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  1. I have some decals for sale, FREE shipping for all! VF-2 =$15 VF-84/VF-111 + VF-33 =$10 VF-101 (rare) =$20 Buy all 3 and I'll throw in a Revell 1/48 F-14D + resin nose for free. Yes, for FREE! That is almost a $20 value with free shipping. PM if interested. Thanks.
  2. Price drop $25, with free shipping. Better then a bargain, my loss is your gain! Will some good soul out there give this kit a good home? :) For pennies a day you too can help a kit in need.
  3. Up for sale is my Revell 1/48 F-14D. The kit is started, but nothing has been glued! Only some areas have been opened to make construction easier, like the back of the intakes (red boxed area in bottom of photo). This is a bonus and will save you time filling/painting the intakes; the engine face will be easier to install too. Included: 1)New "true details" resin nose cone to correct the terrible kit one. 2)New Two Bobs VF-2 hi/low viz decal sheets, Beautiful! If you want pics of anything, including the areas I modified let me know, It's no problem. Asking for $30 FREE shipping! I originally paid over $35. With free shipping that's $10 off.
  4. Just re-posting some of my kits, plus a new one if anyone is interested. They are all in 1/32 scale and new. A couple of the the Eurofighter's bags have been opened. But nothing is assembled. The Tornado comes with SAC metal landing gear. 1) EF-2000 -$50 2) MiG-29M -$70 3) Tornado IDS -$45 Total for all three kits is $165. If you buy all three it is $150, and I'll throw in U.S. shipping for free. Let me know. Thanks for looking.
  5. If anyone is interested I've lowered the price of these 1/32 kits. 1) Tornado IDS, with SAC metal landing gear = $55 2) Trumpeter Mig-29M = $75 I might consider trading both kits for one 1/32 modern of equal value. PM me if interested. I can also send pics. Thanks.
  6. Price drop! See post above. These kits have to go folks. Get it while the getting's good. And, don't forget shipping is free.
  7. More kits needing a good home. Payment in the form of Paypal is preferred, but Money orders, checks are ok. Shipping to the lower 48 is FREEEEE. Pics below! 1) Revell 1/32 Tornado IDS + SAC metal landing gear. $65 2) Tamiya 1/700 Yamato (ver.2) almost complete. $15 3) Trumpeter 1/32 Mig-29M. Complete. PRICE DROP- $75 4) Revell 1/48 F-14D. Complete, with Two Bobs VF-2 decals and replacement nose cone. Asking $25. PM me if you likey & want to buy, or make an offer, I just might accept it! Thanks for looking. 1/32 Tornado+gear 1/32 Mig-29M 1/48 F-14D+decal
  8. Bump back up to the top, price drop. Trumpeter 1/32 Mig-29M. Complete. PRICE DROP $90
  9. Bump back up to the top. F-15E has now been sold. Thanks Aaron!
  10. I am trying to keep my addiction, ahem, collection under control. I need some help finding a good home for these awesome 1/32 babies. Payment in the form of Paypal is preferred, but Money orders, checks are ok. Shipping to the lower 48 is FREEEEE. Pics below! 1) Tamiya 1/32 F-15E. Complete, with 2 Cam Resin GBU-28 Bunker Busters & 2 GBU-31 JDAM. SOLD 2) Trumpeter 1/32 Mig-29M. Complete. PRICE DROP $90 3) Revell 1/48 F-14D. Complete, with Two Bobs VF-2 decals and replacement nose cone. Asking $30. PM me if you likey & want to buy, or make an offer, I just might accept it! Thanks for looking. 1/32 Mig-29M 1/48 F-14D
  11. Tamiya can, and should do, a retooling of their 1/32 F-14. It is pretty sad when you compare it with Trumpeter's Cat. The value for the money is just not there anymore. The only reason trumpeter's F-14 didn't swamp Tamiya's version in sales is because of the bad economy. Not many of either are moving off the shelves, especially at $150 U.S. dollars a pop. So, this means that buying a 1/32 scale cat is a long term investment. Because of that , I am sorry to say I will never buy another Tamiya one. If I could catch Mr. Tamiya in the elevator this would be my pitch for a new Cat: F-14A/B/D Tomcat "Last cruise" 1)leave forward fuselage alone. 2)Retool upper & and lower main fuselage. 3)Make separate A & B/D engine fairings. 4)Include F-16 nozzles and full engine for static display only. 5) New intakes, with tunnels! 6)Keep the swing wing mechanism, great selling point over the trumpeter one. 7) Cockpit panel inserts! Keep original cockpit as a base to add detail parts to, along with new panels etc. (can be separate sprue tree) 8) A,B &D last cruise squadron decals. One of each? VF-211, VF-103. . .? 9) Weapons from F-15E 10) All exterior details and parts accounted for each version. Chin pods etc. Slap it all together, DONE. After I finished the door would open and security would come and drag me away as I plead, "please! Please! no more spitfires. No more WWII stuff! Just for a little while."
  12. "I'm casting more F-14D sets this week. I wish I had more time, but my full time job and family have to come first. I've been pleasantly taken by surprise at how fast some of the new sets have sold. In regards to the vinyl slime lights, they are self-adhesive. The color is a very good representation of the fiberglass color that the lights are made out of. Are they an improvement? I think they look better, but I'd probably say they are just a different medium. Here's a picture of the 1/48 scale lights." Darren, what updates do you have for the trumpeter F-14? And where do I buy them?
  13. Am I reading correctly that HB is releasing a 1/48 and a 1/32 tomcat? Say it is so.
  14. Thanks Reddog! Great info. Since I'm already working on a navy "round plug" version, I'll stick with it. But, I will eventually get around to the naval fused version and others, eventually. I'm seriously thinking about casting these bad boys.
  15. Your probably right RedHeadKevin, but you would be surprised how light they still are. They just look big and heavy in the pic. I haven't built the rest and I'm still working on the first one. I haven't tried resin casting before. It would certainly be easier to perfect one and cast the rest. Naturally, I would need the right resin.
  16. Here is a little update. Finished the front fuse, and reshaped the rear. For the fuse I took the tip of a 2mm rod, rounded it. Looking at some of the GBU-30 photo's I noticed that the length of rear fin adapter was longer than the standard Mk.82s. So I added 1mm of plastic card. I might add another 1mm. That's it for now.
  17. Thanks for the support. Progress is slow on the bombs since I don't have any good reference photo's of Navy & AF GBU-30s. There seems to be different versions of fuses on the same bombs. I also have a 1/32 Tomcat (Revell) on my plate to finish, and boy am I full. I will try to get 1 laser Jdam done for reference.
  18. Hi guys, and gals (if there are any). I don't post here much other than reading, learning and admiring all the great work done on ARC. So, I want to jump in and do a small thread on converting all the Mk.82 bombs have lying around into JDAMs. My own conventional munitions update program :) There are a total of 28 bombs total from the Hasegawa and Kangnam kits that I have. I added a little weight with lead pellets (I don't like the feel of hollow plastic in this scale). Here is the prototype glued and fins sniped. When I get it right the other 27 will go in assembly line fashion, I hope.
  19. Looking great loftycomfort! I recently received mine for Christmas and was wondering if your cockpit canopy's front edge profile was "square-ish" too?
  20. It is a great bang for your buck kit. You can learn a lot about building from it. But, considering the age and problems I would not spend more than $35 shipped. I will build another one in the future and post pics with all the mods I will make to it.
  21. Terry, by looking at the cockpit halves, do you think the Black Box cockpit will fit?
  22. Are there any hi-vis decals of the VX-4 in 1/32 for the F-14A? Thanks guys.
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