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  1. Jay, I created a website and posted my pictures (see the link at the top of the post). Let me know your thoughts on the speedbrake............ Ken
  2. Jay, I have 3 photos of the Museum configuration that I downloaded from various sources I found with a Google search. Unfortunatley, there is no top view and no speed brake detail is visible in any of the side views. Good idea though, especially if someone may have their own pictures. Here is a link to the best of the side views of the museum aircraft: http://www.paulnann.com/Make.asp?Make=McDo...ef=pn_w0229.jpg You really can't see any speed brake detail. If you would like, I'll e-mail my photos from Alclad for you to look at...... Ken
  3. geedubelyer, I have three references I have been working from for Streak Eagle info: - Aero Series 28, McDonnell Douglas F-15 Eagle by James Perry Stevenson, copyright 1978 - AeroFax Minigraph 2, McDonnell Douglas F-15A/B by Rene' Francillon, copyright 1984 - Squadron/Signal #24, F-15 In Action by Drendel & Carson, copyright 1976 I have not been able to look at the Detail and Scale book (can't seem to win one at a reasonable price on e-bay) or the MCA #12 by Ethel. The three references above show early Eagles with all black wheels on the main and nose gear 99% of the time - sounds l
  4. Chuck, I'm excited others are helping. I'm really hoping (hint,hint) that some of the guys who know about the Eagle's mechanicals and systems can help validate and clarify the cockpit and bay 5 changes I am speculating on in the conversion list. I'll be pleasently surprised if any cockpit photos show up, so I think we will have to relate the equipment deletions and additions from text decriptions to what is standard in the early F-15a cockpit, and derive something that is close. For example, we know the Streak Eagle had no radar. Therefore it is logical that any cockpit panels related to
  5. Jack, I have 5 quality photographs that I am going to post by the end of the week. I got them from a contact at Alclad (the metalic paint company) who got them from Boeing (MDD). He gave me permission to post them earlier today. Two of the pictures I have seen published before, but all these photos are large size, clear copies that are outstanding references. All the pictures seem to be of the aircraft in pre-record attempt configuration (with the tail patch and larger electronics housings on the tails). I just have to spend a minute to find and go through the ARC instruction for posti
  6. geedubelyr, Thanks for the reply! Your Streak Eagle looks great! With the exception of the gun bay aperature/vents and speed brake omissions you mention, and possibly the main gear wheel color?, your model looks like the most accurate one I have seen so far. I agree with you on the short speed brake. Looks like the tails and gear doors on your model match what I have seen for the record attempt configuration. Nice job on the nose probe and under canopy UHF antenna too! What paint did you use for your finish? It turned out well, especially if you brushed it! I'm planning to do a parked,
  7. Chuck, Thanks for taking the time to do some digging. I think I pretty much have the items you came across. I have been trying to reverse engineer the effect of the eliminated equipment on the cockpit displays. My list of cockpit changes is my best guess, but I'm just not sure. We are talking about the same cooling scoop on the right fuselage boom (my terminology might not be the best). The small forward facing scoop/door that opens on that side a few feet in front of the rear facing scoop is also clearly sealed off in one of the new reference photos I got. I have noticed the large whit
  8. Thanks Chuck! I've been scouring the internet and my references for a month. I had a nice breakthrough over the weekend when someone at Alclad sent me some great Streak Eagle photos from Boeing (I had inquired about an Alclad Streak Eagle painting reference I found on the web with the old Alclad color codes). The photos pretty much cleared up all the exterior conversion items. The cockpit is tough. I suspect no photos were taken, or if they were, aren't available to the public. I'm working through my conversion from the rear forward (I'm about 1/3 done) hoping that by the time I have not
  9. Still hoping for some input on unknown items/questions from the F-15 experts..
  10. 1/48 F-15 Streak Eagle Conversion Details Updated 03/27/07- Added removal of the HUD to the Known Items conversion list (thanks geedubelyer) and elimination of the HUD control panel to the unconfirmed items list. Updated 03/30/07 - Below is the link to the Photos I received from Alclad. Be sure to comment on any features I may have missed. StreakEagle10 Photo Page Unknown or Unconfirmed Items/Questions Fuselage: The tailhook was replaced with a "hold down device" for launch. I have no reference that explains the location or appearance of this device. Is it visible? Try as I might,
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