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  1. Just point me in the direction of the buffet and watering hole, which are plentiful around there I'm told. Look at the IPMS web site to book museum tours specially set up for the show. The Chino air museum and Planes of fame for $40. But that includes transport and lunch too. As for the hobby shops, you mean the 220 tables of the best vendors and manufactures in the world won't be enough?
  2. Second in two weeks? Someones zealous Looks good. keep it up.
  3. You may want to try Xtra color acrylics DSB. It's a near perfect match to MM DSB enamel and can be masked over in 15 minutes. I got mine from Two bobs for 3 bucks a bottle. And as I recall, shipping is free.
  4. Awsome! What I wouldn't give to be the guy taking the video!
  5. I just finished my Gekko. I reaserched it a fair bit and the pics I found showed the interior of the cowlings to be a dark color. Now in b/w pics, that is subjective. However, as agboak said, they stopped anti corrosion regimes. In short, I painted mine bare metal. As I could find nothing to support or disprove it otherwise. Drew
  6. I'm going. Flights and hotel booked. Alot of good pals I know are going and hope to have a get together and meet more too! Oooooh we're gonna have fun
  7. ok, I'll try this again for the rest Drew
  8. Hello all. Thought I'd post this for my first post here. I had a paticular surpize when I started this kit by noticing the warp. I tried every trick I had and this was as good as I could get it. I figured the only fix was to cut and re-glue the fusalage at the warped point. I painted the cockpit over all with Floquil old silver. Then custom mixed Tamiya clear blue and clear green for the transparent laquer. I finished the model with kit markings and Gunze acrylics. Finished with Pollyscale satin. Comments AND critiques welcomed. Drew
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