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  1. Jay, I created a website and posted my pictures (see the link at the top of the post). Let me know your thoughts on the speedbrake............ Ken
  2. Jay, I have 3 photos of the Museum configuration that I downloaded from various sources I found with a Google search. Unfortunatley, there is no top view and no speed brake detail is visible in any of the side views. Good idea though, especially if someone may have their own pictures. Here is a link to the best of the side views of the museum aircraft: http://www.paulnann.com/Make.asp?Make=McDo...ef=pn_w0229.jpg You really can't see any speed brake detail. If you would like, I'll e-mail my photos from Alclad for you to look at...... Ken
  3. geedubelyer, I have three references I have been working from for Streak Eagle info: - Aero Series 28, McDonnell Douglas F-15 Eagle by James Perry Stevenson, copyright 1978 - AeroFax Minigraph 2, McDonnell Douglas F-15A/B by Rene' Francillon, copyright 1984 - Squadron/Signal #24, F-15 In Action by Drendel & Carson, copyright 1976 I have not been able to look at the Detail and Scale book (can't seem to win one at a reasonable price on e-bay) or the MCA #12 by Ethel. The three references above show early Eagles with all black wheels on the main and nose gear 99% of the time - sounds like you have built many of them - very cool! However these references do not show any photos of the Streak Eagle on the ground. There is another reference I have looked at but don't own (and can't remember the name of) that has Streak Eagle pictures on the ground during the record flights, but they are in black & white, and frankly I don't think I looked closely at the wheel color. One of the photos I got from Alclad is of the pre-record attempt configuration (tail patch, tails with electronics housings) on the ground and all three wheels are black (with a white hub on the mains). The forward nose and main gear doors are also closed. Your model is the first I've seen to suggest the Streak Eagle may have had white wheels at some point (is silver another possibility?), which is why I pointed it out (with a ? mark since I knew you might know something I don't). I would really like to see any pictures you have (can you share your paint diagram too?) because they can help make the conversion list more accurate. Does the different wheel color seem to correspond to the final modifications for the record runs? Speaking of pictures, I looked into posting the pictures I have from Alclad on Photobucket, and after reading their privacy statement, I'm concerned that I will start getting SPAM & pop-ups if I use their site. I'm wondering what others have experienced or if there is a better way to post photos (please respond in a PM so we don't get off-topic). In the meantime, anyone who wants a copy of the Alclad pictures (5 photos), send me a PM and I will e-mail them to you. Thanks again! Ken
  4. Chuck, I'm excited others are helping. I'm really hoping (hint,hint) that some of the guys who know about the Eagle's mechanicals and systems can help validate and clarify the cockpit and bay 5 changes I am speculating on in the conversion list. I'll be pleasently surprised if any cockpit photos show up, so I think we will have to relate the equipment deletions and additions from text decriptions to what is standard in the early F-15a cockpit, and derive something that is close. For example, we know the Streak Eagle had no radar. Therefore it is logical that any cockpit panels related to the radar would have been removed. I have a good idea what most of the panels in the cockpit are for from standard references, but I'm no expert and could easily have it wrong. But, I think the experts who have experience with 1:1 Eagles would know or be able to make more intelligent guesses. We can just do the same thing for the other deleted systems. I also would love to know how the panels would likely have been deleted. Would the openings just have a blank panel replacing the standard equipment? Would this panel be black or grey? (right now I'm guessing grey based on a photo of a prototype F-15 without the TEWS display that shows a grey blank panel) Same idea with some of the equipment that was added. For example, the 'over the shoulder' video camera is a significant feature of the Streak Eagle that is apparent in almost all port side photos, but details are vague because the camera was black. I haven't seen any model with this feature either. However, I have seen pictures of a camera mount in some prototype Eagles suggesting this camera was not unique to the Streak Eagle. Therefore any picture of this type of camera (and supporting equipment) could be used to help figure out the Streak Eagle equipment. While we may never get things 100%, hopefully we can 'move the ball' forward for the benefit of everyone interested in doing a Streak Eagle. Ken
  5. Jack, I have 5 quality photographs that I am going to post by the end of the week. I got them from a contact at Alclad (the metalic paint company) who got them from Boeing (MDD). He gave me permission to post them earlier today. Two of the pictures I have seen published before, but all these photos are large size, clear copies that are outstanding references. All the pictures seem to be of the aircraft in pre-record attempt configuration (with the tail patch and larger electronics housings on the tails). I just have to spend a minute to find and go through the ARC instruction for posting pics (I'm a newbie). If you have additional photos, I would love to see them. We can't seem to find a good top view photo, and nothing at all of the cockpit or bay 5. Once this topic runs its course, I'm going to to a final update to the conversion list and post any photos we manage to collect (within copyright rules). Thanks for responding! Ken
