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  1. Amazing work, the E-3 looks like it is real. I always thought the 707 was a beautiful plane.
  2. Amazing, the Enola Gay looks ready to take off.
  3. Simply an amazing build, makes me want to listen to some Zeppelin.
  4. My favorite scale for ships is 1/350 and planes is a toss up between 1/144, 1/72 and 1/48 as I have planes in all three scales, airliners, big bombers and transports are 1/144. Favorite genre is large four or more engine aircraft, most of which in 1/144 scale. For WWII 1/48 scale aircraft Revell/Monogram, I have all their big WWII planes, B-17F and G, B-24D and J, B-25H/J gun nose/J glass nose, B-26, B-29, C-47, PBY-5A, JU-52, A-26B and C, PV-1 and non WWII B-58 and 2 B-1Bs.
  5. When I found out the movie was going to be released on dvd I went to store and picked up one for myself. It makes me wonder what would have happened if they were able to stop the attack on Pearl Harbor.
  6. Very nice, very rarely do you see the flying wings built.
  7. Very nice, I love seeing kits of big four engine planes getting built and displayed on here.
  8. Beautiful model, it looks it is getting ready to take off that's how real it looks.
  9. F-14's from VF-84 have starred in the movie The Final Countdown where two F-14's shoot down two Japanese Zeros when the USS Nimitz travels back in time to December 6, 1941, if you have not seen the movie I highly recommend it. The movie is actually filmed on the USS Nimitz and was released in 1980, it available on both dvd and blu-ray.
  10. Very good looking models, I always thought the F-14 was one of the coolest looking fighters to ever fly.
  11. Very nice, I built two of the C-141B myself, one using kit decals and one using Caracal decals.
  12. I wonder if Revell will make a model of this plane in 1/144 scale like they did with the AN-225, Spaceship Two & White Knight Two, and the A300-600ST and the Ekranoplan A-90 Orljonok.
  13. Thanks for the info, I remember building the Revell kit when I was a kid.
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