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  1. I've had my ear to the ground about this for about a year, even asked on Kinetics Facebook page without reply. So, no idea and will just have to wait patiently. EDIT Scalemates actually says released already (2018) but that can't be true. I remember it from around this time last year because I was going to want one for Christmas. https://www.scalemates.com/kits/kinetic-k48081-cheetah-d--1151267
  2. Lovely, that's me sorted then. TY Niels.
  3. Thanks John, that's a great help.
  4. Does anybody know what colour the belly tank on these NSAWC F-16's are? They look gunship grey or even darker but I have not been able to find a definitive answer. Also, what's the gold colour under the paint - discoloured metal or are they painted gold before being overcoated in the dark grey?
  5. Ha! You sound like me.. I've just started building props because I became bored with some badly fitting jet kits. Finished one Spitfire and loved the fact it went together in no time. So now I've accumulated a pile of Spitfires, Seafires, FW190's, BF109's and a Tempest that I need to get through. I'll be watching!
  6. I have a couple of B's. Both the original boxing and the Tiger Meet. Only catch is I'm in the UK and postage to Canada will be in the region of £18... :huh:
  7. Just this week I won a kit on Ebay with all sorts of explicit instructions about payment and threats of what would happen if payment wasn't received timeously. I waited for the invoice (as per instructions), which never arrived and on the final day of payment being expected shot a message off to the seller asking for the invoice. I received a reply stating postage was free on the item so I could have paid at any time. Seems we can't win.
  8. Thanks guys. That's very kind of you, thanks.
  9. So I have this kit but don't like the scheme particularly. I'd like apply a scheme that's a little more interesting. Could those in the know kindly tell me which other countries use this particular version F-16? I've done some research and my head now hurts - it's a minefield. First prize would be a Polish bird - is it possible with this kit? I'm not looking to perform major conversion work but am open to a bit of lump and bump removal. I was thinking these decals (top option #4082) and the above kit to get this result (also #4082 without CFT's)
  10. I have a very old and scratched spare sprue. No cracks, just scratches that'll come right with a bit of polishing! PM me if you still need it.
  11. Nice mix. I like the Phantom especially.
  12. Looks great, nicely done!
  13. Excellent. I hope you'll post up the pics when it's done :)
  14. Lovely job. The photography really sets it off!
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