  6. geedubelyr, Thanks for the reply! Your Streak Eagle looks great! With the exception of the gun bay aperature/vents and speed brake omissions you mention, and possibly the main gear wheel color?, your model looks like the most accurate one I have seen so far. I agree with you on the short speed brake. Looks like the tails and gear doors on your model match what I have seen for the record attempt configuration. Nice job on the nose probe and under canopy UHF antenna too! What paint did you use for your finish? It turned out well, especially if you brushed it! I'm planning to do a parked, pre record-attempt configuration so I want the canopy open. The cockpit is a challenge I'm going to try and tackle. I can't get it too wrong unless someone knows exactly what is right... In any case you just saved me from a big error because I missed that the HUD was removed! I just checked every picture I have and sure enough it is not there in any configuration. I'll add that change to my list. Anything else on my list come to mind as missing or incorrect? I got permission to post the pictures from my Alclad contact. They are really good except for no top view and no cockpit photo. I'll try to figure out how to post them later this week. Below is a link to the old Alclad Streak Eagle painting reference I found (Streak Eagle is on page 3). It includes painting instructions for the top view but I don't know how accurate they are. Alclad is now Alclad II and the new colors don't translate to the old products. Back to custom mixing.... http://rides.webshots.com/album/256694963xYWsDo Maybe if we get enough of this figured out you can do that 1/32 version you mentioned. Thanks again for your help! Ken
  7. Chuck, Thanks for taking the time to do some digging. I think I pretty much have the items you came across. I have been trying to reverse engineer the effect of the eliminated equipment on the cockpit displays. My list of cockpit changes is my best guess, but I'm just not sure. We are talking about the same cooling scoop on the right fuselage boom (my terminology might not be the best). The small forward facing scoop/door that opens on that side a few feet in front of the rear facing scoop is also clearly sealed off in one of the new reference photos I got. I have noticed the large white UHF antenna added under the main canopy. I'm assuming there will be electrical leads inside the canopy to this antenna but I'm not sure what these leads would connect to - something on the cockpit or something in Bay 5? The speed brake question is a good one. The Hasegawa kit instuctions show the short speed brake and a couple of completed models I have seen on the web show this feature (although they lack other features that I have been able to confirm). Someone also reported the short speed brake in an ARC post. I have not seen any definitive top view photo of the Streak Eagle to be dead sure. The new side view photo I got from my contact at Alclad is large enough to see some detail in this area and it seems to suggest the shorter speed brake configuration. What this photo clearly confirms is that the speed brake was sealed, not just made inoperable with the removal of the actuator. There are clearly visible plates in the hinge area on the forward edge of the speed brake. It is possible this is a part of all new structure installed to replace the speed brake. I have asked my contact at Alcald if I can post the photos on ARC. Your opinion on this would be helpful, so I will post them if allowed. These photos also show the 'mystery' wiring that runs down the front landing gear leg. It is identical to the landing light wiring, but the lights are clearly removed. Perhaps there is other wiring in that harness that is still needed? Keep your ideas coming. I'm doing the pre-record attempt configuration with the tail patch. I have completed the tail changes and rescribed the raised panel lines on the horizontal stabs. Wing weapons pylon mounts and formation lighting will be filled tonight and then on to the fuselage mods..... Ken
  8. Thanks Chuck! I've been scouring the internet and my references for a month. I had a nice breakthrough over the weekend when someone at Alclad sent me some great Streak Eagle photos from Boeing (I had inquired about an Alclad Streak Eagle painting reference I found on the web with the old Alclad color codes). The photos pretty much cleared up all the exterior conversion items. The cockpit is tough. I suspect no photos were taken, or if they were, aren't available to the public. I'm working through my conversion from the rear forward (I'm about 1/3 done) hoping that by the time I have nothing else to do besides the cockpit, I'll have some better information. I'm figuring worst case, maybe some of the F-15 experts on the forum can comment on my reverse engineering of the cockpit changes so at least we have a good guess about what it looked like. Ken
