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  1. Now that Zvezda is going to release a 757-200 this year maybe we will get a good 727 with comp!ete intake tube like Zvezda's TU-154M ànd a good 707 also.
  2. Has anyone heard when the Big planes kit 1/144 757 is going to be released?
  3. Has anyone heard when the Big planes kit 1/144 757 is going to be released?
  4. I am looking for two propellers from Minicraft 1/144 C-130J, kit # 14589, 14700, 14737.
  5. On scalemates their is a new tool 1/48 SR-71 being released by Revell next year.
  6. Minicraft has a 1/144 B-17, B-24, B-25, B-26, and B-29, G4M Betty bomber, JU-88, HE-111, and Lancaster, Fujimi also has released a B-29 in 1/144. For the B-29 the Fujimi kit has better detailing though.
  7. As afspret was wondering, I would like to see an B/C/D model done in 1/48 as well. For one of them I may spend the money. I am still waiting for my favorite WWII plane to released in 1/48, the C-46 Commando.
  8. Thanks but no thanks at over $100.00, I will stick with the Revell/Monogram B-17s which are still a nice kit for it's age.
  9. I am glad I am not the only one looking for a new 1/48 P/F-82 kit, now if we can get a nice 1/48 C-46 Commando kit I would be happy.
  10. While almost everyone and their brother are releasing or has released a new P-51 kit in past twenty years, why don't one of them release a new kit of the one member of the Mustang family that sorely needs a new 1/48 kit done of it, The P/F-82 Twin Mustang. The Modelcraft kits are terrible.
  11. I have built all three versions of the Revell/Monogram B-25, the H, solid nose J and glass nose J and they are nice kits, I have not built the AM kits though.
  12. I have seen pictures of the sprues #4957 on Amazon and it looks the plane will be a stand kit with no landing gear and no open nose.
  13. I checking on Amazon for the Revell 1/144 AN-225 04598 and found another Revell AN-225 04597 and was wondering if Revell was releasing another version of this kit with the older markings?
  14. Amazing work, the E-3 looks like it is real. I always thought the 707 was a beautiful plane.
  15. Amazing, the Enola Gay looks ready to take off.
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