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  1. Oh yes, want to see more definitely...... Dan.
  2. Oh boy, It about time I show up....lol. Was one of the first and most probably will be the last to finish,, so start your chrono, I'm in full throttle. So did start with fitting Sierra full intake... and did my first bad move, my cut end up 1/8 too short. Bahhhh, nothing I can't fix, just need to take my time. Thanks for watching, Dan.
  3. Not bad for a cabochon....

  4. Ok, now I feel the pressure....lol. Dan.
  5. Hey guys, On few occasion I tried to jump in on some GB and always failed cause of timming or schedule.... So now I have no excuse since it's the starting day and have 90% of what I'll need in house. Wanna a build an JASDF RF-4E 'A Woody with Teeth'..... Going to use the Revell RF-4C kit with full intake and burner / exhaust from GT, Quickboost seat, Model Technologies Canopy detail set, most decal from Tamiya F-4EJ for the stencils, numbers, Woody and Shark teeth home made... Knowing there is a huge difference with the nose, I'll have no choice but to do some scratch.... Oh
  6. Oh Boy! your scare the crap out of me... I thought there was some development on the subject..... or any in fact about Zacto. (A-7, Su-27, etc...) I know...keep the faith. Let's say, maybe he's a bear in hybernation... sleeping in his cave, some have longer winter than others... so let's hope he wakes up before the spring fever, that usually have us push other nice projet.... and that, we have a lot. B)/>/> Dan.
  7. Wow, the best finish I've seen so far... top job Dan.
  8. WOW, that's one serious Tonka, I love it Your weathering is simply perfect..., that's one model I should do soon. Dan.
  9. Hey Sieur Maher..... If the Mig-3 is still available, count it sold...... : B) Dan.
  10. Oh Yes, Decals and mask, sure winner...........I'm in... Dan.
  11. :yahoo:/> OK, where do I send my $$$$ :yahoo:/> Dan.
  12. Hey Gary, Can we get the pricing for this one pls..... Dan.
  13. And by far..... My thinking too Dan.
  14. You bet, I second that and I'll take 2 or 3 myself.... Dan.
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