  9. Still hoping for some input on unknown items/questions from the F-15 experts..
  10. 1/48 F-15 Streak Eagle Conversion Details Updated 03/27/07- Added removal of the HUD to the Known Items conversion list (thanks geedubelyer) and elimination of the HUD control panel to the unconfirmed items list. Updated 03/30/07 - Below is the link to the Photos I received from Alclad. Be sure to comment on any features I may have missed. StreakEagle10 Photo Page Unknown or Unconfirmed Items/Questions Fuselage: The tailhook was replaced with a "hold down device" for launch. I have no reference that explains the location or appearance of this device. Is it visible? Try as I might, I have not found a definitive reference for re-scribing the speed brake fairing area. Pictures are mentioned in the ARC forums but I can find them. Landing Gear: In photos of the Streak Eagle around the record attempts, there appears to be lines or wiring running down the nose gear similar to the Taxi/Landing light wiring. Since the lights are gone, I expected the wiring to be gone. Is it there for some other purpose, or is what I'm seeing something else (or am I just seeing things!)? Cockpit: I have not seen any photos of the inside of the Streak eagle cockpit. I'm guessing it is the early F-15A configuration with the following changes: Front instrument panel displays/panels removed: - HUD Control panel - TEWs display - Radar scope - Armament Control Panel - Standard G-Meter Add larger G-Meter (where the radar scope display was?) Port Console panels removed: - All Navigation related panels - IFF and TEWs panels - Radar Panel Starboard Console panels removed: - All TEWS, Navigation , and Compass related panels All of the cockpit information above is a guess based on text about the aircraft and my own 'reverse' engineering. Besides the G-Meter (I'm guessing it was big and round), I don't know what else was added. References mention a standby attitude gyro and equipment to support the full pressure suit. I can't even guess if this was visible or what it looked like. Also, I know there was an over the shoulder video camera. In pictures, the mount is shown clear enough, but the camera is very vague (all I can see is a black box with wire leads hanging from it...) Bay 5: I am assuming bay 5 should be mostly empty with no ECM or TEWS boxes. But there was potentially other equipment added such as a video recorder, battery powered radio, and altitude verification equipment. Any information about if any of this is actually in Bay 5, what it looked like, or if this equipment was likely out-of sight in another bay would be helpful. Known Conversion items: Early F-15A Fuselage: No paint (to save weight) Duraluminum nose cone with instrument boom (using boom from Hasegawa Streak Eagle kit) Sealed gun aperture (gun eliminated to save weight) Sealed gun bay vents for cooling air and gas ventilation Sealed round vent on the starboard side near the rear canopy rail Eliminate UHF/VHF radio antenna blade on upper fuselage spine Sealed early short speed brake Early speed brake fairing (re-scribe panel lines in this area) Sealed Sparrow missile attachment points (no ‘C’ mount or kicker – close all openings) Eliminate strake over rear Sparrow missile attachment points No ordinance or tank pylons on wings or fuselage Wing flaps permanently up (actuators were eliminated to save weight) All formation and navigation lights sealed on wings (including low intensity panels on wingtips) Remove the starboard side lower aft avionics heat exchanger exhaust duct and intake door Remove low intensity navigation light panels on sides of aft fuselage (framing remains) Tail hook opening fully covered with standard doors (tail hook eliminated to save weight) Engine nozzles with 'turkey feathers' (using Hasegawa PE parts) Vertical stabs with EWWS (or similar) antenna housings on both tails (pre-record attempt with tail patch marking) Vertical stabs with small mass balance on both tails instead of EWWS housings (record attempts – no tail patch marking) Colored navigation lights on upper trailing edge of both tails sealed Landing Gear: Eliminate taxi and landing lights from nose gear (eliminated to save weight) Forward nose gear door closed while on the ground (prior to record attempts) Forward nose gear door open while on the ground (for record attempts) Early wheel design on main gear Forward main gear doors closed while on the ground (prior to record attempts) Forward main gear doors open while on the ground (for record attempts) Cockpit: IC-7 Ejection seat (black seat with grey ejection rails) Remove HUD Add "over the shoulder" video camera and mount next to the port side of the Ejection seat Add large white UHF blade antenna on rear canopy deck Hopefully this list is accurate and helpful to other modelers who might want to build Streak Eagles. Thanks! Ken
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