent, will we have to make other changes to the fuselage?
  6. Beautiful box art, I loved it. Congratulations as I don't see the FAM version, I share them here:
  7. Oliver I imagine rubbing his hands, devising, enjoying his new plan, making his H-34 a reality, yes I remember correctly, Fly announced, do not take out conversion of his magnificent wessex soon, so, go ahead, you have demonstrated the power
  8. Of course, there is enough space to take advantage of the gears and they are perfectly functional, the photos are from my construction a few years ago
  9. Congratulations Oliver, well done, pure, clean, armed to the teeth, breathless, .... well, I don't know what else to say, the only thing is that we hope to return to the Super Frelon!
  10. incredible Oliver, already in the final stretch of this long adventure, every minute enjoyed πŸ˜„
  12. Hello, Rod Now that I will start armed with my version of UH-1M, but I am interested in the helo marked with the number 231 that I see that the El Salvador roundels use I remembered your excellent work last year and found your post .... More lively I am in building, but I have doubts, I would like to know your opinion, is the Photograph correct or later to its operational life was the roundels added? Is the photo color correct? Saludos desde Mexico Amigo!
  13. Hello friend, just as you decided to change my scale, and I do not regret it, you will find wondersin 1/32 like the Wessex by Fly brand, or simple models like the MBB-105 of Italeri, & 1/35 fl-282 Kolibri or maybe a AH-6J Little Bird, there are usually few models on both scales, so we usually accept both.
  14. You deserve, not one but three congratulations, for modeller, manufacturer and make us very happy to many colleagues.
  15. After photobucket, I replaced my photos
  16. Modified with two lateral rotors of independent movement, providing versatility in the air, in addition the side cylinders contain an explosive mixture that power the motor, The strong side plates of the fuselage were taken from a Challerger tank. Already in the queue we locate two boxes magazines of caliber .30mm, fabricated with diverse materials found in the way
  17. 1/35 AH-6P.a. Ready, to survive, Very funny, especially not to follow the instructions of the Kit, maybe I'm encouraged to do another ... who knows., True.
  18. Thanks Ray... and Finish on time! already finisher, although I had a lot fun at the end I feel the time wasted twice as fast, Thanks for you comments We find ourselves with our luck, this little bird was able to fly; And we are ready to survive .... with a lot of material everywhere, a minigun, a barret with enough ammunition, will be our guardian angels.
  19. I also built something like a minigun There was once a helicopter engine It's now needed for a lookout And we also manufacture some magazine boxes Which will be connected
  20. The transparency of the left belongs to the Kit, the one on the right is a Cayuse de revell 1/32. By way of shielding the right side will be, the dome that stands out is the protection of the pilot Here the idea, And also shows a part of how are the rotating wings
  21. finally! After solving some problem, here with my advances, Now the arm of my wings, sacrificing the wings of a chinook, it's worth it! Being part of the changes, these pieces will arm frames of my rotary wings Scratch both of them Although I have not left my project, I was behind with my photos, ... due to some technological problems,
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