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  1. That is what I'm looking for!! Thank you very much for your help! I.Martin
  2. Hello all. I want to change the markings of a RAF desert Tornado Gr.1 and I'd like to know if I can find some generic lettering decals with this kind of letter at 1/72 scale > PIC < Thank you for reading!! I.Martin
  3. Hello all. I was taking a look at my MACH 2 Savage and found that the canopy is a real mess, full of bubbles and the detail is so soft that is almost invisible. Is it possible to find the Xtrapart vacuformed canopy or does any other manufacturer have something similar? If not, I'll buy it from someone that have a spare one. Thanks. I.Martin
  4. When you say 'early' do you mean the 7 hole initial vent or the most common 2 grilled vents? The NACA entered with the B model but you can find some B's with older vents. All D had the NACA and some A's were retrofited with it. I.Martin
  5. Thanks for the info, I didn't remember that I bought a pair of Neomega's Stencel seats some time ago and perhaps I'll use them instead spending more $$, even knowing that the correct seat is the Escapac model. Tanks again!
  6. Great news, hope they follow offering that kind of big planes. I wish the Jet Star were at 1/72 scale...
  7. Thank you all for your help, I'll go with the ESCAPAC seat. Thanks again!! I.Martin
  8. Hello all. I'm trying to figure out wich one of those seats was mounted on the EA-7L Corsair, the ESCAPAC or STENCEL model. Found pictures of the aircraft but they're taken from too far to identify the seat. Thanks for your help!! I.Martin
  9. Wooow Collin, excellent pictures!! Those are the real 50 shades of grey! Iwish I'd replicate those effects on my kits. Talking about the picture with the two Prowlers on the elevator, does the one on the left lack the golden tint on the front canopy? Thanks again for those nice pics! I.Martin
  10. Hello Ryan, I missed the picture, page 123 . The description says ' A pristine aluminium and white EC-135C...' would be great if it's aluminium, I'd paint like that without any doubt, but first I must be sure that it's really aluminum since I have to remove the three satellite com blisters that I had already glued and the real one lacks. I'll continue collecting information about that particular aircraft and the paint scheme. Thanks for your help!! I.Martin
  11. Excellent pictures!! Now I can see that the early ones didn't have the 'saddle' antenna installed at the top of the fuselage and lacks many other antennas that does carry the C model. Even the engines are the early ones and not the TF-33 included in the AMT kit. I think I'll have to go with the late model in ADC grey. The red and white stripes are radiation warning stripes, I don't know what is inside!! Thank you very much for those pics, they're great! I.Martin
  12. It's hard to find pictures of early planes, I found >THIS ONE< but I'm not sure if the second aircraft is an EC one, the wingtip antennas say so.. Thanks Rick! I.Martin
  13. Perhaps the coroguard and ADC grey are so similar that is not easy to find any difference between them. I like the shinny finish of the EC-135K but unfortunately, no decals available! Thanks for writing! I.Martin
  14. I totally agree, the coroguard seems a bit more clear than the ADC grey but there is hardly any difference between them. Thank you for writing!! I.Martin
  15. Hello all. I've read that early EC-135C Looking Glass were painted gloss white over coroguard before the ADC grey, is it correct? Would be great to see some pics. Thank you!! I.Martin