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  1. I would have figured Moai would have been killed by now..
  2. They're always fun. Especially with all the old salt around..
  3. I think I'll actually finish it today. I have almost all the decals on. Just gotta throw on some future to seal em...
  4. I really think this can turn into a great thread and I refuse to let it die kinda BUMP
  5. This Marine requests a one day extension on this build.
  6. That looks awesome. I dig it. I hope my 32nd build will look just as good.
  7. Agreed. Wait for the intakes. I lost my motivation to finish the kit after working with those. Then the way the front part fits to the main fuselage....you'd think they'd have a more intuitive way to get that sucker on there. No support!
  8. Final coat of paint is down. Going to spray some future on it first thing in the morning. Hopefully by tomorrow night I'll be able to spray another coat of future on it to seal the decals and then do a little bit of weathering. If all goes well, it WILL be done on the 1st. Talk about cutting it close.
  9. Pressure building...head about to explode, rushing through build. Still so much work to be done.....*head explodes* Ehh. Gonna re paint it. Hoping to prime it this afternoon/evening with mr surfacer. Tomorrow morning lay down the paint. Then Future before the end of the evening. Day after, hopefully decals and then another coat of future. Panel wash and then flat coat....god....so much to do.
  10. Damn devil dog. That's some good stuff, puts my build to shame. Glad to know everything is good to go with your personal stuff. Good to know your son made it back well. Semper Fi.
  11. Another book from the Commandants reading list. A Message to Garcia.
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