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  1. Hello Sebastian, thanks for your answer. I bought the Golden Dragon's resin cockpit some time ago and it is a very early one so some changes must be done to upgrade it to represent an ICAP III cockpit, fortunately minor ones like the addition of a pair of new screens. And externally speaking, I found that new antennas must be added and other ones removed. So it is going to be an easy task. Thanks again. Regards, i.Martin
  2. Hi all. I would like to know what should be added and removed from the old Hasegawa's 1/72 EA-6B Prowler to convert it into an ICAP III, both externally and cockpit. Thank you very much for the help. I.Martin
  3. Hello all. I'm looking for this decals, will pay or trade Thanks. I.Martin
  4. Hello Stephen, thank you very much for your clear and precise information. Now I have to find an alternative and I must say I don't like the Vinten recce pod so it isn't going to be easy.... Thanks again!! I.Martin Jaguar and TIALD
  5. Hello all. I was wondering if the RAF Jaguars carried the TIALD pod at Granby or any other desert operation. Thanks!! I.Martin
  6. The Tornado is a real beauty with a great variety of schemes that makes her extremely interesting to build. I'd make one from each country and color, low and hi viz, commemorative paintings.....I'll buy some initial Marineflieger decals for a future Tornado. Excellent video, i'd like to be on that hill!! And about the ZA466 mishap, it seems that the plane hit an incorrectly raised arrestor barrier at the end of the runway and then went down in Tabuk. More info > HERE < Thanks again! I.Martin
  7. Thank you for that excellent site, a lot of info about planes involved in the war!! A lot of ideas for future models...Link saved! many thanks!!
  8. Collin, thank you for those GREAT pics!! I.Martin
  9. Thanks for those pics, they are very useful. It seems that the Tonka lost a tyre and I wonder if the nose laser sensor is still there or perhaps some feets behind the plane! Thanks again Zach!!
  10. Hello all. I wonder if it's possible to find more pictures of the ZA466 Tornado mishap in Tabuk, Google didn't help too much this time Thanks for your help!! I.Martin
  11. That is what I'm looking for!! Thank you very much for your help! I.Martin
  12. Hello all. I want to change the markings of a RAF desert Tornado Gr.1 and I'd like to know if I can find some generic lettering decals with this kind of letter at 1/72 scale > PIC < Thank you for reading!! I.Martin
  13. I.Martin

    AJ-2 canopy

    Hello all. I was taking a look at my MACH 2 Savage and found that the canopy is a real mess, full of bubbles and the detail is so soft that is almost invisible. Is it possible to find the Xtrapart vacuformed canopy or does any other manufacturer have something similar? If not, I'll buy it from someone that have a spare one. Thanks. I.Martin
  14. When you say 'early' do you mean the 7 hole initial vent or the most common 2 grilled vents? The NACA entered with the B model but you can find some B's with older vents. All D had the NACA and some A's were retrofited with it. I.Martin
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