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  1. Have you considered putting on wing fences? The MiG-15 and (Kurt Tank's own)Pulqui II had 'em. I figure that the Huckebein wouldve had them put on at some point in development Fences or not, this certainly builds my attempt at the same kit to shame :D
  2. Beautiful plane ya got there. With a shiny finish like that, I'd have trouble bringing myself to paint the exhaust as well! :D
  3. Wasnt the RedOctober supposed to be a wee bit bigger than a "stock" Typhoon as well?
  4. I dunno about the Sixth Column. Theyd probably replace the Pan Asian Fu-manchu warlords with alien invaders or (more likely)Nazis.
  5. There is a hobbycraft that seems to be a total ripoff of the hasegawa one(but with good decals). This one looks too good to be that one tho.
  6. Are those the kit missiles? Heh, looks like we have another source of R-77s :D Seriously though, good job on that! I wouldve chopped the thing up for airframe parts. It looks better than many builds I do of "better" kits
  7. What do the victory stars on the gray one mean? Current record for the flanker overall?
  8. Holy Thread Revival, Batman! Having just chopped up the Hobbycraft Foxbat, I say that the ONLY thing it has over the hasegawa is that it has very good decals. Aside from that, what everyone else says... very crude hasegawa copy, expect to use internal bracing and lots of CA to assemble fuselage. On top of all that(here's where it sucks for a kitbasher like me) the plastic sucks! its all fibrous.
  9. That's not as bad as what I've been doing. I've been putting Aphids on my models thinking they were Archers! Not exactly a glaring mistake but suddenly my mighty air force just got downgraded But anyways, those are definitely the best pictures of the R-73 Ive ever seen. Quite interesting and Very helpful GL (who now knows what an AA-11 actually looks like ;) )
  10. Actually Just did an Academy Eagle this past weekend. The academy D is a pretty easy kit. The nosewheel is flimsy, some of the instructions are vague(but nothing some internet references can't cure), and the cockpit is either screwy, or I totally messed up on it(rear seat, stick, and instrument panel sit far forward). There arent any conformal fuel tanks included, but I'm under the impression that the C/D doesn't use them often. The decals are adequate but nothing special. But overall, its a pretty quick build that isn't over-engineered at all. I didn't have any real problems with gaps or seams either. Even I could make something presentable out of it in a weekend ....Okay I didn't build it up as an F-15D, but I'm certain that OOB it looks definitely like what its supposed to. Plus you get a choice between feathered and featherless exhaust. Oh yeah, Its usually very cheap <_<
  11. Which is why I'm considering saving the trouble and kitbashing the detail bits off the Italeri kit onto a Revell "THUNDER SQUADRON" F-22 Nuts? Probably :(
  12. Good to see that thing finished! I don't think I ever got around to seeing much of it before what-if went down.
  13. Most recent finished product, this thing. hobbycraft hornet and fulcum kitbashed into a "MiG-30" attack bomber. However, there's about a dozen other projects sitting out there just waiting decals that may never come
  14. Heh whoops, I meant that it can be seen in reference photos, but i couldnt find any photos that'd show it(from above or below instead of just side views)
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